World news – Iraq issues an arrest warrant for Trump for the murder of Soleimani


BAGDAD (AP) – On Thursday, an arrest warrant was issued against outgoing President Donald Trump in connection with the murder of an Iranian general and a powerful Iraqi militia leader last year, the Iraqi judiciary said.

The warrant was issued by a judge in Baghdad’s investigative tribunal charged with investigating the Washington-directed drone attack that killed General Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. They were killed outside the capital’s airport last January.

Al-Muhandis was the deputy chairman of the state-sanctioned People’s Mobilization Forces, an umbrella organization made up of a number of militias including Iran-backed groups working to combat Islamic State group were formed.

The arrest warrant referred to a charge of premeditated murder resulting in the death penalty for conviction. It is unlikely to be carried out in the dwindling days of Trump’s presidency, but symbolically.

The decision to issue the warrant « was made after the judge accepted the testimony of applicants from the family of Abu Mahdi al- Muhandis had recorded « , according to a statement by the Supreme Judicial Council. The investigation into the killings is ongoing.

The killings sparked a diplomatic crisis and strained US-Iraq relations, which drew the ire of Shiite political lawmakers who passed a non-binding resolution to protect the Pressuring government to drive foreign troops out of the country.

Iran-backed groups have since stepped up attacks against the American presence in Iraq, leading to threats by Washington to shut down its diplomatic mission in Baghdad.

