World news – JP – The Leonid meteorite fell in the sky starting tonight


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The Leonid meteor shower has been set up to send some cascading fireballs across the dark sky starting in November. 16 and 17.

According to the American Meteorological Association, meteorites are expected to peak in the early morning hours before dawn on Tuesday November. . 17.

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Leonid meteor shower reaches a peak The radiating point of the Leonid meteorites is located inside the famous sickle – an asterisk in the constellation Leo, shaped like a question mark back. How and when to view: https: // t. Share / YI4zffcs8p pic. Twitter. com / EgLrtASw70

Bruce McClure wrote with Earth Sky: « A new moon on November 15 ensures dark skies in rural locations at the height of the bathing period. ». .

You can see anywhere from 10 to 15 meteors per hour in a row across the sky, but according to Earth Sky’s recommendation, your best bet is to travel to a « dark country site » to capture a stunning display of lights.

Here in Texas, one of the best places to stargaze is Big Bend Ranch State Park; Copper Breaks State Park; Enchanted Rock State Park; And South Llano River State Park.

While the weather in your area plays a role in watching the Leonid meteorite, the letter U. s. The skies are expected to be clear most of the time during peak nights, according to Ashley Stickland with CNN.

According to Deborah Bird with Earth Sky, the shower is the result of Earth crossing the orbital path of comet 55P / Temple Tuttle.

The Leonid shower is known to have caused meteor storms in the past, but no storm is expected in 2020. Bird wrote: « Most astronomers say you need more than 1,000 meteors an hour to consider showers a storm. ». .

The shower is named after the constellation Leo, the Leo « because these meteorites radiate outward from the vicinity of the stars that represent the lion’s mane, » Baird wrote..

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World News – Britain – A meteor shower, Leonid, is pouring across the sky starting tonight


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