World news – ISL 2020-21 highlights, FCG vs JFC: Ortiz, Gonzalez goals give FC Goa 3-0 win over Jamshedpur FC


This is Sportstars Match blog about the ISL game between FC Goa and Jamshedpur FC at Fatorda Stadium in Margao.

That’s all for the night. Tomorrow the Kerala Blasters will face SC East Bengal. [MATCH PREVIEW] Until then, it’s good night.

Juan Ferrando « Happy with 60-70 percent possession. It’s important for us to control. After the goal, the team couldn’t control the space and possession. There was the opponents opportunity. Igor had a 100% illness the last few days. So we prepared a plan with a wrong number 9 to attack the fields with Ortiz. We have 25 players in the squad, my coaching staff has to prepare everyone Plan against JFC] Ortiz uses the area behind the defense, Alberto area as number 9 and Romario attack area as winger. Against ATKMB we will have a different plan. Naveen started working with the team 3 months ago. He is hardworking in everyone So I had to give him this one chance from him and I’m happy for him. It’s good to have both Nawaz and Naveen. « 

Owen Coyle » I have to do Goa honor. The keeper was superb for her and we ha ben created more opportunities. We would be concerned if we didn’t create opportunities. Not happy with other defenses. Many players play with injuries. Edu had six fouls after his yellow card, but Lima was sent off after just one foul. It’s frustrating. We’re still 2 points away from the playoffs. We are there and we will collect them. [When pushing up? Was it a good choice against Goa?] I. was the right choice because we expropriated them and had a chance with Isaac. If you do, you can have these problems. We planned for Angulo to play. It’s soccer.

FULL TIME! A resounding victory for Goa, which closes a league double against Jamshedpur. Goa moves up to third place on the table. All Goa players would like to thank Naveen Kumar, who is playing his first game in almost two seasons, for the crucial saves that helped Goa to this resounding victory. An unusual performance by Owen Coyle’s Jamshedpur tonight with little energy and pungency that we saw in the first half of the season. Two consecutive losses for JFC since the start of the new year. Ortiz, who started as number 9 tonight, could have scored four to five goals without his bad result.

89! GOAL! WHAT. A . GOAL! Goa’s center-back Ivan Gonzalez drives past a number of JFC players with a ball at his feet before playing a one-two with Angulo on the edge of the box to get the pass and throw the ball past Rehenesh into the net! A goal to sum up what FC Goa is all about.

84 ‘Shot on goal! First, a thrown pass by Valskis is removed from Naveen with a jumping save and the next shot went into the goal, except for the clearance from Donachie!

81 ‘Goa on the counter … Brandon with a long pass from left to right for Romario. Romario puts the ball into the box for ANgulo, but he can’t get the touch necessary to steer it into the goal.

77 ‘Play continues. Monroy scored an excellent goal and found Grande on the edge of the box. He’s filing it for William. The Indian plays a diagonal pass in the path of Jackichand, whose volley scores a great save from Naveen!

74 ‘More hits for Goa … Donachie from behind plays a pass for Romario, who puts him in the path of Ortiz returns and reaches the gate. He can only save from a narrow angle from Rehenesh!

72 ‘A foul by William on Brandon after a long game by Goa in the JFC box.

68′ Goa dominates the game with the lead and possession. 65 percent of the ball for the home team.

64 ‘JFC SUB: Hartley – OFF, Joyner – ON. Hartley seemed to be knocking.

61 ‘Nogeura has so much quality for JFC right now. He threads two great balls for Romario and Ortiz, but JFC defenders make crucial interventions both times.

56 ‘That could have been his hat trick. It’s the same combination again. Noguera rolls a back pass to find Brandon and prepares Ortiz for another tip, but this time his shot is deflected.

52 ‘TARGET! Ortiz gets his second! Noguera takes center stage again by running the ball through midfield to the edge of the JFC box before slipping behind the defense for Brandon. Brandon hits a ball across the face of the goal for the first time, where Ortiz wobbles the crossbar before it gets in his way so he can hit it into the net.

51 ‘A shot from Ortiz (goal ) is fired. Rehenesh’s shot is executed.

49 ‘Bedia shot from a distance. Rehenesh can see the ball well, however.

49 ‘Switch to the left and the cross is played on the front of the goal, where Eze takes it to the corner.

48′ Jamshedpur has started half on forefoot and tries to push the Goa players off the ball.

Halftime. Goa deservedly have the lead during the break and there could have been more with a better finish. Ortiz, who is played in number 9 ahead of Angulo, with the opening goal for Goa. Jamshedpur didn’t have many chances other than a shot on goal by Valskis.

45 ‘Bedia fouled Monroy. He is booked for it.