WASHINGTON – The latest Congressional record of the election of the electoral college, won by Joe Biden (all local time): 3:55 am President Donald Trump now says that « there will be an orderly transition on January 20th, » after Congress has finalized the electoral vote confirming the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden and after a day of violence when his supporters called the US Capitol s piled up. Trump said in a statement tweeted by his social media director Dan Scavino: “Even if I disagree with the election result and the election result at all, the facts confirm me, but there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. « He adds, » I’ve always said we would continue our fight to make sure that only legal votes are counted. While this marks the end of the greatest first term in President history, it is only the beginning of our struggle to make America great again. “Trump’s account is currently suspended from Twitter. Trump has refused to allow the election for the past two months, making unfounded allegations of mass voter fraud that have been rejected by dozens of courts and Republican officials, including his former Attorney General. Vice President Mike Pence chaired the formal session, which ended early Thursday morning, which recorded the election of the electoral college. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE OVERALL RANGE OF COLLEAGUE CONGRESS President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at thwarting a peaceful transfer of power to force lawmakers out of the Rush building and interrupt the challenges to the electoral college of Joe Biden victory. Congress returned later Wednesday to continue its trial after the Capitol was vacated by law enforcement. Read more: – Pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol to overthrow elections – A moment in America, unimaginable, but maybe inevitable – AP PHOTOS: Scenes of violence in the shock world of the US Capitol – Capitol has over Experienced 220 years of violence, but not like that – Pence defies Trump and says he cannot refuse votes ___ HERE’S SOMETHING ELSE: 3:41 p.m. Congress officially confirmed Joe Biden’s election victory on a day that turned a time-honored ceremony into one Nightmare became unprecedented political terror. The House and Senate confirmed the Democrat Electoral College victory early Thursday after a violent crowd of pro-Trump rioters ran through the Capitol for hours on Wednesday. A woman was fatally shot, windows smashed and the mob forced shocked lawmakers and aides to flee the building, which is shielded by the Capitol Police. The rampage began shortly after President Donald Trump repeated his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud against thousands of protesters in Washington. Many then stormed into the Capitol after inducing them to go there while lawmakers debated voting. Legislators resumed session more than six hours after the violence broke out. Thirteen Republican Senators and dozens of GOP officials planned to force debates and votes, perhaps six different states. The attack on the Capitol left some Republicans squeamishly trying to undo Biden’s victory, and challenges were only posed against Arizona and Pennsylvania. Both efforts were overwhelmingly lost. Biden defeated Trump by 306-232 votes and will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 at 3:25 a.m. Republican Senator Ted Cruz Defends Objection to Electoral College Findings as “Right” The Senator from Texas condemned the violence that broke out when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in an extraordinary assault on the election result. Cruz led the first challenge to Joe Biden’s loss to President Donald Trump by protesting Arizona’s results. He wanted Congress to set up a commission to investigate the elections. His efforts were flatly defeated in the House and Senate. Cruz said he was confident the country would have a « peaceful and orderly transfer of power ». Biden is due to be inaugurated Jan. 20 .__ 3:10 am House has joined the Senate to dismiss Republican objections to Pennsylvania’s vote for President-elect Joe Biden. Legislators in the House voted 282-138 against the objection as counting. Electoral College votes continued into the wee hours of Thursday morning. The Senate closed the same objection shortly after midnight 92-7 and, unlike the House of Representatives, declined to debate before voting. After a long day marked by the deadly storm of the pro-Trump rioters on the Capitol, it was the second state for which a group of Republicans tried and failed to reverse the will of voters. Some GOP lawmakers have backed President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was fraudulent. Objections to Pennsylvania’s votes included 80 Republicans from the House of Representatives and Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley, who is believed to be a potential presidential candidate by 2024. Lawmakers almost physically fought early Thursday morning as the number of votes in Congress climbed into the and a Pennsylvania Democrat accused Republicans of telling « lies » about his state’s voices. Morgan Griffiths, R-Va., Disagreed after Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., Said of a rupture of the Capitol by an angry mob earlier in the day, « Inspired by lies, the same lies that you heard this evening. » Listening to the room House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot down the objection, but a few minutes later Republicans and Democrats streamed into the center aisle and a dozen or so lawmakers approached and argued. But the group quickly broke up when Pelosi demanded order on the floor. President Donald Trump has falsely alleged that there was widespread fraud in Pennsylvania and other states, and Republicans repeated those allegations when contesting electoral votes. Republican objections to Pennsylvania’s electoral vote for President-elect Joe Biden were quickly killed. Senators voted 92-7 after midnight to derail the GOP attempt to overturn Pennsylvania’s support for the Democratic Capitol, the second state a group of Republicans tried and failed to get the will of voters to reverse. Some GOP lawmakers have backed President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was fraudulent. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes other states’ votes will not be called into question. This means that the formal confirmation of Congress of Biden’s victory could be completed quickly once the House votes on the Pennsylvania Challenge. The Senate opposed efforts to have the Pennsylvania vote canceled without debate. Objections to the Pennsylvania vote included 80 Republicans of the House and GOP Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley Republican MP Scott Perry of Pennsylvania and Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri have objected to the election count in Pennsylvania and up triggered two hours of debate in the House of Representatives and in the House of Representatives Senate. The objections come 11 hours after the Congressional count began to confirm Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, and after lawmakers had to evacuate both chambers for several hours to escape a mob that violated the Capitol. Hawley said last week that he would object to the Pennsylvania vote: Congress should investigate electoral fraud. President Donald Trump has falsely said since his defeat that the election was widespread. Biden won Pennsylvania by just over 80,000 votes. Since the November 3 election, Trump and his allies have filed at least half a dozen lawsuits against Biden’s victory on a variety of grounds, including that many or all of the state’s postal ballot papers were illegal. The lawsuits failed when judges after Judge found no violation of state law or constitutional rights or no reason to immediately stop confirming the election. ___ 11:20 p.m. House voted overwhelmingly to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Reject Arizona and join the Senate to validate the election results there. The objection failed on Wednesday evening between 303 and 121, only Republicans voted in favor. President Donald Trump’s supporters broke against the U.S. Capitol early Wednesday, forcing lawmakers and staff inside to lock down. Trump has alleged widespread electoral fraud to explain his defeat to Biden, despite election officials saying there wasn’t any. Now that Arizona is out of the way, Congress will come back as a joint session and sweep the rest of the country through states that have objected. __ 11:10 p.m. Four people died while supporters of President Donald Trump forcibly occupied the U.S. Capitol. Washington, DC Police Chief Robert Contee said the dead on Wednesday included a woman shot dead by the US Capitol Police and three other people killed in « medical emergencies ». Police said both law enforcement and Trump supporters used chemical irritants during the hour-long occupation of the Capitol building before it was vacated by law enforcement on Wednesday night. The woman was shot dead on Wednesday when a mob tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol, where police on the other side were armed. She was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and later died. Police officers also say two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee. Police found a radiator from a vehicle that had a long gun and a Molotov cocktail on the Capitol grounds. 10:15 p.m. The Senate overwhelmingly rejected a challenge for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona, guaranteeing the outcome will stand.The results in Arizona – led by Rep. Paul Gosar and Senator Ted Cruz – were 93 on Wednesday night : 6 rejected. All votes came from Republicans, but after violent protesters attacked the Capitol on Wednesday, some GOP senators who wanted to support the objection reversed course. Republicans appealed based on false claims made by President Donald Trump and others in the Arizona vote, which has been repeatedly dismissed in Arizona courts and by state election officials .___ 10:10 pmSen. Lindsey Graham said a commission to review the 2020 election was not an appropriate next step and confirmed that Joe Biden was the « legitimate President of the United States. » Graham, a Republican from South Carolina and longtime ally of President Donald Trump, called it « A singularly bad idea to delay this election. » Referring to the commission idea proposed by his South Carolina Republican compatriot, US Senator Tim Scott. Abraham: « Count me out. Enough is enough. » Trump supporters broke through the US Capitol and locked lawmakers and staff inside, Trump alleged widespread electoral fraud to defeat President-elect Joe Biden explain even though election officials have said there are none. Abraham said, « if you are a conservative, » the idea that Vice President Mike Pence could reverse election results as President Donald Trump had urged him to be « the most offensive concept in the world « . ___ 10:00 pm Police have arrested 30 people for violating a Washington DC curfew, after rioters stormed the US, the 30 people were arrested Wednesday evening after they were found on the street after 6 p.m. official figures said. The curfew was imposed after numerous supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol and halted the constitutional voting process to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. They were later forcibly removed from the Capitol. The Metropolitan Police Department said 15 other people were arrested Tuesday and Wednesday on various protest-related arrests on a range of charges, including gun possession and assault. Firefighters also took 13 people to the hospitals area Wednesday for protest-related injuries. ___ 9:55 p.m. Republican Senator Josh Hawley says he will continue to appeal the results of Electoral College in Pennsylvania despite violent violations by supporters of President Donald Trump in the Capitol . The Missouri Senator said he did not support violence but said the Senate should initiate legal process that includes his objections. Hawley says his objections should be discussed « peacefully, without violence, without attack, without bullets. » He hoped lawmakers would not brush aside concerns about Wednesday’s violence, including the death of a protester in the Capitol. Trump has alleged widespread electoral fraud to declare his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden, despite election officials saying there were none. ___ 9.45 p.m. Republican leader of the House, Kevin McCarthy, compares the violence in the U.S. Capitol to protests against racial injustice in the summer after the police murder of George Floyd. The U.S. Capitol has been overrun by a mob in support of President Donald Trump on Wednesday as Congress counted the votes to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Trump has falsely said there was widespread fraud in the election to explain his defeat and encouraged his supporters to come to Washington. McCarthy said, « Mobs don’t rule America. Laws rule America. It was true when our cities burned this summer, and it’s true now. » The comment received loud applause from the Republicans. Democrats in the Chamber sat in silence. Floyd, a handcuffed black man was killed in May after a white police officer pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for a few minutes despite saying he couldn’t breathe. McCarthy, an ally of Trump’s Wednesday was the  » saddest day « he ever had in Congress. He said, » It is clear that this Congress will not be the same after today. « ___ 9:15 pm The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, says that Congress will elect the President-elect Joe has certified Biden’s election victory will show the world it won’t give in. Pelosi made her comments as the house got back together after hours of unruly pro-Trump demon on Wednesday stranten had been closed. She said the ritual every four years sets an example for the world of American democracy. Pelosi says, “Despite today’s shameful acts, we will still do this, we will be part of a story that will show the world what America has made. Pelosi, a Roman Catholic man, noted that Wednesday is the feast of Revelation and prayed that the violence would be « a revelation to heal » for the land .___ 9:10 pm. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, sends 1,000 members of the state National Guard to Washington, DC to support « the peaceful transition of the president’s power ». Cuomo, a Democrat, said 1,000 soldiers would be deployed for up to two weeks at the request of U.S. National Guard officials. It comes after a crowd of supporters of President Donald Trump ravaged the U.S. Capitol. Cuomo said in a statement on Wednesday: “For 244 years the cornerstone of our democracy has been peaceful transfer of power, and New York stands ready to help ensure that the will of the American people is carried out safely and with determination. “You will be joining the Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey law enforcement agencies who are also helping DC. President-elect Joe Biden in protest against a transfer of power to the chaos triggered by President-elect Joe Biden. Trump convinced them that he had been cheated of a victory through rampant, widespread electoral fraud and a false claim. 8:55 p.m. Several Republican senators have reversed course, now saying they won’t object to Congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.Their change of heart came after a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and disrupted the trial. One person was fatally shot. Steve Daines from Montana, Mike Braun from Indiana and Kelly Loeffler from Georgia all said in light of the violence that would deter them from planned objections to Biden’s victory. Lawmakers gathered to confirm the electoral college votes from each state and were forced to evacuate after a fury mob of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol. Loeffler said the « violence, lawlessness and the siege of the halls of Congress » were a « direct attack » on the « sanctity of the American democratic process ». All three had previously joined Trump’s false claims of widespread electoral fraud declaring his defeat. Loeffler only has a few days left in her term of office. She lost her Senate race to Democrat Raphael Warnock on Wednesday .___ 8:45 p.m. Senate Majority Chairman Mitch McConnell says Congress will not be deterred if it confirms the results of the presidential election after supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Republican leader reopened the Senate late Wednesday, pledging to finalize electoral college affirmation for President-elect Joe Biden. It was interrupted earlier when rioters broke through the security area and clashed with law enforcement before disrupting the Congress vote on the electoral college vote. One person was fatally shot. McConnell says protesters “tried to disrupt our democracy. You failed. McConnell plans to keep the Senate in session on Wednesday to finalize the confirmation of the results. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. He repeated the claim in a video filmed when his protesters stormed the Capitol. 8:25 pm Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says President Donald Trump « bears much of the blame » after a loyal mob stormed the US Capitol. The Senate convened again to count the votes leading to Democrat Joe’s victory Confirm Biden. Schumer said January 6, 2021 will « live forever in shame » and pollute democracy. Schumer said the events « did not happen spontaneously ». « He said on Wednesday, » The president who promoted conspiracy theories that motivated these thugs, the president who warned them to come to the capital of our nation, incited them. « Trump has falsely claimed that there was widespread election fraud to explain this. Schumer says protesters should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 8:20 pm Former President Barack Obama says the story will rightly turn out to be Remembering the violence in the Capitol as a moment of great shame Shame on the nation. Angry supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in a chaotic protest aimed at preventing a peaceful transfer of power. Obama said the violence was  » instigated by a seated president « who was unfounded about the result of the presidential election. He has convinced his supporters that he only lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden because the Democrats cheated on a false claim. Obama says, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, and that for two months “a political party and that which goes with it e media ecosystem has too often been unwilling to tell the truth to its followers. « He says: » Your fantasy story has moved further and further away from reality and is based on years of resentment. Now we see the consequences leading to a violent crescendo. “___ 8:10 pm The Senate has resumed debate on the Republican challenge to Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory more than six hours after pro-Trump mobs attacked the Capitol and forced lawmakers to flee. Numerous Republican officials and 13 GOP senators had planned to object on Wednesday to the votes of perhaps six states that supported Biden. It was unclear whether these objections would continue in the face of the violent events of the day. President Donald Trump falsely insisted that the election was compromised by fraud and that he actually won. He repeated these claims in utterances to thousands of protesters outside the White House early Wednesday and incited them to march to the Capitol, which many of them did. The chaos had forced the House and Senate to abruptly end the day’s debates and flee to the safety of the police. And it sparked bipartisan outrage when many lawmakers accused Trump of promoting violence. May 20, 2005 Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who resigned in protest against President Donald Trump’s policy on Syria, accused the President of violence in the U.S. Capitol On Wednesday, Mattis rebuked the fact that the violence was stoked by Trump, who used the presidency to to « destroy confidence in our elections and poison our respect for fellow citizens ». His written statement concluded: “Our Constitution and our Republic will overcome this stain and We the people will come together again to form a more perfect union, while Mr Trump will rightly leave a man without a land. Mattis, a retired four-star Marine general who resigned as Pentagon chief in December 2018, had a competitive relationship with Trump but remained largely publicly calm and avoided direct criticism. Since leaving his job, he has mocked Trump more openly, including publicly condemning the president’s persistent use of military force to quell protests near the White House last June. ___ 7:55 p.m. Stephanie Grisham, head of Die First Lady Melania Trump’s employee and press officer has resigned after violent protests by supporters of President Donald Trump in the US Capitol. Grisham said in a statement Wednesday that it was an « honor » to serve and be part of the country in the White House. Grisham was one of Trump’s longest serving aides after joining the campaign in 2015. She was the White House press secretary and never held a press conference. The President’s supporters’ violent occupation of the US Capitol on Wednesday sparked renewed talks in the White House about mass resignations by middle-level aides responsible for running the President’s office. Two people familiar with th In the conversations it was said that the helpers were torn between fearing what would happen if they left and wanting to register their disgust with their boss. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters. – AP writer Zeke Miller ___ 7.45 p.m. The Republican National Committee strongly condemns the violence in the Capitol, adding that the scenes of violence “do not depict patriotic acts, but an attack on our country and its founding principles. “The RNC is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform. The statement condemning the violence came hours after Republican President Donald Trump baselessly complained that the elections had been withdrawn from « great patriots ». He went on to tell them to « go home in peace with love & ». The group’s communications director, Michael Ahrens, says, « What happened today was domestic terrorism. » He says the US flag is used « on behalf of unsubstantiated » conspiracy theories are a disgrace to the nation, and every decent American should be disgusted by it. Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to fight against the formal approval of Congress for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over him, citing false allegations of voter fraud. He held a rally on Wednesday calling on his supporters to march to the Capitol. They urged them to « get rid of the weak Congress people ». ___ 7:40 pm Former President Bill Clinton said the attack on the US Capitol was fueled over four years « poison policy » and set on fire by President Donald Trump. Clinton said in a statement Wednesday night that the Capitol riot was based on a combination of deliberate disinformation that aroused suspicion of the system and pitted Americans against each other. He wrote, « The match was set on fire by Donald Trump and his most ardent enablers, including many in Congress, to reverse the results of an election he lost. » His wife, Hillary Clinton, lost a bitter election to Trump in 2016 and conceded him immediately. Trump has refused to accept his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden in November and has tried to occupy him as illegitimate president. Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to vote against the formal approval of Congress To fight victory. He held a rally on Wednesday urging his supporters to march to the Capitol, telling them to « get rid of the weak Congress people » and say, « Let the weak out; this is the time of strength. “___ 7:20 pm A West Virginia lawmaker recorded a video of himself and other supporters of President Donald Trump storming the US Capitol after they exceeded the security area. In the video by Republican Del. Derrick Evans, who was later deleted on his social media page, is shown wearing a helmet and yelling at the door to break through the building in Washington, DC on Wednesday. « We are on! Keep it moving baby « he said in a crowded doorway amid Trump supporters holding flags and complaining about pepper being sprayed. Once inside, Evans was seen on a video spinning around the Capitol rotunda where historical paintings representing the founding of the republic, shouting, “No vandalism!” Roger Hanshaw, spokesman for the State House of Delegates, said Evans must “respond to his constituents and colleagues about his involvement in what happened today.” He said « He has not yet spoken to Evans about his involvement. The Wayne County delegate later said in a statement on Facebook that he would be returning to West Virginia and » just being there as an Independent Media Member to film the story.  » 6:55 p.m. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi says Congress will resume electoral college proceedings as soon as the Capitol clears protesters for Donald Trump and is safe. Pelosi said she made the decision on Wednesday consultation with the Pentagon, the Justice Department and the vice president, who will chair it. She remarked that the day would always be « part of history », but now it would be « as such a shameful picture » e of our country was born. “Trump had encouraged his supporters to come to Washington to fight against the formal approval of Congress for President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. He held a rally on Wednesday calling on his supporters to march to the Capitol. He urged them to “get rid of the weak Congress people” and say, “Let the weak out; This is the time of strength. Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and clashed with law enforcement before disrupting the Congress vote on the electoral college vote. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. 6.45 p.m. Dozens of pro-Trump protesters remain on the streets of the nation’s capital, despite the curfew imposed after the rioters stormed the Capitol elections. The mostly maskless crowd was forcibly removed from the Capitol on Wednesday after breaking into the building and halting the constitutional vote process to confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. They were evicted from the immediate area and dragged down the hill, where they mocked law enforcement and put up barricades. Police said someone was found on the streets after 6 p.m. Curfew would be arrested. Officers in full riot gear with signs lined the streets near the U.S. Capitol. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said her debate on confirming Biden’s victory would continue after the Capitol was secured. 6.40 p.m. The head of the largest union of flight attendants in the country says people who took part in the violent protest in the Capitol must be banned from flying. Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said in a statement Wednesday that “some of the people who traveled on our planes (Tuesday) participated in the riot at the Capitol today. « She says, » Your violent and seditious actions in the Capitol today are causing further concern over your departure from the DC area. Actions against our democracy, our government, and the freedom we claim as Americans must exclude these people from freedom of flight. “Nelson and the union endorsed President-elect Joe Biden over President Donald Trump ahead of the November election. Trump supporters on a Delta Air flight from Salt Lake City to Washington made Utah Senator Mitt Romney the only Republican Senator to vote to oust Trump after being ousted. On an American Airlines flight from Dallas, a large contingent of Trump supporters got into an angry screaming match with other passengers after one of the President’s supporters projected « Trump 2020 » onto the ceiling and walls of the cabin .___ 18 : 30pmRepublican Sen. Mitt Romney accuses President Donald Trump of instigating a violent « riot » in the Capitol. Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential candidate and a frequent critic of Trump, said the violent breach of the Capitol on Wednesday was « on. » a selfish man’s hurt pride and outrage over his followers, whom he has deliberately misinformed over the past two months. The Utah Senator said those who continue to support Trump’s « dangerous game of chess » by protesting the results of a legitimate, democratic election will forever be viewed as accomplices in an unprecedented assault on our democracy. Romney mocked Texas Senator Ted Cruz and other Republicans who want a “review” of the election results: “Please! No Congressional-led audit will ever convince these voters, especially if the president continues to claim the election was stolen. « The simple truth, said Romney, » is that President-elect (Joe) Biden won this election. President Trump has lost. ___6:25 am President Donald Trump seems to justify the violent occupation of the US Capitol by his supporters. In a tweet on Wednesday night, Trump said, « These are the things and events that happen in a holy landslide election. The victory is so shorthand that & is viciously liberated from great patriots who have been mistreated for so long. « He added, » Go home with love, & in peace. Remember this day forever! “Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and clashed with law enforcement officials before disrupting the Congressional vote on the electoral college vote. Trump has repeatedly told his supporters that the November election was stolen from him when it was not. Trump has been increasingly criticized by Republican lawmakers for doing more to condemn the violence perpetrated on his behalf. The Associated Press

