World news –JP –Kosei Yoshida hits a straight ball perfectly, but he is the worst in the 2nd inning and 8 runs –Livedoor Newsja


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[Nippon-Ham] Kosei Yoshida, self-worst 2 times 8 runs, KO 0 wins this season richly
Nippon-Ham Kosei Yoshida 2 times KO self-worst with 8 runs
Nippon-Ham 18 years Dora 1 Kosei Yoshida is on fire KO By the 2nd time, self-worst 8 goals
Nippon-Ham Fighter 2nd KO self-worst 8 runs and not the first win of the season
Ham Yoshida Kosei is on fire 2 times 8 runs KO
Nippon-Ham Fighters Kosei Yoshida can’t step on from unlucky timely hits in the first time ja


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