44 ‘Magical by Noguera. He pirouetted from a high press right in front of his own box and then snaked past two JFC players before his through pass is blocked.

43 ‘A shot by Gik and Gonzalez (Aniket) misses the target.

39 ‘Both of them scored a goal on the team’s bench after a foul on Brandon.

35 ‘A Monroy free kick does not go over the one-man wall. Another foul from Brandon and this time on Aniket.

34 ‘A shot of Jamshedpur on the forefoot. Long bal in the Goa box, but Valskis can’t win the header against Gonzalez. Brandon with an unnecessary challenge and a foul on Narender.

29 ‘A shot by Jamshedpur (Goa) from Goa (1-0). In the end it is a foul on Noguera.

26 ‘Goa misses the goal. Ball over the top to find Ortiz, who hits the offside trap but cannot get the ball into his crotch well. Rehenesh comes out to collect the ball deep in Ortiz.

25 ‘Chance for Jamshedpur at the other end. Lima passes Donachie on the left and runs to the sideline to score a cutback for Valskis, whose first shot is well saved by Naveen!

23 ‘Brandon (left) missed a shot. So far 66 percent possession for Goa. Dominant representation by the Gaurs.

19 ‘GOAL! Ortiz advances Goa! Excellent goal and deserved for the home team. The pressure has increased. Brandon picks up the loose ball to shove it behind JFC’s defense to Noguera, who checks his run on the line and finds Ortiz unmarked. The Spaniard stands up and shoots the ball into the lower corner!

16 ‘A shot by Gahlot (1-0). Ortiz’s shot is saved well by Rehenesh!

13 ‘Chance for Goa. A reverse-through ball from Noguera finds the run of Romario who does not collect the ball well on his crotch and TP Rehenesh eventually collects it.

11 ‘Bedia tries to get out of the pressure of the JFC players, loses but the ball in their own half. Isaac interfered from the left, played a one-two with Valskis and released a powerful shot on goal, but Naveen parried perfectly with one hand.

10 ‘Should have been a goal for JFC. Monroy’s free kick into the box was used by Hartley, who climbed the highest but couldn’t make the right connection.

8 ‘Bedia had an excellent strike from deep. But Eze manages to fend off the striker who rolls over the ball in the end.

5 ‘Free kick from Bedia, who is in the JFC box just above Gonzalez’s head.

5′ A shot from Jamizedpur misses the target. However, the pass hits the hand of a JFC player.

7:24 p.m.: Both teams make their way to the middle. Goa in his home colors, while Jamshedpur will play in his away shirt in blue.

73.7% – For any player with at least 10 shots in the current #ISL campaign, @ JamshedpurFCs @NValskis has the best shot accuracy of 73.7%. He has 19 shots, 14 of which were on target. Harmful. # FCGJFC #HeroISL # LetsFootball – OptaJeev (@OptaJeev) January 14, 2021

73.7% – For every player with at least 10 shots in the current #ISL campaign, @ JamshedpurFCs @NValskis has the best shot accuracy of 73.7%. He has 19 shots, 14 of which were on target. Harmful. # FCGJFC #HeroISL #LetsFootball

7.10 p.m.: Everything started well for the league’s youngest coach, Gerard Nus. However, the results haven’t gone in his direction lately, which ultimately led to his departure from the NEUFC. (READ)

Center-back Stephen Eze is the best player with three goals after Valskis Jamshepdurs. He also made the most shots (17) at Valskis.

Center-back Stephen Eze is the best player with three goals after Valskis Jamshepdurs. He also made the most shots (17) at Valskis.

6.45 p.m.: Narender Gahlot will act as right-back for Jamshedpur instead of Joyner. Isaac Vanmalsawma is the other change for Jackichand Singh, who started in the last game against SC East Bengal.

6.40 p.m .: Hmm .. Naveen Kumar replaces Mohammed Nawaz in goal for FC Goa. The youngster had only played once in 10 games without conceding a goal this season. Does this indicate that Juan Ferrando is looking beyond Nawaz’s ability to play from behind? Princeton Rebello leaves the XI for Lenny Rodrigues. Goa’s top scorer Igor Angulo sits on the bench.

Naveen Kumar; Seriton Fernandes, James Donachie, Ivan Gonzalez, Savior Gama; Lenny Rodrigues, Edu Bedia; Alexander Jesuraj, Brandon Fernandes and Jorge Mendoza; Alberto Noguera

TP Rehenesh; Narender Gahlot, Stephen Eze, Peter Hartley, and Ricky Lallawmawma; Aitor Monroy, Alexandre Lima and Mohammad Mobashir; Aniket Jadhav, Nerijus Valskis, Isaac Vanmalsawma

The foreign contingent of FC Goa meets before the game against Jamshedpur at Fatorda Stadium.