MONTREAL – Quebecers need to be made to recognize the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Francois Legault said on Wednesday, before announcing a nationwide 8pm. Curfew for the next four weeks. Despite the fact that schools, retail stores and many other businesses have closed since December, COVID-19 infections and associated hospital stays continue to increase. Too many seniors end up in the hospital after being infected in private homes, he added, « We have a duty to provide some form of shock treatment so people can reduce their visits, » he told reporters. Quebec will be the first province in the country to take such drastic measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. From Saturday and at least until February 8th, Quebecers will be under curfew from 8 p.m. Legault said anyone who breaks the rules will be fined between $ 1,000 and $ 6,000. The government is considering making a document for people who must be outside after the curfew to show to the police. « When we say we’re going to electrocute it, it really takes four weeks, a period of time that should make a difference, » Legault said. « The police are an important ally in the fight against the virus, » he added. « I need the police and Quebec needs the police to successfully deliver this shock treatment for the next four weeks. » The prime minister said any non-essential stores he closed in December will remain closed until at least February 8th. when the curfew is to be lifted. Legault said, however, that elementary schools are scheduled to reopen on Jan. 11 and that students will study again in person the following week on Jan. 18. « Our children need to be able to keep learning. » Donald Sheppard, chairman of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University, said ahead of Legault’s news conference the government needs to explain the logic behind a curfew as most of the outbreaks documented by public health are in the workplace and in the workplace schools would have taken place. The Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda said the curfew was part of a series of measures aimed at reducing the possibility of gatherings and contact between people. « There is no science that can tell you which measure has which percentage effect, » he told reporters. Arruda said he believed that many small gatherings around Christmas resulted in large numbers of COVID-19 cases being reported in Quebec. As of Wednesday before, Quebec had reported 2,641 new COVID-19 infections and 47 more deaths attributable to the novel coronavirus. The health department said hospital admissions rose 76 to 1,393 – the largest number since late May – and 202 people were in intensive care, an increase of eight. Despite calls from some health professionals to shut down the manufacturing and construction sectors, Legault said the government will not close any factories or order workplaces to shut down. Factories, he said, have been asked to postpone « non-essential » manufacturing. The type of production that is classified as « essential » will be decided after discussions between manufacturers and government officials. The majority of people hospitalized with COVID-19 are said to be over 65 and likely not to work in manufacturing. Legault said to explain his decision. Arruda said many factories are producing essential products like food and cannot be closed. The health system in Quebec is under heavy strain, said Health Minister Christian Dube, adding that some kidney transplants have been canceled. This type of burden is of concern to experts like Sheppard, who said surgeries and cancer screenings are being postponed and intensive care units are filling up: « After all, the biggest concern is if we don’t do anything, we’ll get to the point where it will be the decision where we have two patients, a ventilator and someone has to choose, « Sheppard said in an interview on Wednesday. He said the effects of abandoned procedures are already being felt: breast cancer patients have larger tumors than they did before the pandemic, a sign that they are being diagnosed late. Quebec’s INESSS Institute, a government-contracted health care think tank, warned on December 31 that hospitals in the Montreal area are likely to run out of dedicated COVID-19 beds within three weeks. Much of Quebec, including the province’s largest cities, has been partially closed since October when bars, dining rooms, gyms, and entertainment venues closed. In December, Legault closed all « non-essential » retail stores and extended the winter break for elementary and high school students. Quebec has reported an average of 2,597 new cases per day over the past week, Health Minister Christian Dube said on Twitter on Wednesday. That number equates to 300 cases per day per million people – more than any other province in Canada. The second highest is Alberta with 233.8 cases per million, followed by Ontario with 221.9 cases. That is according to a report released Wednesday by National Bank Financial Markets based on data from Johns Hopkins University. Officials said 6,221 doses of vaccine were administered on Tuesday, a total of 38,984. Quebec has reported 217,999 COVID-19 infections and 8,488 deaths related to the virus since the pandemic began. This report from The Canadian Press was first published on January 6, 2021. Jacob Serebrin, The Canadian Press

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According to Sherry Senis, Deputy Mayor of Selwyn Municipality, Ontarians must abide by the rules of the current COVID-19 lockdown in the province, regardless of whether they are politicians or not. The auditor reported earlier this week that MPP Gila Martow of Thornhill Progressive Conservative, along with her son and friends, was visiting their cottage on Chemong Lake in Peterborough County over the Christmas break. « The message was very clear that we should only travel for essential purposes and that traveling to the cabin is not essential, » Senis said. “And if you decide that you want to settle down in the cabin, you have to go through 14 days of isolation. You shouldn’t go shopping, you should bring your food with you, otherwise you will break your isolation and this is how this COVID-19 virus spreads. « She said she didn’t think some people think going to your cottage is as bad as going abroad. » But it really is that bad. Much of the broadcast is now through that Community, and it does this through contact with someone who has it. So the numbers are increasing. We have to stop that, « said Senis. MPs are supposed to be leaders, she said. » As a leader, you do what is right. The main focus is more on them, but we should all do our part, ”Senis said. During Peterborough Public Health’s weekly virtual briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic on Wednesday, Peterborough County Director J. Murray Jones said everyone must be part of the solution, not the problem. “We really have to get through to these people who seem to want to protest against this whole thing – and reject it. I hear from them every day – and I’m sure (Dianeborough Mayor) Diane (Therrien) too – how this is all wrong and how their rights are being taken away. We really need to stop this nonsense, get involved, and all do the right thing, ”said Jones. At the same press conference, Selwyn Township Mayor Andy Mitchell, Selwyn Township Mayor said, “No matter what politics, whether you are rich or humble, no matter whether you are young or old, no matter whether you live, remember that you are sometimes or all of the time, regardless of whether you have an underlying medical condition or are healthy, the Public Health Policy and December 26th lockdown apply to you. “Marissa Lentz is a reporter for the Examiner in Peterborough. Their reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. Contact her by email: [email protected] Marissa Lentz, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, The Peterborough Examiner

S&P Dow Jones Indices announced on Wednesday that US depository receipts from three Chinese telecommunications companies, China Mobile Ltd, China Telecom Corporation Ltd and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd, will be removed from their benchmarks. « S&P DJI’s announcement to remove the above ADRs from its indices is based on recent confirmation from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that the ADRs will be delisted, » said a statement emailed / p> US Vice President Mike Pence reopened the congressional session to confirm the vote in the electoral college. The violent Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol did not win.

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s top diplomat said on Wednesday that he had the immigration policy with US President-elect Joe Biden for national security adviser Jake Sullivan discussed.
Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said the two were talking on the Internet.
Ebrard’s office said the talk focused on « a shared vision on migration » and that the two discussed ways of making migration « safe, orderly and regular ».
« Addressing the structural causes of migration is a shared priority, » said Ebrard.
He said he and Sullivan had agreed to work on a « regional response to economic development » in areas where migrants come from.

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WASHINGTON – A violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, forcing lawmakers to go into hiding to overthrow the American presidential election to undermine the nation’s democracy and to prevent Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House, the nation’s elected officials crouched under desks and donned gas masks while police tried unsuccessfully to barricade the building, one of the most terrifying scenes ever on a seat of American political Power were seen. A woman was shot dead in the Capitol and the Mayor of Washington imposed a curfew to contain the violence. The rioters were attacked by Trump, who for weeks falsely attacked the integrity of the elections and urged his supporters to descend to Washington to protest against the formal approval of Congress for Biden’s victory. Some Republican lawmakers were in the process of objecting the results on his behalf when the trial was abruptly dismissed by the crowd. Overall, the protests and objections to the GOP elections posed an almost unthinkable challenge to American democracy and covered the depths of the departments that swept across the country during Trump’s four-year tenure. Although efforts to prevent Biden from being sworn in on Jan. 20 have certainly failed, the support Trump has received for his efforts to reverse the election results has put a heavy strain on the nation’s democratic guard rails. Congress was convened again that evening, and lawmakers deciphered the protests that marred the Capitol and promised to stop confirming the election of the electoral college for Biden’s election, even if it lasted all night. Before Thursday morning, lawmakers finished their work and confirmed that Biden had won the presidential election. Vice President Mike Pence, chairman of the joint meeting, announced the balance sheet, 306-232. Trump, who steadfastly refused to allow the election, said in a statement immediately after the vote that there will be « an orderly transfer of power » on inauguration day. « Even though I disagree with the election results and the facts, there will be an orderly transition on January 20, » Trump said in a statement posted by an aide on Twitter ence the Senate had said Reopened on the harrowing day and addressed the protesters directly, « They didn’t win. » Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the « failed insurrection » underscores the legislature’s duty to end the census House, Nancy Pelosi, said Congress will show the world what America is made of with the result. The president gave his supporters a boost on Wednesday morning at a rally outside the White House where he urged them to march to the Capitol he was spending much of the afternoon in his private dining room off the Oval Office, watching scenes of violence on television n on. At the urging of his co-workers, he reluctantly released a pair of tweets and a taped video telling his followers it was time to « go home in peace » – but said he supported their cause. Hours later, Twitter suspended Trump’s account for the first time, telling him to remove tweets apologizing for violence and threatening a « permanent suspension ». A gloomy President-elect Biden, two weeks before the inauguration, said American democracy was « facing an unprecedented attack, » a sentiment confirmed by many in Congress, including some Republicans. Former President George W. Bush said he followed events in « disb » Elf and was dismayed. “The domed Capitol has been the scene of protests and occasional violence for centuries. However, Wednesday’s events were particularly astonishing, both because they played out, at least initially, with the implicit blessing of the president, and because of the underlying goal of reversing the results of a free and fair presidential election. Tensions were already high when lawmakers rallied early Wednesday afternoon on the electoral college’s constitutional count in which Biden defeated Trump, 306-232. Despite McConnell’s requests, more than 150 GOP lawmakers planned to endorse objections to some of the results, even though there was no evidence of fraud or misconduct in the election. Trump spent preparation for the trial publicly berating Pence, who played a largely ceremonial role in helping efforts to ditch the results. He tweeted, « Do it Mike, this is a time for extreme courage! » But Pence resisted Trump in a statement shortly before the presidency, saying he could not use « unilateral authority » to reject the votes that would make Biden president. Several Republicans subsequently announced that they would drop their objections to the election , including Senator Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., who lost her offer for re-election on Tuesday. Protesters used to fight past the police and break through the building, shouting and waving Trump and American flags as they marched through the halls, many without masks during the COVID-19 crisis. Legislators were ordered to duck under their seats and put on gas masks after tear gas was used in the Capitol rotunda. Some lawmakers in the House tweeted that they are seeking refuge in their offices. Scott Peters, D-Calif., Told reporters he was in the chamber of the house when rioters began to storm them. Security officers « let us all down, you could see they were repelling some kind of attack. » He said they had a piece of furniture on the door. « And they had drawn guns, » said Peters. Panes of glass on a front door were broken. The woman who was killed was part of a crowd who broke down the doors to a barricaded room where armed officers stood on the other side, police said. She was shot in the chest by the Capitol Police and taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. City police said three other people died of medical emergencies during the long protests on and around the Capitol grounds. Staff grabbed boxes of electoral college votes during the evacuation. Otherwise, said Senator Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., The ballots would likely have been destroyed by the protesters. The mob’s storming of Congress sparked outrage, mostly from Democrats but also from Republicans, when lawmakers accused Trump of fueling violence with his relentless lies about electoral fraud. « Count me out, » said Trump’s ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, RS.C. « Enough is enough. » Several suggested prosecuting Trump for a crime or even removing him under the 25th amendment to the Constitution, which seemed unlikely two weeks after his term ended. « I think Donald Trump should probably be brought up for something like treason, » Rep. Jimmy Gomez, D-Calif., Told reporters. « This is how a coup begins. And this is how democracy dies. » Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Who intermittently clashes with Trump, issued a statement saying, « Lies have consequences. This violence was the inevitable and ugly result of the president’s propensity to constantly fuel the division. » Trump’s repeated allegations of electoral fraud have elected officials and his former attorney general said that there are no problems of any magnitude that would change the outcome. All states have confirmed their findings as fair and accurate by both Republican and Democratic officials as they did Underlining their determination, both the House of Representatives and the Senate rejected an appeal against the Arizona election results by Senator Ted Cruz, R-. Te xas and Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and another from Pennsylvania, brought in by Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. Still, most of the House Republicans supported the objection. Other objections to results from Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin were lost. The Pentagon said approximately 1,100 members of the District of Columbia National Guard have been mobilized to aid law enforcement at the Capitol. More than a dozen people were arrested. When it got dark, police officers worked their way up to the demonstrators and cleared the area around the Capitol with grenades. Large clouds of tear gas were visible. Police in full riot gear went down the steps and bumped into protesters. Associate press writers Jill Colvin, Kevin Freking, Alan Fram, Matthew Daly, Ben Fox and Ashraf Khalil in Washington, and Bill Barrow in Atlanta contributed to this report. Lisa Mascaro, Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick and Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press

