World news –JP –Masayo « Defeat », Terunofuji « Overtake » Winners Awareness at the presentation ceremonyja


Shōdai Naoya, Ōzeki, Ōzumō, Ryōgoku Kokugikan, Sumo Kyushu Basho, Yokozuna, Terunofuji Haruo, Takakeishō Mitsunobu

World news –JP –Masayo « Defeat », Terunofuji « Overtake » Winners Awareness at the presentation ceremonyja
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Masayo » Defeat « , Terunofuji » Overtake « to be aware of each other at the winning amount presentation ceremony
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Shodai-Wakatakakei, Takakeishō-Takayasu et al./First day photo special feature
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-<a href="/?s=[Breaking news ] Masayo-Wakatakakei, Takakeishō-Takayasu, Kirimayama-Asanoyama et al. November Place First Day Initiatives ja


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