World news –JP –Sushiro GH has hit a new high since its listing, and in the fiscal year ending September 2009, the company expects a 43% increase in operating income and will increase dividends by 7.50 yen. (Minkabu)ja


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Akindo Sushiro, Minkabu, Listing

World news –JP –Sushiro GH has hit a new high since its listing. Posted on: 2020/11/09 12:47 [Minna no Kiso] –Minna no Kiso (Minkabu)
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Sushiro GH has hit a new high since listing, and is expected to increase operating profit by 43% in the fiscal year ending September 2009.
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Sushiro GHD surges, evaluate forecast of 62% increase in profit for the current fiscal year ja


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