WINNIPEG – An eccentric Canadian fashion mogul who requested bail in Winnipeg while being indicted on sexual charges in the US says he behind bars not getting the food he needs. Peter Nygard, 79, says on an affidavit that his unconventional health routines included this. Anti-aging stem cell exposures are taken four times a year in China and Panama. He also describes a diet without sugar, carbohydrates and preservatives. The affidavit contains an « inverted aging paradigm » that shows photos of Nygard over the years. In some cases, he’s lifting weights, exercising, and dating actor Mel Gibson. Nygard says he has lost weight, been dizzy, and has numbness in his hands and toes since his December imprisonment. « Unfortunately, I am not getting the food I need to keep myself safe and healthy, » he says in the affidavit. Arrested under the extradition law in Winnipeg, Nygard faces nine charges, including extortion and sex trafficking, in the southern borough of New York. US prosecutors claim Nygard approached women and underage girls from disadvantaged economic backgrounds for 25 years with promises of modeling and financial opportunities. Nygard is said to have forcibly sexually assaulted many women and girls, some of whom were between 14 and 17 years old. The indictment cites the criminal conduct of dozens of women in the United States, the Bahamas and Canada, among other things. On Wednesday in Winnipeg, Nygard wore his long, gray hair in a messy bun as he videoed the Headingley Correctional Center in court appeared. He looked disheveled and pulled down a blue non-medical mask to reveal a gray mustache. Attorney Jay Prober requested his client’s release, arguing that Nygard’s health will deteriorate if he remains incarcerated. « Prober, who telephoned to attend the trial, told the court. A sworn affidavit from Nygard’s doctor in Winnipeg lists health problems, including diabetes, blood pressure problems, and sleep apnea. He also has a pacemaker. Prober said Nygard denies all allegations Scott Farlinger, representing the Attorney General of Canada, said Nygard is a significant aviation risk. Farlinger, who also spoke on the phone, said Nygard has not appeared in court in the past during a lawsuit in the Bahamas and has the financial means to escape. He said there are also concerns that Nygard may continue the alleged predatory behavior. The bail hearing is set to continue on Jan. 19. New documents filed this week show also that Nygard’s legal team hired investigators in the US got to speak to an American who worked for Nygard as a clerk assistant in Canada through October. Nygard’s charges are that the FBI searched the woman’s phone. However, the defense documents state that she later told investigators that she had not seen any wrongdoing. Nygard’s team also filed a series of affidavits this week from coworkers and friends on behalf of the businessman. Two people who worked at Nygard also offered to set up their homes as guarantees in case Nygard is released. Further documents are a collection of pictures of the former fashion mogul with politicians like the former US President George HW Bush. Known for flashy billboards and lavish parties, Nygard came to Canada as a child from Finland with his parents in 1942. He started his fashion company in Winnipeg in 1967 and it grew into a brand name that was sold in stores around the world. Nygard resigned as chairman of his firm after the FBI and police raided his New York City offices in February. He is also the subject of a class lawsuit in the United States on similar allegations involving 57 women, including 18 Canadians. It is alleged that Nygard used violence, intimidation, bribery and company employees to lure victims and evade accountability for decades. The lawsuit was suspended in August. While the grounds for staying in the lawsuit were sealed, the court document found it was due to a government motion naming three federal prosecutors – an indication that the criminal investigation was continuing. Two of Nygard’s sons filed a separate lawsuit against him months later, raped on his orders when they were teenagers. The sons claim Nygard made sure that a woman had sex with them. Nygard has said through his attorney that he denies all of the allegations in the lawsuits. He has attributed the allegations to a feud with his billionaire neighbor in the Bahamas. This Canadian press report was first published on January 6, 2021. Kelly Geraldine Malone, the Canadian press

A West Vancouver city councilor said he went to California to avoid unnecessary travel during the pandemic, despite recommendations from provincial and federal agencies. Peter Lambur said in a statement that he and his wife recently traveled to Big Sur to see their six-month-old granddaughter for the first time. The confirmation comes after other Canadian politicians, including councilors in Victoria and Metchosin, allowed international travel, and Lambur said the trip took place after the final council meeting of 2020. According to the West Vancouver District website, the final council meetings were held in mid-December. He said they obeyed all the rules. Federal and provincial aviators during the voyage that flew from Vancouver International Airport to San Francisco International Airport and back. His son-in-law, he added, drove them from San Francisco to Big Sur. He said the couple’s plan included volunteer testing, wearing masks, and maintaining physical distance. He said the plane was not very full and crowds were avoided. Lambur said he and his wife had arrived back in BC. on December 31 and have since quarantined at home with no symptoms. CBC News tried to contact Lambur but did not hear from him in a timely manner. West Vancouver Mayor Mary-Ann Booth said she had no prior knowledge of Lambur’s trip. « It’s disappointing, » said Booth. « I firmly believe that as elected officials we are of a higher standard, especially at this apparently difficult and serious time. » To their knowledge, no other councilors have recently left the province. She said she and her family spent time in their second home in Whistler. According to Booth, Lambur apologized to her for how the trip affected the council. She said she had no powers to sanction him but would be mindful of the community’s response. « It’s unfortunate and I think a lesson has been learned, » said Booth.

Quebec has put in place a number of lockdown measures to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The restrictions include expanded closings of many nonessential businesses, as well as new restrictions on gatherings and an overnight curfew. The new measures will take effect on Saturday and will last until February 8th. Here are some key questions answered about the new ones. Why is Quebec introducing another lockdown? Premier François Legault says the health network could be overwhelmed by the spread of COVID-19 in the province. « We had the fight of our lives and unfortunately the fight is not over yet, » Legault said, citing the increasing number of cases and hospitalizations as the new restrictions were announced. How long will the schools be closed? Primary schools will reopen on January 11th as planned. From January 18, students must attend classes in person. Until then, they will continue their distance learning. To reduce transmission, all primary school students except those in kindergarten are required to wear a mask in hallways, public areas and in the playground. Grade 5 and 6 students are now required to wear masks in classrooms. High school students continue to wear masks in classrooms. What’s new is that students and staff will receive two government-issued disposable medical masks per day. Will the daycare centers stay open? The day care centers for children of preschool age are open to all parents. No catering services are offered in the day-care centers. Parents should pack a cold lunch or a hot meal in an insulated container for their children. After-school daycare centers will only close when public health reports an outbreak in the affiliated school. Which shops are closed and which can stay open? Health services such as dentists and opticians are still open, but manicurists, spas and hair salons are closed. Liquor and cannabis stores will remain open. Non-essential businesses, including sit-down restaurants, gyms, cinemas, and museums, will remain closed through February 8. Restaurants must stop serving take-away at 7:30 p.m. However, you can continue to offer delivery services during curfew, including through third-party providers. There are no religious services except for funerals, which are limited to 10 participants. The government is encouraging families to postpone funeral services. The manufacturing industry remains open. Dr. Horacio Arruda, director of public health in Quebec, said while the sector has seen many outbreaks, almost all of them have occurred in the food sector, which cannot be closed. Can I buy a winter coat or other goods? You can still order online and have items delivered. The government also does not allow essential businesses to offer roadside pick-up to promote sales and allow customers to physically distance themselves. Why is the government imposing a curfew? While some medical experts have questioned the effectiveness of a curfew, Arruda said that it is intended to serve as a « signal » but it also allows us to reduce the number of contact opportunities that may linger after a certain period of time. « If you ask me if there is a control study that shows this, the answer is no. We want to reduce the likelihood of contact. » Arruda suspects that Quebecers may not have held parties during the holidays, but small gatherings helped spread the virus. The nationwide curfew will be the first of its kind in Canada during the pandemic, although there have been some localized curfews. The only region excluded from the curfew is North Quebec. What are the new rules for gatherings? Meeting with people outside your budget bubble is prohibited at any time. The police will continue to impose fines on those who do not follow the guidelines. For people who live alone, the government still allows a visitor to be exempted from a different address, but it should be the same person to restrict social contact. Can I take my dog ​​for a walk after 8 p.m.? Pet owners can walk their animals after the 8 p.m. curfew as long as they are within a kilometer of their home. What about jogging or smoking on my stairs at night? Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault said on Thursday that people are allowed to be outside in their own backyards after the curfew, even on foot to circulate in public. She said this includes smoking breaks on public sidewalks. What if an emergency or my job requires me to be outside at night? Quebecers in need of emergency medical care and key employees working after curfew can go out without fines. You can be asked for evidence by the police. When do groceries close? What about dépanneurs? All grocery stores and dépanneurs must close by 7:30 p.m. Exceptions are pharmacies, petrol stations and dépanneurs at petrol stations, which can remain open after 7:30 p.m. Pharmacies can still sell medicines and essential products. Petrol stations are only allowed to sell essential products. What about public transport? For its part, the Société des transports de Montréal (STM) has not presented any new measures in connection with the curfew, but instead tweeted on Wednesday that it was analyzing the situation. In the brief statement, the STM said that « essential » employees can continue to use public transport. You can rely on us even during the curfew. « Will the libraries stay open? The city libraries will continue to borrow books, and the government will now allow them to open their doors to students who want to study there, as long as they remain physically distant. The goal is to have students who need them. » , Internet access and a quiet room. Can I go skiing? Skiing is allowed and the hills remain open. However, only members of the same household can ski together as a group, and only before 8 p.m. Curfew. The same applies to skating. Hiking or other winter sports. They are allowed individually or with family members before curfew.

