World news – ISL 2020-21 semi-final highlights: ATK Mohun Bagan beats NorthEast United 2-1 to reach the final


ATK Mohun Bagan’s David Williams celebrates with Roy Krishna after scoring against NorthEast United FC in the 2020-21 ISL semi-finals on Tuesday. – ISL / Sportzpics

Welcome to Sportstar’s ISL 2020-21 live blog about the match between ATK Mohun Bagan and NorthEast United FC, which will be played on Tuesday at Fatorda Stadium.

ATK Mohun Bagan reaches its first Indian Super League final with a 2-1 win (3-2) against NorthEast United FC.

The Mariners will now face Mumbai City FC at the March 13th summit, a replay of the last game of the league stage.

Antonio Habas’s side went through David’s goal in the 38th minute Williams took the lead and doubled his lead when Manvir Singh scored a belter 30 minutes later. VP Suhair nodded home in the 74th minute to bring NorthEast United FC back into the competition and Luis Machado had a golden chance to equalize but took his penalty to the horror of the Highlanders.

90 6 ‘NorthEast launched another attack, but it was not too late when the referee Rahul Kumar Gupta gave the full-time whistle.

90 5′ What a chance for Regin! Krishna does all the hard work as he fights Ashutosh and puts it on a plate for Regin who misses the goal by a wide margin.

90 3 ‘Nervous final minute – Lambot’s hit is deflected and NorthEast United take a corner . The second ball gives a chance, but Ashutosh is offside.

89 ‘Manvir takes a shot to the right and tries to get the ball in but fails to beat the NorthEast United custodian.

87 ‘Change for both sides – Britto PM changes for Suhair, Jayesh Rane replaces Williams for the Mariners.

86′ Another goal for NorthEast United. Suhair’s shot from the right falls amiably at Ashutosh and he tries to curl it up, but can’t keep it on target.

86 ‘Krishna goes into the last third and has five white shirts in front of him. Camara sets a tough challenge to win the ball.

83 ‘Machado misses the goal! He flies his shot and the chance is begging.

78 ‘Free kick to NorthEast. Lenny gives Machado a stupid challenge.

74 ‘SUHAIRRRRRRRRRR! NorthEast United is back in this one! Suhair nods home to reduce the deficit! Lambot fires a header from a corner and Arindam makes an easy save as he tips it onto the crossbar. The distraction lands for Suhair, who scores with a header. ATK Mohun Bagan leads 2-1 in less than 15 minutes!

71 ‘Gallego, who had a rather subdued game, gives way to Brown. The Highlanders now have two strikers in Sylla and Brown. Can you do the trick?

68 ‘MANVIIIIIIIR. What a hit that is! Krishna is the Architect again when he plays a nice pass to release Manvir on the right. The young man cuts his left foot, winds past two defenses and shoots him past the goalkeeper to double ATK Mohun Bagan’s lead.

Manvir Singh of ATK Mohun Bagan is delighted after breaking on Tuesday scored against NorthEast United FC in the semi-finals against ISE 2020-21. – ISL / Sportzpics

66 ‘This is a shocking miss from Javi. Krishna plays an inch perfect for Javi and the Spaniard shoots him into the side netting from three meters away.

62 ‘Ashutosh with a shot on goal! Williams cuts it exquisitely for an unmarked Krishna in the box. Krishna tries to control the ball, pinching the bottom of his shoe, bouncing off the goalkeeper and rolling into goal before Ashutosh clears a stunning final ditch.

60 ‘Pretty much right here between Machado and the assistant referee. Machado’s demonstrations don’t earn him the throw-in.

56 ‘A shot by Machind is blocked by Arindam. NorthEast United FC fired all cylinders in the second half!

53 ‘However, a shot from Ashutosh (right) missed the target.

49′ What a great start to the second half! Here’s a stat that ATK Mohun Bagan fans will be excited to see – The Mariners have never lost a game this season after scoring first.

47 ‘By the mail! Gallego drills a low cross into the box and Suhair hits it well on the turn, but is excruciatingly disputed by the woodwork! Arindam tries to clear the ball and it falls again on Gallego. He throws another nice cross across the box, but there is no white shirt to attack the ball.

After one of the craziest games in ISL history last night, our fortune tellers are careful with their predictions. While NEUFC has the majority, our panel is still of the opinion that crunch games are the territory of Antonio Habas.

