World news –JP –« SEGA Entertainment » operated by game center, 85 shares1% acquired by GENDA


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World news- JP –Sega Entertainment operated by Game Center, 85 shares1% acquired by GENDA
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Game Center operated » SEGA Entertainment « , 85 shares1% acquired by GENDA
GENDA acquires a majority stake in SEGA Entertainment
SEGA SAMMY HD, SEGA Eighty-five percent of Entertainment’s shares are sold to GENDA, from consolidation to withdrawal Structural reform costs of 20 billion yen are recorded as extraordinary losses
Sega’s amusement management division » Sega Entertainment « shares 851% sold to GENDA-From consolidation to withdrawal
Notice regarding acquisition of shares of SEGA Entertainment Inc. a>
GENDA, 85 shares of SEGA EntertainmentAcquired 1% from SEGA Group
GENDA Co., Ltd. resolved to acquire shares, which is the majority of SEGA Entertainment. The operating rights of 199 entertainment facilities nationwide will be transferred to GENDA.
SEGAEntertainment, a subsidiary of GENDA


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