COVID-19. Faisant à la Suite à l’annonce du Premier Ministre du Québec, il est à noter que toutes les activités sociales, récréatives ou sportives , devront désormais se limiter à la bulle familiale. Concrètement, des activités telles que la marche and la pratique du Alpine skiing and Ski de Fond Seront Tol érées, à condition that ce ne soit pas en groupe. Les activités sportives intérieures seront interdites à compter du 8 janvier 2021, à l’exception des cours d’éducation physique et des programs particuliers en contexte scolaire, de l’entraînement des athlètes identifiés et des sports professionnels qui ont reçu une autorisation de la Santé publique. It is a series of participants who deal with a person who deals with a person who deals with a large part of the family and a lively ensemble. The stations of the Alpine skiing demeureront ouvertes, mais elles ne pourront offrir de Ski de soirée jusqu’au 8 février. Stéphane Lévesque, initiative for journalism on site, L’Hebdo Journal

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WASHINGTON – Congress confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the winner of the pre-dawn presidential election Thursday after a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to overthrow the elections to undermine the nation’s democracy and Keep Trump in the White House Legislators were determined to complete the electoral college review to demonstrate to the country and the world the nation’s continued commitment to upholding the will of the electorate and the peaceful transfer of power. They pushed their way through the night with high levels of tension and high alert. Just before 4 a.m. on Thursday, lawmakers finished their work and confirmed that Biden had won the election. Vice President Mike Pence, chairman of the joint session, announced the balance sheet, 306-232. Trump, who has repeatedly refused to allow the election, said in a statement immediately after the vote that there would be a smooth transition in power on the day of inauguration will. « Even if I disagree with the election results and the facts at all, wear me out, there will still be an orderly transition on January 20, » Trump said in a statement posted by an aide on Twitter. The day after the Capitol Siege, there were new questions and concerns across the government – about the President’s ability to stay in office for two more weeks, the police’s ability to secure the Capitol Complex, and the future of the Republican Party in a post-Trump era. A Republican lawmaker publicly called for the 25th amendment to be invoked to force Trump out of office before Biden is inaugurated. Others said there should be a review of the U.S. Capitol Police’s inability to prevent the protesters from violating the complex. Most of the demonstrators were white. And the newly elected MP Cori Bush, D-Mo., Complained: “If we had done the same things as blacks that happened … the reaction would have been different, we would have been interpreted on the spot, there would have been shootings , there would have been people in prison. “One protester, a white woman, was shot dead by the Capitol Police and there have been dozens of arrests. During Wednesday’s incursion, nationals elected to their feet to squat under desks and put on gas masks as police tried unsuccessfully to barricade the building in one of the most terrifying scenes ever to take place in a seat of American political power. The mayor of Washington put in place a curfew to contain the violence. The rioters were instigated by Trump, who for weeks falsely attacked the integrity of the elections and urged his supporters to come to Washington to protest against Biden’s formal approval of the victory. Some Republican lawmakers were in the process of objecting the results on his behalf when the trial was abruptly dismissed by the crowd. Overall, the protests and objections to the GOP elections posed an almost unthinkable challenge to American democracy and covered the depths of the departments that swept across the country during Trump’s four-year tenure. The support Trump has received for his efforts to reverse the election results has weighed heavily on the nation’s democratic guard rails. Congress convened again late Wednesday. Legislators deciphered the protests that marred the Capitol and promised to confirm the election of the electoral college for Biden’s election, even if it lasted all night. Pence reopened the Senate and went straight to protesters: « You didn’t win. » Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the « failed insurrection » underscores the legislature’s duty to complete the census. Democratic House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said Congress will show the world what America is made of with the results. The president gave his supporters a boost on Wednesday morning at a rally outside the White House where he asked them to march to the Capitol. He spent much of the afternoon in his private dining room off the Oval Office watching scenes of the violence on television. At the urging of his co-workers, he reluctantly released a pair of tweets and a taped video telling his followers it was time to “go home in peace” – but said he supported their cause. “The President caused this “, sagte Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., am Donnerstag. Kinzinger sagte, er habe mit„ schwerem Herzen “angerufen Damit die 25. Änderung der Verfassung geltend gemacht werden kann, um Trump aus dem Amt zu entfernen: „Dem Präsidenten geht es nicht gut.“ Am Mittwoch sperrte Twitter zum ersten Mal Trumps Konto und forderte, dass er Tweets entfernt, die Gewalt entschuldigen, und drohte mit einer „dauerhaften Suspendierung“. Ein düsterer Präsident ent-elect Biden, zwei Wochen vor seiner Amtseinführung, sagte, die amerikanische Demokratie sei « einem beispiellosen Angriff ausgesetzt », ein Gefühl, das von vielen im Kongress, einschließlich einiger Republikaner, bestätigt wurde. Der frühere Präsident George W. Bush sagte, er habe die Ereignisse „ungläubig und bestürzt“ verfolgt. Das gewölbte Kapitol ist seit Jahrhunderten Schauplatz von Protesten und gelegentlicher Gewalt. Die Ereignisse am Mittwoch waren jedoch besonders erstaunlich, sowohl weil sie sich zumindest anfänglich mit dem impliziten Segen des Präsidenten abspielten als auch wegen des zugrunde liegenden Ziels, die Ergebnisse einer freien und fairen Präsidentschaftswahl umzukehren. Die Spannungen waren bereits hoch, als sich die Gesetzgeber am frühen Mittwochnachmittag versammelten die verfassungsrechtlich vorgeschriebene Zählung der Ergebnisse des Wahlkollegiums. Mehr als 100 GOP-Gesetzgeber unterstützten Einwände. Trump verbrachte die Vorbereitungen für das Verfahren damit, Pence, der eine weitgehend zeremonielle Rolle spielte, öffentlich zu beschimpfen, um die Bemühungen zu unterstützen, die Ergebnisse zu verwerfen. Er twitterte: « Tu es, Mike, dies ist eine Zeit für extremen Mut! » Aber Pence widersetzte sich in einer Erklärung kurz vor dem Vorsitz Trump und sagte, er könne keine « einseitige Autorität » beanspruchen, um die Wahlstimmen abzulehnen, die Biden zum Präsidenten machen Nach der Belagerung kündigten mehrere Republikaner an, ihre Einwände gegen die Wahl fallen zu lassen, darunter Senatorin Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., die am Dienstag ihr Angebot zur Wiederwahl verlor. Die Demonstranten hatten an der Polizei vorbeigekommen und das Gebäude durchbrochen, geschrien und gewinkt Trump und amerikanische Flaggen marschierten durch die Hallen, viele ohne Maske während der COVID-19-Krise. Der Gesetzgeber wurde angewiesen, sich unter ihre Sitze zu ducken und Gasmasken aufzusetzen, nachdem in der Rotunde des Kapitols Tränengas verwendet worden war. Einige Gesetzgeber des Hauses haben getwittert, dass sie in ihren Büros Schutz suchen. Scott Peters, D-Calif., Sagte Reportern, er sei in der Kammer des Hauses, als Randalierer begannen, sie zu stürmen. Sicherheitsbeamte « ließen uns alle runter, man konnte sehen, dass sie eine Art Angriff abwehrten. » Er sagte, sie hätten ein Möbelstück an der Tür. « Und sie hatten Waffen gezogen », sagte Peters. Glasscheiben zu einer Haustür waren zerbrochen. Die Frau, die getötet wurde, war Teil einer Menschenmenge, die die Türen zu einem verbarrikadierten Raum einbrach, in dem bewaffnete Beamte auf der anderen Seite standen, sagte die Polizei. Sie wurde von der Capitol Police in die Brust geschossen und in ein Krankenhaus gebracht, wo sie für tot erklärt wurde. Die Stadtpolizei sagte, drei weitere Menschen seien während des langen Protests auf und um das Capitol-Gelände an medizinischen Notfällen gestorben. Die Mitarbeiter schnappten sich während der Evakuierung Kisten mit Stimmen des Wahlkollegiums. Andernfalls, sagte Senator Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., Wären die Stimmzettel wahrscheinlich von den Demonstranten zerstört worden. Der Sturm des Mobs auf den Kongress löste Empörung aus, hauptsächlich von Demokraten, aber auch von Republikanern, als der Gesetzgeber Trump beschuldigte, die Gewalt mit zu schüren seine unerbittlichen Lügen über Wahlbetrug. « Zählen Sie mich aus », sagte Trumps Verbündeter Sen. Lindsey Graham, RS.C. « Genug ist genug. » Mehrere schlugen vor, Trump wegen eines Verbrechens zu verfolgen oder sogar gemäß der 25. Änderung der Verfassung zu entfernen, was zwei Wochen nach Ablauf seiner Amtszeit unwahrscheinlich schien. « Ich denke, Donald Trump sollte wahrscheinlich wegen so etwas wie Verrat zur Sprache gebracht werden das “, sagte Rep. Jimmy Gomez, D-Calif., gegenüber Reportern. „So beginnt ein Coup. Und so stirbt die Demokratie. “Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., Der zeitweise mit Trump zusammenstieß, gab eine Erklärung ab, in der er sagte: „Lügen haben Konsequenzen. Diese Gewalt war das unvermeidliche und hässliche Ergebnis der Neigung des Präsidenten, die Spaltung ständig zu schüren. “Trotz der wiederholten Behauptungen von Trump über Wahlbetrug haben Wahlbeamte und sein ehemaliger Generalstaatsanwalt gesagt, dass es keine Probleme in einer Größenordnung gibt, die das Ergebnis ändern würde. Alle Staaten haben ihre Ergebnisse sowohl von republikanischen als auch von demokratischen Beamten als fair und korrekt bestätigt. Als sie ihre Entschlossenheit unterstrichen, lehnten sowohl das Repräsentantenhaus als auch der Senat einen Einspruch gegen die Wahlergebnisse aus Arizona ab, der von Senator Ted Cruz, R-. Te xas und Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., Und ein weiterer aus Pennsylvania, gebracht von Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Und Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa. Dennoch unterstützten die meisten Republikaner des Hauses die Einwände. Andere Einwände gegen Ergebnisse aus Georgia, Michigan, Nevada und Wisconsin gingen verloren. Das Pentagon sagte, dass etwa 1.100 Mitglieder der Nationalgarde des District of Columbia mobilisiert wurden, um die Strafverfolgung im Capitol zu unterstützen. Dutzende von Menschen wurden verhaftet. Die assoziierten Presseschreiber Jill Colvin, Zeke Miller, Kevin Freking, Alan Fram, Matthew Daly, Padmananda Rama, Ben Fox und Ashraf Khalil in Washington und Bill Barrow in Atlanta haben zu diesem Bericht beigetragen. Lisa Mascaro, Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick und Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Die Fernsehzuschauer, die an Silvesterpandemien zu Hause feststeckten, wandten sich für eine virtuelle Feier in großer Zahl an Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper und Andy Cohen. Der Times Square war größtenteils leer, als der Ball fiel. ABCs « Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin » ‘Eve’ mit Moderator Seacrest zog zwischen 23:30 Uhr und 12:30 Uhr EST in der Stunde 18,4 Millionen Zuschauer an, eine Steigerung von 5% gegenüber dem Publikum von 2020.CNN läutete 2021 mit seinem bestbewerteten Silvester-Special ein. Die erste Stunde des ABC-Specials und eine Folge von CBS ‘„60 Minutes“ waren die einzigen Nicht-Fußball-Programme, die letzte Woche in die Top-20-Liste der meistgesehenen Shows der letzten Woche aufgenommen wurden. 3,4 Millionen Menschen schalteten sich ein, um den von Cooper und Cohen moderierten Abend zu teilen Laut Nielsen-Zahlen, die am Mittwoch veröffentlicht wurden, war NBC letzte Woche mit durchschnittlich 4,6 Millionen Zuschauern das bestbewertete Rundfunknetz. ABC hatte 4,1 Millionen, CBS 4 Millionen, Fox 2,8 Millionen, Univision 1,2 Millionen und Ion Television 980.000, Telemundo hatte 960.000 a nd MeTV hatte 740.000.ESPN war das beliebteste Kabelnetz der Woche und wurde in der Hauptsendezeit von durchschnittlich 6,2 Millionen Menschen gesehen. Fox News Channel hatte 1,7 Millionen Zuschauer, CNN hatte 1,6 Millionen, Hallmark hatte 1,42 Millionen, MSNBC hatte 1,4 Millionen, HGTV hatte 1,3 Millionen und TNT hatte 1,2 Millionen. ABCs « World News Tonight » gewann das abendliche Nachrichten-Bewertungsrennen mit durchschnittlich 9,75 Millionen Zuschauern . NBCs « Nightly News » hatte 8,67 Millionen und die « CBS Evening News » 6,3 Millionen. In der Woche vom 28. Dezember bis 3. Januar die 20 beliebtesten Prime-Time-Programme, ihre Netzwerke und Zuschauer: College Football Finals Semifinal: Ohio State in Clemson, ESPN, 18,9 Millionen.College Football Finals Halbfinale: Notre Dame in Alabama, ESPN, 18,4 Millionen.College Football Finals Halbfinale, ESPN, 16,6 Millionen.NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC, 16,5 Millionen.College Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 16,1 Millionen. College Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 14,4 Millionen. College Football Playoffs Halbfinale, ESPN, 13,4 Millionen College Football Bowl Studio, ESPN, 13,5 Millionen. College Football Studio, ESPN, 12,3 Millionen. Sonntag Nacht NFL Pre-Kick, NBC , 12,1 Millionen. « Primetime New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve » (Teil 2), ABC, 11,2 Millionen. « 60 Minuten », CBS, 10 Millionen. College Football Studio, ESPN, 9,8 Millionen. Fußballnacht in Amerika (Teil 3), NBC, 9,7 Millionen. The OT, Fox, 9,4 Millionen. Pfirsichschale: Georgia at Cincinnati, ESPN, 8,41 Millionen. « Primetime New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve » (Teil 1), ABC, 8,4 Millionen. Orange Bowl: Texas A&M in North Carolina, ESPN, 7,58 Millionen. NFL-Fußball: Buffalo in New England, ESPN, 7,6 Millionen. Monday Night Football (Dez. . 28), ABC, 7,2 Millionen. Lynn Elber, The Associated Press