After a downright dominating offensive performance by ATK Mohun Bagan, the Mariners go 1-0 into the half-time break. Antonio Habas’ side stamped their authority from the start, taking the lead through David Williams in the 38th minute.

NorthEast United had a few half chances but were forced on their hindfoot for most of the first 45. The Highlanders have a Herculean task ahead of them if they want to extend their unbeaten run under interim coach Khalid Jamil.

45 2 ‘What a chance! Machado whips a delicious cross for Lalengmawia, but the young man misses his header. Bose is there at the far post to remove the danger.

44 ‘Krishna is playing against Javi and the Spaniard tries. Manvir, which was free on the right, might have been a better option. Two minutes to add.

41 ‘How did he miss that? Javi floats a peach of a free kick into the box and McHugh, completely unmarked, misses a free header! A wonderful opportunity was missed there.

38 ‘WILLIAMS RESULTS FOR ATK MOHUN BAGAN! Lenny finds Krishna in the middle of the field and he threads Williams a delightful ball. Ashutosh drunk Williams and the Australian breaks the net with a fantastic finish.

ATK Mohun Bagan’s David Williams celebrates the goal against NorthEast United FC in the semi-finals against ISE 2020-21 on Tuesday. – ISL / Sportzpics

37 ‘Bose bombards the left flank and feeds Krishna a nice ball. The striker makes a few touches and grabs the post, which forces the goalkeeper to make a strong save.

33′ NorthEast United have scored 10 goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half of the season. Can the Highlanders find the opener?

31 ‘The free kick is shortened. Krishna tries to thread Williams, but finds no way past the defense. The players now go into the water break.

30 ‘Mashoor Mashoor Mashoor … he hits Krishna in the face and is booked. ATK Mohun Bagan’s free kick from a promising position.

27 ‘A shot by Mashoor (Mashoor) is again guilty. The Fijian makes you rip you from outside the 18 yard box, but it’s gushing outside the target. Krishna should have done better there.

25 ‘A moment of madness from Mashoor. The ball appears to be out of play, but then pulls it back into the penalty area with a tame pass. The northeast defense manages to get to safety.

23 ‘A shot from Arindam. A shot from Sylla shows how Machado picks up the ball and storms into the last third. The Portuguese’s toxic strike is overturned by Arindam.

19 ‘ATK Mohun Bagan looks like a whole new unit from the first leg. The return of Jhingan and Tiri to defense has made a huge difference and McHugh is now free to play in midfield. The Mariners have been the dominant team since kick-off.

15 ‘Sylla is only a few centimeters away from the opener! The Guinean runs powerfully through the center and shoots from the edge of the box, but his hit serves off-target.

14 ‘Bose shoots a thunderous hit directly at Subhasish and the goalkeeper makes the block.

12′ ATK Mohun Bagan has featured across NorthEast United’s defense so far. The highlands were forced to sit back and hold the fort.

9 ‘Williams! He takes on Fox, makes room for himself and gets a shot but doesn’t worry the goalkeeper.

After one of the craziest games in ISL history last night, our fortune tellers are careful with their predictions. While NEUFC has the majority, our panel still believes that crunch games are Antonio Habas’s territory.

7 ‘STAT: ATK Mohun Bagan scored about half an hour in the first leg but the Mariners got in the Only six goals scored in the first half of the season.

5 ‘Another shot on goal by the Mariners! McHugh tries to roll you into the farthest corner, but Mashoor heads him away.

4 ‘A shot from Javi (Williams) misses the target.

3′ OFF THE POST! Excellent control from Krishna on the right to retract the markers before releasing Javi in ​​the middle. The Spaniard drives forward and drills a low shot from a distance that hits the bar and comes out!

1 ‘NorthEast United starts from right to left. Williams shoots a shot from a distance, but it goes harmlessly over the bar.

7:24 p.m .: Both teams make their way into the middle. NEUFC players leave the house in their white away jerseys.

7.15 p.m .: After a monumental effort, a pile of corpses lay over two legs against the best team in the country. Goa FC had embodied itself in Edu Bedia’s fighting spirit, just to miss the slightest advantage. – Difficult to like, impossible to break: Edu Bedia’s ISL marathon with broken ribs

ATKMB’s Marcelinho falls on the bench for the second leg. – ISL / Sportzpics

7pm: Two changes for Mohun Bagan. Sandesh Jhingan and Tiri are back in the line-up, Prabir Das and Marcelinho make way. Two changes also for NorthEast United. Nim Dorjee and Benjamin Lambot drop on the bench for Mashoor Shereef and Idrissa Sylla. Deshorn Brown is named in the matchday squad after missing the first leg.

