World news –JP –Asanoyama, play against Terunofuji, who is losing in a row on the second day « I can’t lose to go up »ja


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[November place] Asanoyama » After all, I have to get excited « I aim to add flowers to Takasago’s retirement age V
Asanoyama, play against Terunofuji who is losing in a row on the second day » I can’t lose to go up « 
Is the master and pupil’s disconnection continued? Asanoyama never issued « Asa Seiryu »
Takasago Master « Good Master Life » Asanoyama expects Yokotsuna from a student since Wajima to Ozeki near retirement age
Former Ozeki Asano Takasago master » I lived a good master life « 
Asanoyama The first day and the second day of the match will be decided November place
Asanoyama November Place » Signboard « Awareness » Must be exciting « 
Awareness of Asanoyama’s highest participation « Tightening plus excitement »
Morning Noyama, 2 Yokotsuna closed « We have to close the place and get excited » ja


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