Der kanadische Modemogul Peter Nygard und sein Verteidigungsteam sagen, dass der 79-Jährige im Gefängnis « jeden Tag schwächer wird » und argumentieren, er müsse wegen des tödlichen Risikos von COVID-19 freigelassen werden. « Um diese Angelegenheit zu verzögern soll russisches Roulette mit seiner Gesundheit spielen « , sagte Nygard-Anwalt Richard Wolson am Mittwochmorgen während einer Gerichtsverhandlung in Winnipeg. Nygard wird in den USA angeklagt, unter anderem wegen Erpressung, Sexhandel und sexueller Übergriffe, an denen angeblich Dutzende von Frauen und Mädchen beteiligt sind. Er wurde am 14. Dezember in einem Haus in Winnipeg festgenommen und befindet sich seitdem in Haft. Seine Verhaftung erfolgte nach einem Auslieferungsersuchen der US-Regierung. Am Mittwoch beantragte sein Anwaltsteam die Freilassung von Nygard gegen Kaution unter Berufung auf seine gesundheitlichen Bedenken und das Risiko, an COVID-19 zu erkranken. « Ich werde jeden Tag schwächer. Ich habe abgenommen Atembeschwerden « , schrieb Nygard in einer dreiseitigen eidesstattlichen Erklärung Die Kaution für Peter Nygard wurde verschoben, nachdem Crown eine Verspätung beantragt hatte: Nygard, der per Videolink vom Headingley Correctional Center in Manitoba vor Gericht erschien, trug eine blaue OP-Maske und sein Haar war zu einem Knoten zusammengebunden. Jay Prober, ein anderer Verteidiger, sagte dem Gericht, dass Nygard kein Flugrisiko darstelle und dass das Risiko für seine Gesundheit umso größer sei, je länger er im Gefängnis « schmachtet ». Die Anhörung wurde schließlich vertagt und verschoben, nachdem ein Anwalt für das Der kanadische Generalstaatsanwalt bemühte sich um eine Verspätung und eine Sondersitzung, die der Angelegenheit gewidmet war. Scott Farlinger teilte dem Gericht mit, dass Nygard die Mittel zur Flucht und die Geschichte des Überspringens von Gerichtsauftritten auf den Bahamas habe. Er sagte, Nygards Verteidigungsteam habe verspätet Unterlagen eingereicht – einschließlich Nygards eigener eidesstattlicher Erklärung, die laut Farlinger erst am Montagmorgen vorgelegt worden sei. Theodor Bock, Richter am Bankgericht von Manitoba, gab dem Antrag auf Verspätung statt. Die Anhörung gegen Kaution ist jetzt für eine Sondersitzung am 19. und 20. Januar angesetzt. « Gewalt, Betrug und Zwang », um Opfer zu verführen, behauptet RCMP. Die Behörden behaupten, Nygard habe Dutzende von Opfern in den USA, Kanada und den Bahamas sowie an anderen Orten gewaltsam sexuell angegriffen, unter Drogen gesetzt und / oder gezwungen. Beamte legten die Vorwürfe in einer 24-seitigen Anklageschrift der Grand Jury des Bundes dar, die letztes Jahr von der US-Staatsanwaltschaft für den Südbezirk von New York eingereicht worden war. Der RCMP führte weitere Vorwürfe in einer eidesstattlichen Erklärung aus, die im Dezember beim Court of Queen’s Bench in Manitoba eingereicht wurde und um Genehmigung bat Nygard im Namen der US-Regierung im Rahmen des Auslieferungsvertrags zwischen Kanada und den USA zu verhaften. « Nygard und mehrere Mitverschwörer haben Gewalt, Betrug und Zwang eingesetzt, um weibliche Opfer, sowohl Erwachsene als auch Mädchen im Alter von 14 bis 17 Jahren, zu rekrutieren und zu locken, um sich an bezahlten Aktivitäten zu beteiligen Sex mit Nygard und gelegentlich mit Nygards geschäftlichen und persönlichen Mitarbeitern « , heißt es in dem Dokument. In der eidesstattlichen Erklärung behauptet der RCMP, Nygard sei eine Gefahr für die Gemeinschaft, sowohl in Kanada als auch in den USA, und äußert sich besorgt darüber, dass er fliehen würde, wenn er wurde nicht verhaftet Die Behörden haben eine Langzeituntersuchung gegen Nygard und seine mutmaßlichen Mitverschwörer durchgeführt, um « ein jahrzehntelanges Muster krimineller Aktivitäten zu etablieren », von dem « Hunderte von Opfern » betroffen waren, RCMP Sgt. Stefane Nicolas schrieb in der eidesstattlichen Erklärung. Die Polizei behauptete auch, Frauen seien in Winnipeg, Falcon Lake, Man. Und Toronto mit Hilfe von Mitarbeitern des globalen Modegeschäfts von Nygard Opfer geworden. Das Headley Correctional Center, in dem Nygard in Gewahrsam ist, ist derzeit das Ort eines COVID-19-Ausbruchs nach Angaben der Regierung von Manitoba. Die Einrichtung hatte insgesamt 253 Fälle, von denen jedoch bis Mittwochabend nur fünf als aktiv galten. In einer eidesstattlichen Erklärung, die den Medien am Mittwoch vorgelegt wurde, teilte der in Winnipeg ansässige Arzt von Nygard dem Gericht mit, dass Nygard einen Herzschrittmacher hat und Typ-2-Diabetes kontrolliert unter anderem durch Medikamente und Ernährung. Nygard schrieb in seiner eigenen eidesstattlichen Erklärung, dass er unter Schwindel, Ohnmachtsanfällen und Taubheitsgefühl in Händen und Zehen leide. Er schrieb auch, dass er nur einen kleinen Teil des in der Justizvollzugsanstalt servierten Essens essen könne. Er fügte hinzu, dass er vor 10 Jahren auf Anraten eines Arztes weißen Zucker und weiße Kohlenhydrate herausgeschnitten habe und nach dem Verzehr von etwas krank geworden sei Nygard äußerte auch Bedenken hinsichtlich seines Blutdrucks, seiner Gelenkschmerzen und seines Schlafmangels, da er in einem 45-Grad-Winkel schlafen muss. Sein Arzt schrieb, dass Nygard Schlafapnoe aufgrund von Atembeschwerden in der Nacht vermutet habe. Verbringen Sie den Sommer auf einem Grundstück in einem Cottage-Land. Die eidesstattlichen Erklärungen, die den Medien am Mittwoch vorgelegt wurden, werfen auch ein Licht auf Nygards Bewegungen vor seiner Verhaftung im Dezember. Nygard schrieb, dass er seit Februar in Kanada ist und immer « bereit und willens » war, sich bei der Polizei zu melden. In einem anderen Dokument beschreibt ein US-Ermittler die Befragung einer Mitarbeiterin von Nygard, die mit ihm auf seinem Grundstück in Falcon war Lake, Man., Von Ende Februar bis Ende September. Das Dokument besagt, dass sie von der Polizei in Winnipeg und dem FBI kontaktiert wurde, sagte aber, dass sie den Ermittlern sagte, sie sei nie von Nygard bedroht, gezwungen worden, den Fortschritten nachzukommen, oder gebeten worden, « jemanden » für ihn zu holen . Die Frau kehrte im September in die USA zurück, heißt es in dem Dokument. Nygard sieht sich auch einer Sammelklage in New York gegenüber, in der 57 Frauen ihn wegen Vergewaltigung, sexuellen Übergriffen und Menschenhandel aus dem Jahr 1977 beschuldigen. Die Klage nennt mehrere höhere Ebenen Führungskräfte, leitende Angestellte und Direktoren des Unternehmens in Nygard, denen vorgeworfen wird, die sexuellen Übergriffe ermöglicht zu haben. Im August wurde dieser Fall ausgesetzt, damit das FBI seine strafrechtlichen Ermittlungen gegen Nygard fortsetzen kann. Das FBI fordert jeden auf, der glaubt, Opfer des sexuellen Missbrauchs zu sein angeblich von Nygard begangen, um 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-225-5324) anzurufen.

Avec Spoticar, pas de frais d’entretien Anhänger 1 an / 15 000 km sur toutes nos voitures Gelegenheiten.