The foreign contingent of FC Goa meet before the game against Jamshedpur at the Fatorda Stadium.

6.10 p.m.: Mumbai City FC striker Adam le Fondre shares his impression of ISL, which led him to join Mumbai City FC, face Bartholomew Ogbeche and more. (READ)

The seventh edition of the Indian Super League started on November 20th in a bio-bubble in Goa.

During the four-month tournament, eleven teams will compete in a league and playoff format at three venues . After the inclusion of SC East Bengal, 115 games will be played this season, compared to 95 last season.

The fourth-placed FC Goa will face a team that is in the Indian Super League on Thursday at the Fatorda Stadium in Margao. Valuation 2020-21 two places below – Jamshedpur FC.

The duel between the strikers Igor Angulo (Goa) and Nerijus Valskis (Jamshedpur), who with nine and eight goals respectively at the top of the ISL 2020-21 Golden Boot -The scoring will be the main theme of the game.

FCG have never lost an encounter in which Angulo has scored. However, the real problem for the outfit is the lack of goals from other players. Jorge Mendoza is The Gaurs’ second top scorer with two goals.

The 28-year-old Spanish midfielder has attempted the most shots with 38 in the current edition. But Mendoza’s place in the last third wasn’t the best. This could tempt manager Juan Ferrando to move into the transfer market as his club still has a foreign spot to fill.

« We screen the players, but it’s important to find players who can help the team and who can young players improve.  » If we don’t get players who meet these two criteria, I’ll be happy with the squad until the end of the season, ”he said before the game.

Ferrando then claimed that his team had no concrete plans to make the 33- Curb year old Lithuanian striker Valskis from JFC.

« There is no individual plan for anyone, be it Valskis, (Alexandre) Lima or Jackichand (Singh). Jamshedpur are an excellent team. We have to improve game by game. We try to find our mistakes in training and work on them. They are strong in set pieces, but we have a solution.

« It is important to control timing and space. We want to control the second ball. In the first round (of the games) we were not completely satisfied. But the characters and personalities of the players were positive. After this game we have ATK Mohun Bagan. I want to help young players get better, ”he added.

Jamshedpur had lost to Goa earlier this season and Angulo scored an added-time winner in the second half. Lima’s 87th-minute goal for The Men of Steel, in which the ball hit the post, crossed the goal line and ricocheted, was not awarded by the referee at the time.

« It’s not about avenging defeat. Everyone saw the game. We scored the winning goal, but for some bizarre reason we didn’t get it. Alex Lima also played the ball during the penalty kick and it was very soft. What we can do now is focus on our next game.  » he said at a virtual media conference.

Reaching the top 4 is a top priority for JFC boss Coyle and he is concerned about the threat that competitor FCG may pose.

« We are against Kerala Blasters FC didn’t win (in the previous competition) because we made a few mistakes. « We want to be in the top four and everyone in the league wants to do the same. To do that, we have to do most of our games in the first half of the season repeat.

« The Goa FC has an excellent coach and some great players. They play a style that they have played for many years. But we know their strengths and weaknesses and we need to make sure we are doing our best. It’s a game that we can win, ”he said.

Goa FC: Mohammad Nawaz, Naveen Kumar, Dylan D’Silva, Shubham Dhas, Ivan Gonzalez (Spain), Seriton Fernandes, Aibanbha Dohling, James Donachie (Australia), Leander D’Cunha, Mohamed Ali, Sanson Pereira, Sarineo Fernandes, Retter Gama, Edu Bedia (Spain), Brandon Fernandes, Alberto Noguera (Spain), Lenny Rodrigues, Tlang Redeem, Seiminlen Doungel, Jorge Mendoza (Spain) , Nestor Dias, Phrangki Buam, Princeton Rebello, Alexander Jesuraj, Makan Chothe, Igor Angulo (Spain), Ishan Pandita, Aaren D’Silva, Devendra Murgaonkar.

FC Jamshedpur: TP Rehenesh, Pawan Kumar, Niraj Kumar, Vishal Yadav, Stephen Eze (Nigeria), Narender Gehlot, Joyner Lourenco, Peter Hartley (England), Laldinliana Renthlei, Karan Amin, Manash Protim Gogoi, Sandip Mandi, Ricky Lallawmawma, Aitor Monroy (Spain), Jackichand Singh, Nicholas Fitzgerald (Australia) , Issac Vanmalsawma, Amarjit Singh, Alexandre Lima (Brazil), Mobashir Rahman, Jitend ra Singh, Manisana Singh, Billu Teli, Gorachand Mardi, Bhupender Singh, Nerijus Valskis (Lithuania), Aniket Jadhav, David Grande (Spain), William Lalnunfela.


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