Arindam Bhattacharya, Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri, Subhasish Bose, Lenny Rodrigues, Javier Hernandez, Carl McHugh, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Roy Krishna.

Subhasish Roy Chowdhury, Gurjinder Kumar, Mashoor Shereef, Dylan Fox, Ashutosh Mehta, Khassa Camara, Federico Gallego, Lalengmawia, Luis Machado, Idrissa Sylla, VP Suhair.

6.15 p.m .: Mumbai City FC has its first Reached ISL final after winning a nerve-wracking penalty shootout against FC Goa last night. Here’s how the game went –

Mumbai City beat FC Goa 6-5 on penalties to reach the first ISL final

Players from Mumbai City celebrate winning the penalty shootout against FC Goa. – ISL / Sportzpics

Arindam Bhattacharya, Subhasish Bose, Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Prabir Das, Carl McHugh, Marcelinho, Lenny Rodrigues, David Williams, Roy Krishna, Manvir Singh.

Subhasish Roy Chowdhury, Gurjinder Kumar , Benjamin Lambot, Ashutosh Mehta, Nim Dorjee, Khassa Camara, Federico Gallego, Luis Machado, Lalengmawia, VP Suhair, Deshorn Brown.

5:45 p.m .: ATK Mohun Bagan plays in the first after the merger of ATK and Mohun Bagan Semifinals as a new company.

The merger of ATK and Mohun Bagan seemed like a heavenly match with the 2019-20 ISL and I-League champions building a successful partnership in the country’s top division. From a controversial jersey to references to the former ISL company, however, this acquisition had a rocky debut year.

Here’s an episode from the Full Time Show podcast where our reporters discuss the merger and why Mohun Bagan Fans took to the streets with #RemoveATK chants.

NorthEast United FC will try to pick up where Idrissa Sylla left off by defeating ATK Mohun Bagan in added time in the first leg of the second semi-final of the Indian Super League The Guinean striker, who came on in the late 67th minute, kept NorthEast’s hopes up with his spectacular header, which ended the game 1-1. The second leg of the semi-finals, which will take place on Tuesday at Fatorda Stadium, is expected to relieve the action with the same intensity as NorthEast and Mohun Bagan are trying to secure their first place in the final.

Ironically, ATK’s impressive record is in Having won three titles in the last six seasons, void after the merger with Mohun Bagan.

Antonio Lopez Habas, who took ATK with him to capture the title last season, has to realign his armed forces in search of a new record, which he has to write on this occasion for the new company Mohun Bagan. Habas’s cause for concern could be the fact that his team’s otherwise impregnable defense has been struggling lately.

The team conceded only 11 goals in 18 games but managed to keep that order in the last three games, in which she conceded five goals and also remained without a win, not upheld. Mohun Bagan will again rely on the creativity of his attacking trio – David Williams, Roy Krishna and Marcelinho – to make a more productive contribution. He recognized the need to get his team back into winning shape. Habas hoped that his boys would rise to the challenge in the decisive second leg. “There is no pressure. It’s about a great opportunity and that chance wouldn’t come again. We have to do our best and enjoy the semi-finals, ”said Habas.

ISL 2020-21 Semifinals 2nd Leg, ATK Mohun Bagan v NorthEast United FC: Estimated start of XI and formation

All was quite optimistic for NorthEast interim coach Khalid Jamil as his team remained unbeaten in the last 10 games. « We have to focus on getting the result as this is a do-or-die game, » said Jamil. “I told the guys to enjoy the pressure. Both teams have to fight for a result as there is no rule for an away goal this time. So it is for our opponent, « added Jamil.

The key to NorthEast’s good form in the second phase of the league was the success of his attack, with playmaker Federico Gallego, Luis Machado (their top scorer with seven goals) and Deshorn Brown did a great job. Jamil hopes his attack converts the odds early to see the way to the finals.

The seventh edition of the Indian Super League began in a bio-bubble in Goa on November 20th.

During the four month period Tournament eleven teams play against each other in a league and playoff format at three venues. With the addition of SC East Bengal, 115 games will be played this season, up from 95 last season.


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