World news – John Reilly, General Hospital and Passion Vet, dead at the age of 86


Veteran actor John Reilly, whose TV credits included General Hospital, Passions and Sunset Beach during the day, died on Saturday night, TVLine learned. He was 86 years old.

One of Reilly’s daughters, actress and TikTok personality, Caitlin Reilly, shared the news on Instagram, saying, « John Henry Matthew Reilly AKA Jack. The brightest light in the world has gone out. « A cause of death has not yet been disclosed.

 » Imagine the best people in the world. Now imagine if that person were your father, ”wrote Caitlin. « I’m so grateful that he was mine. I’m so grateful that I was allowed to love him. I’m so grateful that I managed to hold him in time and say goodbye. I honestly don’t know what I am but I know he will be with me. I love you forever, Daddy. « 

The Chicago born actor’s early career began with arcs to As the World Turns (as Dr. Dan Stewart) , How the West Won, Quincy ME and Dallas (as Roy Ralston).

In February 1984 he made his GH debut as Sean Donely, Robert Scorpio’s former WSB (World Security Bureau) chief who worked during the Aztecs – Frisco and Felicia’s treasure hunt turned out to be a kind of slide (see his debut below) After an arc of salvation, super spy Sean was romantically paired with actress Tiffany Hill (played by Sharon Wyatt).

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“He was a big brother to me. Nicest man you could ever find, ”GH vet Finola Hughes, who plays Anna and Alex Devane, told TVLine. « I cannot express how sorry I am to hear of his death. »

Darling John Reilly. On one of the first days I went on the GH set, this tall, handsome man in a leather jacket was strolling up to me. In his deep American growl, he greeted me on the show and told me he would be there for me should I ever need anything. Boy, was he true to his word. As a consummate professional, I contacted him every day we worked (we worked a ton). His changing room was two doors down from mine. Many days I sat on the floor in the hallway (don’t ask me why) and we broke up scenes. The three of us (Tristan [Rogers], John & me) would rip things apart until we were happy with the outcome and then play on set. At the end of each scene, John would do one of two things. He would either roar his infectious laugh or he would get a questioning look on his face and ask, “Was that it? Did we get it? “Brilliantly intuitive, but he was always worried about the result. John’s sensitivity and friendliness was most evident in his family and friends. His love for his wife Liz and their beautiful daughters was legion. I am so happy to be able to experience and see this love first hand. Unique. Mitiren, Godspeed. I love you #JohnReilly Rip

After Reilly’s 11 year GH run, he dubbed Hawkeye / Clint Barton in the animated Iron Man series, played Kelly Taylor’s Pop in Beverly Hills, 90210, and then had multi-year runs on both Sunset Beach (as Del Douglas) and Passions (replacing the late David Bailey as Alistair Crane).

Reilly’s actors also include the short-lived spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift (where he repeated the role of Sean) and the web soap The Bay. And yes, he’s why John C. Reilly of Talladega Nights professionally uses a middle initial.



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