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My father Gary was a first class coach with the Cessnock Goannas and in 1981 they formed a sister association with the Newtown Jets.

Dad and his team made several trips to Henson Park to train with the Jets, and Newtown came to Cessnock for a test against the Goannas during that successful 1981 season.

Newtown won the test 12-2 and as a sand boy I could see exactly what a competitor Tommy was.

It was just an audition against a bush team, but he played with the intensity as if it were a grand final.

But the climax came the following day, when both sides gathered in Tyrell’s vineyard to enjoy a beer and a barbecue – then I saw Tommy for the first time.

Everyone gathered around Tommy and for two hours he held court with an endless supply of stories, each of which received hysterical laughter.

I stood on my father’s right hip as a young Catholic third grade student and didn’t really understand the gist – or many of the colorful words – used in Tommy’s stories.

At some point he turned to me before tearing another thread and saying, « Don’t tell your teacher about it. »

That’s a fair award as he coached boxers Jeff Fenech, Jeff Harding, and Kostya Tszyu. Johnny said Warren Ryan, the Newtown coach, taught them to play, but Tommy taught them to win.

He coached a very young Allan Langer with the Ipswich Jets, and while everyone was saying Alf was too young to play State of Origin, Tommy relentlessly went public and demanded his selection. Eventually the Queensland selectors gave in and the rest is history.

When we went into game 1 of this series, Tommy told us that we had to play Queensland in their own game.

As we headed off for our bonding night in Sydney, it was revealed that Queensland had arrived in town early and was stepping on the tiles too.

Tommy said, « If we run into these guys, ignore them. If I catch one of you saying a single word to one of them, you’ll be off the team. »

We went for an hour at night and enjoyed ourselves at the bourbon and beef steak, if you didn’t know, on walks on the Queensland side.

Alfie and Kevvie Walters then turned and stepped down on Tommy, jumped over him, kissed and hugged him.

From the day John Singleton signed Tommy and brought him to the Jets from his beloved Wests Magpies, they became best friends.

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