PEKING – In einer nordchinesischen Provinz wurden Sperrmaßnahmen verhängt, in denen sich die Anzahl der Coronavirus-Fälle in der Region in der Nähe von Peking mehr als verdoppelte, da im nächsten Jahr einige Veranstaltungen stattfinden sollten. Bahn-, Luft- und Autobahnverbindungen zur Hebei-Hauptstadt Shijiazhuang, einer Stadt von mindestens 10 Millionen Menschen wurden suspendiert und Prävention und Kontrolle über städtische Gemeinden und Dörfer in der Region verschärft. Der Unterricht wurde ausgesetzt und die Schlafsäle isoliert. Die Nationale Gesundheitskommission gab am Donnerstag bekannt, dass 51 neue Fälle in der Provinz Hebei bestätigt wurden, was einer Gesamtzahl von 90 seit Sonntag entspricht. Die meisten waren in Shijiazhuang, obwohl Fälle auch in der Stadt Xingtai registriert wurden. Hebei grenzt an Peking, die Austragungsstadt der Spiele 2022, und einige der olympischen Veranstaltungen sollen in Shijiazhuang stattfinden. Die Behörden haben ebenfalls auferlegt Ähnlich strenge Maßnahmen in den Städten Shenyang und Dalian in der Provinz Liaoning im Norden. Angesichts einer neuen Infektionswelle rät China davon ab, in den Neujahrsferien des nächsten Monats zu reisen und die Schulferien eine Woche früher zu beginnen. Die Zahl der Fälle steigt China und die Weltgesundheitsorganisation verhandeln über Bedingungen für einen Besuch von WHO-Ermittlern, die sich mit den Ursprüngen des Coronavirus befassen, das Ende 2019 erstmals in der Innenstadt von Wuhan entdeckt wurde. WHO-Generaldirektor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus sagte am Dienstag, er sei enttäuscht Aufgrund des Mangels an Erlaubnis für die Experten, nach Wuhan zu reisen, sagte der Sprecher des chinesischen Außenministeriums, Hua Chunying, dass Chinas Krankheitsexperten derzeit mit Mul beschäftigt seien In den letzten Wochen wurden drei kleine Cluster und Ausbrüche gemeldet: „Um sicherzustellen, dass die Arbeit der globalen Expertengruppe in China erfolgreich ist, müssen wir die erforderlichen Verfahren und relevanten konkreten Pläne durchführen. Derzeit sind beide Seiten noch in Verhandlungen darüber “, sagte Hua Reportern bei einem Briefing am Mittwoch. China hat insgesamt 87.278 Fälle von COVID-19 und 4.634 Todesfällen gemeldet. The Associated Press

TORONTO – Nur zwei Tage nach der Übernahme von Wade Oosterman als Präsident von Bell Media scheint das Telekommunikationsunternehmen seine oberen Ränge erschüttert zu haben. Präsident für Inhalt und Programmierung Michael Cosentino, Senior Vice President für Originalprogramm Cornelia Coe, Vizepräsident für Regulatory Angelegenheiten, Inhalt und Vertrieb Kevin Goldstein und Mark Finney, Vizepräsident für strategischen Vertrieb, sind laut automatisierten E-Mail-Antworten nicht mehr im Unternehmen. Bell-Sprecher Marc Choma sagte, das Unternehmen habe eine « aktualisierte Struktur » mit einem optimierten Führungsteam eingeführt Bei einigen Abgängen, Beförderungen und erweiterten Möglichkeiten für Mitarbeiter. Er ging nicht auf bestimmte Schritte ein und sagte, dass die Unternehmensrichtlinien die Diskussion einzelner Mitarbeiterangelegenheiten verbieten. Die Änderungen kommen, da Bell Media dem Ausbau seiner Streaming-Plattformen größere Priorität einräumt. Im vergangenen Jahr erweiterte das Unternehmen seine Auswahl an älteren TV-Serien, die über seine CTV-Streaming-Apps angeboten wurden, und erhielt kürzlich exklusive Streaming-Rechte für die Sitcom « Friends » aus den 90er Jahren für seinen Crave-Abonnementdienst. Dieser Bericht von The Canadian Press wurde erstmals am 6. Januar 2021 veröffentlicht. Unternehmen in dieser Geschichte: (TSX: BCE) The Canadian Press

Eine Menge gewalttätiger Demonstranten kam am Mittwoch in das US-Kapitol, zwang die Polizei, den Gesetzgeber zu evakuieren, und verzögerte den Verfassungsprozess, um Joe Bidens Wahlsieg im November zu bestätigen. Einige der Reaktionen aus den USA und der ganzen Welt:
Der britische Premierminister Boris Johnson: „Schändliche Szenen im US-Kongress. The United States stands for democracy around the world, and it is now crucial that there be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.  »
Der kanadische Außenminister François-Philippe Champagne: „Kanada ist zutiefst schockiert über die Situation in Washington, DC. The peaceful transfer of power is fundamental to democracy – it must and will continue. We are closely following developments and thinking of the American people.  »
Der gewählte Vizepräsident Joe Biden: „Das Kapitol zu stürmen, Fenster einzuschlagen, Büros zu besetzen und die Sicherheit ordnungsgemäß gewählter Beamter zu gefährden, ist kein Protest. It’s riot. The world is watching – and like so many other Americans, I am shocked and saddened that for so long as a beacon of light, hope and democracy our nation has come to such a dark moment.  »
Nationaler Sicherheitsberater Robert O’Brien: „Gewalt hat in unserer Demokratie absolut keinen Platz. I salute the men and women in law enforcement and the National Guard who are working to restore order and protect our institutions. Our country is better than what we saw in our Capitol today.  »
Senator Ben Sasse, Republikaner aus Nebraska: „Heute wurde das Kapitol der Vereinigten Staaten – das weltweit größte Symbol der Selbstverwaltung – durchsucht, während der Führer der freien Welt hinter seiner Tastatur kauerte und gegen seinen Vizepräsidenten twitterte, um die Pflichten zu erfüllen seines Eides an die Verfassung. Lies have consequences. Diese Gewalt war das unvermeidliche und hässliche Ergebnis der Sucht des Präsidenten nach ständiger Spaltung.  »
Der frühere Präsident George W. Bush: „Laura und ich beobachten ungläubig und bestürzt die Szenen des Chaos am Sitz der Regierung unserer Nation. Es ist ein widerlicher und herzzerreißender Anblick. So werden Wahlergebnisse in einer Bananenrepublik bestritten – nicht in unserer demokratischen Republik. Ich bin entsetzt über das rücksichtslose Verhalten einiger politischer Führer seit den Wahlen und über den mangelnden Respekt, den wir heute unseren Institutionen, unseren Traditionen und unseren Strafverfolgungsbehörden entgegenbringen. Der gewaltsame Angriff auf das Kapitol – und die Unterbrechung eines von der Verfassung vorgeschriebenen Kongresses – wurde von Menschen unternommen, deren Leidenschaften durch Unwahrheiten und falsche Hoffnungen entflammt wurden.  »
Jay Timmons, Präsident und CEO der National Association of Manufacturers: « Der scheidende Präsident hat Gewalt angestiftet, um die Macht zu behalten, und jeder gewählte Führer, der ihn verteidigt, verstößt gegen seinen Eid auf die Verfassung und lehnt die Demokratie zugunsten der Anarchie ab Wahlkampfdollar ist mitschuldig. Vizepräsident Pence, der aus dem Kapitol evakuiert wurde, sollte ernsthaft in Betracht ziehen, mit dem Kabinett zusammenzuarbeiten, um die 25. Änderung zur Wahrung der Demokratie in Anspruch zu nehmen.  »
Der demokratische Gouverneur Andrew Cuomo aus New York: „Dies ist das letzte Kapitel einer inkompetenten, grausamen und spaltenden Regierung, die die Verfassung und die Rechtsstaatlichkeit auf Schritt und Tritt mit Füßen getreten hat, und wir werden Präsident Trump nicht die Mitglieder lassen des Kongresses, der ihn befähigt, oder der gesetzlose Mob, der das Kapitol unserer Nation stürmte, stehlen unsere Demokratie. The election results are clear and the will of the American people is being carried out.  »
Thomas Donohue, CEO der US-Handelskammer: „Die Angriffe auf das Kapitol unserer Nation und unsere Demokratie müssen jetzt enden. The United States Congress must meet again tonight to complete its constitutional responsibility for approving the Electoral College report.  »
AFL-CIO-Präsident Richard Trumka: „Wir erleben einen der größten Angriffe auf unsere Demokratie seit dem Bürgerkrieg. Today’s attempted coup lasted for years as Donald Trump repeatedly spat poison, conspiracies, hatred and lies out of his supporters. They grant his wishes, and far too many Republican legislators have made this violent threat to our republic possible and even encouraged.  »
NATO-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg: « Schockierende Szenen in Washington, DC Das Ergebnis dieser demokratischen Wahlen muss respektiert werden. »
Abgeordnete Liz Cheney, Republikanerin aus Wyoming: „Wir hatten gerade einen gewalttätigen Mob, der das Kapitol angriff, um zu verhindern, dass diejenigen unsere verfassungsmäßige Pflicht erfüllen. There is no question that the president formed the mob, the president instigated the mob, the president raised the mob. He lit the flame.  »
Ehemaliger Präsident Barack Obama: „Die Geschichte wird sich zu Recht an die heutige Gewalt im Kapitol erinnern, die von einem sitzenden Präsidenten angestiftet wurde, der weiterhin unbegründet über das Ergebnis einer rechtmäßigen Wahl gelogen hat, als einen Moment großer Schande und Schande für unsere Nation. But we’d be kidding ourselves if we took it as a total surprise. For the past two months, a political party and its associated media ecosystem has been too often unwilling to tell its supporters the truth – that this was not a particularly narrow election and that President-elect Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th, spiraling ever further removed from reality, and it builds on years of resentment. Now we see the consequences leading to a violent crescendo.  »
Ehemaliger Präsident Bill Clinton: „Heute standen wir vor einem beispiellosen Angriff auf unser Kapitol, unsere Verfassung und unser Land. Der Angriff wurde durch mehr als vier Jahre Giftpolitik angeheizt, in denen absichtliche Fehlinformationen verbreitet, Misstrauen in unser System gesät und Amerikaner gegeneinander ausgespielt wurden. Das Match wurde von Donald Trump und seinen leidenschaftlichsten Machern, darunter viele im Kongress, angezündet, um die Ergebnisse einer verlorenen Wahl zu verwerfen. Die Wahl war frei, die Zählung war fair, das Ergebnis ist endgültig. Wir müssen die friedliche Machtübertragung unserer Verfassungsmandate abschließen.  »
Präsident Donald Trump: „Dies sind die Dinge und Ereignisse, die passieren, wenn ein heiliger Erdrutsch-Wahlsieg so kurzerhand von großen Patrioten, die & so lange ungerecht behandelt wurden, bösartig entfernt wird. Geh mit Liebe nach Hause & in Frieden. Erinnere dich für immer an diesen Tag! « 

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A proposed development in Charlottetown hit another roadblock when the city council voted to lift the consolidation on Wednesday night. Council members voted 6-2 in favor of lifting the consolidation, which was first approved in June. Developer Chris Linzel-Waddell proposed three buildings, a mix of townhouses and apartments on Trainor Street in the north of the city. Each building would have 20 units for a total of 60 units. Residents of the area have been fighting the development for six months, arguing that the increased traffic caused by the development would create a dangerous situation in the neighborhood. Linzel-Waddell said he was disappointed with the council’s decision this week: « As far as we can see, this is the first time a land consolidation has not been approved in the city of Charlottetown, » he said in a statement to CBC News Thursday. « With some council members changing their votes without explanation or new information, it is hard to see why this was overturned. » Linzel-Wadell said he would proceed without the lot consolidation. « We will continue with the next steps to develop the property as it is currently allowed under the ‘right of use’. We look forward to seeing great development on the property in the near future. » I don’t think you heard the end of it. Mike Duffy, chairman of the city’s planning committee, said he was disappointed with the city council’s vote. He said it was a good development for the region. The council voted against the recommendation of its own planning staff that the project should continue. Duffy said the developer could appeal the decision to the island’s regulatory or appeals board, abandon the entire project, or continue development without consolidating the many. « I don’t think you heard the end of it, » said Duffy. The buildings would be built behind Royalty Maple Cottages on Malpeque Road at the corner of Trainor Street and Katie Drive. The main entrance and exit for the buildings would be on Trainor Street. « It’s been six and a half months of non-stop fighting. » John Barrett lives in the neighborhood and led the anti-development struggle which included a protest in front of the town hall in November. He said he will celebrate the win on Wednesday night. « I am pleased to see that a majority of the council heard and understood the concerns of Southview Estates’ 400+ residents, » said Barrett. “It’s been six and a half months of continuous fighting, some stone walls on behalf of the city, and maybe small wins along the way.” Barrett realizes that this may not be the end of the battle. He said residents are ready to continue the fight even if that fight ends with the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission. « So at this point it’s a bit of a wait and I think the ball would be on the developer’s field by then. » « I just don’t think it’s a good fit, » said Jason Coady, the region’s city councilor, against the development. « We have an established neighborhood in Southview Estates, it’s all residential. I don’t think apartments fit well in this established neighborhood, » Coady said, citing traffic concerns. « I just don’t think it’s a good fit. » A traffic study was carried out in the area and found that the development would not have a significant impact on traffic. Duffy said the land was zoned, which would allow for developments like a motorcycle club, medical center or funeral home. There are 22 uses the city council could approve for these plots. « Some councilors here tonight thought that maybe it was them we’re doing the folks at Southview Estates a favor and maybe in the long run we’ll find out they did, but I think we might in a or two Looking back years ago and on Jan 6th could have said back we should have chosen that option. « Here is a breakdown of the city council vote. The following six councilors voted to remove lot consolidation for an apartment complex on Trainor Street: Mitchell Tweel Alanna Jankov Greg Rivard Julie McCabe Jason Coady Bob Doiron The following two councilors voted in support of the original lot consolidation: Terry MacLeod Mike Duffy Kevin Ramsay was in one Conflict of interest and Terry Bernard was absent and did not vote. More from CBC P.E.I.

Avant de quitter son Algérie natale où la neige tombe “une fois tous les 20 ans”, Yasmina Larbi-Youcef redoutait le klimat canadien. The semaine de son départ, les chaînes d’informations indiquaient –40 ° C à Montréal. Or, depuis son of Premier Hiver Glacier, Cette Passionnée Chérit toutes Les Saisons Québécoises and Les Moissons Qui en Resétent. Dans le grenier du Québec qu’est la Montérégie, Ms. Larbi-Youcef est devenue un “aimant” à Agriculteurs, confie au telephone une de ses collègues. «Tous les Agriculteurs veulent se joindre à elle. « Modeste, the principle of the intéressée explique que son métier consiste à » accompanies the agriculteurs à être compétitifs, économiquement profitables, tout en ayant of the exploitation of non-permanent goods and respect for the environment « . Yasmina Larbi-Youcef cumule les responsabilités: Membre du Comité d’admission de l’ordre des Agronomes, Membre du Comité de Relecture d’articles Scientifiques and auparavant présidente de sa section régionale de l’Ordre des Agronomes. Avant de devenir une figur reconnue, elle a cependant dû troquer la Kultur des Agrumes pour celle des petits fruits et des légumes d’hiver. N’étant pas née dans une ferme, la jeune Yasmina se contentait des stroll in campagne. “Depuis que je suis toute petite, j’ai toujours eu les mains dans la terre, dans le jardin. On en mettait partout sur les murs », raconte-t-elle en rigolant, le visage inondé de soleil. Après un diplôme en ingénierie Agricole en Algérie, Elle y Travaille dans les cultures légumières durant plus de dix ans. Lorsqu’elle Décide Detenter is an opportunity for Québec, the best condition for agriculture. Adjustments Pari réussi, car ce transfer se fait sans heurt. Arrivée en février 2004, elle décroche son titre d’agronome agréée la même année, quelques equivalences et un examen plus tard. “Je n’étais pas défavorisée par rapport aux autres. On était tous sur un pied d’égalité et ça, je l’ai vraiment apprécié. »Un seul petit détail cloche toutefois lors de son arrivée en sol north america. Les “trois quarts du temps”, elle ne comprend pas s customers. “Je travaillais souvent à la campagne et les producteurs peuvent parler un langage qui n’était pas facilitation accessible to moi. Le français québécois sonnait différent dans mes oreilles habituées au français parisien. »Trois mois à travailler au service à la clientèle d’une jardinerie et le tour était joué. «En fait, cest just une habitude. Au départ, il y a des mots qu’on ne capte pas tout de suite. On fait répéter les gens et, à force de les entender, on s’habitue. »Comme pour l’accent, YasminaLarbi-Youcef’s adapte Rapidement Aux Productions de Son Nouveau is paying off. For example, elle dit voir une “complémentarité” entre les Industries du porc et du bœuf au Québec et celle de l’agneau en Algérie. « Découvrir d’autres cultures, cest juste un défi, et les défis, j’adore ça d’un point de vue professionnel. »La diversité des produits québécois la charme aussi visiblement. « Le sirop d’érable, je suis tombée en plein dedans, dit-elle, tout sourire. Cest un nectar divin, il n’y a rien à redire! »En 2017, Ms. Larbi-Youcef décroche une maîtrise en environnement. Cest alors qu’elle bifurque de l’agronomie versus l’agroenvironnement, une branche qui vise à mettre un frein à la pollution dans le domaine de l’agriculture. Program unique Installée maintenance à Sainte-Martine depuis 10 ans, elle arpente le territoire pour veiller à ce que la production Agricole respect the quality of the air, de l’eau et la diversité des espèces. Elle coordonne surtout un program unique au Québec, qui “dédommage les producteurs produisant des biens et services écosystémiques”, explique-t-elle. Grâce à un appui financier et logistique, les Agriculteurs Renoncent à l’exploitation d’une partie de leurs champs. «Ils décident de mettre des aménagements qui vont être bénéfiques pour la biodiversité, comme planter des arbres, des brise-vent, des arbustes, élargir la gange riveraine. »Ainsi, les espèces en péril retrouvent un Habitat or prospérer, même si le prix d’un hectares frôle aujourd’hui les 40,000 $ in Montérégie. Par ailleurs, elle confie avoir toujours été bien reçue par le milieu Agricole d’ici. “Je n’ai jamais ressenti une appréhension de la part des agrulteurs. On the contrary. Ce qu’ils cherchent, cest une personne compétente. […] Le producteur, lui, ce qu’il veut, cest qu’on ne soit pas des agronomes d’asphalte, comme ils disent souvent. Des agronomes qui ont du vécu, qui ont de l’expérience, qui vont pouvoir les accompanying: cest ça qu’ils recherchent. “Yasmina Larbi-Youcef chose the moment when she regained the champions. Elle en est à semer les graines de projets qui fleuriront lors de la belle Saison suivante. « Un agronome n’arrête pas, même l’hiver. Jean-Louis Bordeleau, Local Journalism Initiative, Le Devoir

Dozens of people working in medical records management for the Nova Scotia Health Authority could soon become unemployed and replaced by a US company . This is part of a plan the NSHA must implement to improve the quality of record keeping in the province. The company called Iron Mountain is hired to scan patient records to create digital versions. The work is currently carried out by 91 NSHA workers in 24 hospitals across the province, according to the Nova Scotia Government Union and the General Employees Union (NSGEU). You also save and retrieve the documents as needed by doctors and clinicians. In late November 2020, these employees first learned that their positions would be disappearing due to conference calls with NSHA managers. Most of them work outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality. « What I heard from them just didn’t sound like real, » said Jason MacLean, president of NSGEU. « They just want to cut work on someone else and cut jobs. » MacLean said the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the NSGEU were not consulted until November. NSHA brought up the plan in December 2019, but there was no opportunity to provide feedback and no specific details were given. Andrew Nemirovsky, senior director of IM / IT and chief information officer at NSHA, said there was no consultation in 2019 but staff were given verbal and written information in September and October 2020. « We have done our best to unionize as much as possible and we have made sure we are in line with the collective agreement, » he said. He added that NSHA is committed to finding comparable opportunities for employees, whether in existing or new roles. « If there is a job loss, it is very small. Ideally, zero. » Nemirovsky said the plan to sign Iron Mountain is the cheapest way to improve the quality of health records, « so doctors read them , actually read what was properly scanned. « He said there have been significant scanning errors in the past and » boxes and boxes of unscanned cards in different locations around the province. « The problems are in part attributed to scanning equipment, the NSHA Nemirovsky said they could not afford to buy the high quality, high performance scanners they needed to do the job. When NSHA signed the deal with Iron Mountain, the company would buy the scanners and keep them at the company’s facilities.  » So it’s really impossible to get the quality they can because we just don’t have the equipment can afford. « That would lower our budget. “With the new scanners, NSHA was finally able to overcome the residue it has been trying to clean up for years. « Sometimes we add overtime and additional staff, » he said. « It just keeps going back. » NSHA also never had enough money to hire auditors to ensure the quality of the scanned records, he said. The agency oversees an annual budget of $ 2.3 billion, but Nemirovsky said most of that is used for patient care. « The intent of this postponement was to provide some of the funding in the health information portfolio for these examiners. » MacLean said the NSHA’s inability to hire these auditors or buy the scanners reflected « the mismanagement of the Nova Scotia Health Authority. » “(The health authority) should have everything to make it more accessible, leaner and cheaper to operate. It has been proven that it doesn’t, ”said MacLean. « We’re just stuck in a monster that is not accountable to anyone. » When MacLean heard of NSHA’s plan, he took it to the government, but politicians told him they didn’t know about it. « Here is a contract that would cost (NSHA) millions and billions of dollars … but Nova Scotians are not responsible for spending their money, especially during a pandemic, » he said. Nemirovsky said the government was not being consulted on « day-to-day operational work » within the health authority, such as placing jobs or cutting jobs. « We don’t usually go to them for permission to do these things, but we do let them know and listen to feedback, » he said. « We can change plans based on concerns, but no concerns have been raised. » MacLean said he was also concerned that the contract with Iron Mountain wasn’t put out to tender. Nemirovsky said Iron Mountain had been in charge of the health records in the central health zone for decades, with no worries. « You are a trusted partner at this point, » he said. « When we have a historical map request, pull it out and send it back to us. » With the new contract with Iron Mountain, the company will also be responsible for the records of Nova Scotians in all health zones. The records will be transported across the province to the Dickson building at QEII and from there to the Iron Mountain facilities in Burnside. Nemirovsky said doctors would not be able to access the documents on the way to and from the hospital. He said the time required is « very little », especially when there is a common occurrence of charts being misplaced in hospitals. Doctors may not immediately send it back to the records department or wait on a desk for a signature. MacLean said the NSGEU and CUPE will continue to ask the NSHA to reconsider their plan. « We’re not going to stop just being swept under the rug … especially those you refer to as health heroes during the pandemic. » Nebal Snan, Local Journalism Initiative reporter, The Chronicle Herald



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