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World news – Lifetime’s’ V.C. Andrews ‘Ruby’ launches the four-film ‘Landry Family’ series

TV shows Ace - Lifetime's V.C. Andrews' Ruby teasers are out. See the premiere later tonight on Lifetime.

Lifetime is preparing to offer fans the highly anticipated V.C. Andrews’ Ruby series. This series contains a cast of well-known actors. These include Raechelle Banno (home and away), Karina Banno (second best), Marilu Henner (Aurora Teagarden), Naomi Judd (Evergreen Christmas), Gil Bellows (Trading Christmas), Lauralee Bell (Young and The Restless) and Sam Duke (Wynonna Earp) and Crystal Fox (The Haves and The Have Nots).

The network will be broadcasting two films this week and will continue the series next weekend. Ready to be scared of the exciting Landry family?

According to the lifelong press release, Ruby revolves around Ruby Landry (Raechelle Banno), who was born in Louisiana Bayou and is overseen by her loving grandmother Catherine (Judd) becomes. Ruby is hopeful as love blossoms with her high school sweetheart Paul Tate (Duke).

However, lingering thoughts of her mysterious father and her mother’s death often creep into Ruby’s mind. Dark family secrets begin to reveal themselves. This happens when Paul’s parents forbid him to see Ruby. Worst of all, Ruby remains devastated after Grandmère dies.

Ruby has to flee the bayou to New Orleans and searches for her estranged father (Bellows), one of the richest men in town, while she is on her memories of Paul and her forbidden love.

Tap this 🖤 in this tweet for a reminder when #VCAndrewsRuby premieres for life only on Saturday, March 20th. pic.twitter.com/B7YczIMm05

Based on the second book, Pearl in the Mist finds that Ruby (Raechelle Banno) still struggles to find true happiness after a year in her father’s lavish mansion.

When Ruby and her twin Giselle (Karina Banno) are sent to an exclusive boarding school for girls, Ruby hopes to start over with her sister. Ruby is once again ashamed of her backwater upbringing.

In addition, her cruel headmistress, Mrs. Ironwood (Henner), along with her stepmother, Daphne (Bell) and Giselle, must continue to crack down on her. Ruby endures excruciating punishments and public humiliations.

Ruby hopes and continues to dream of a better future until tragedy leaves her alone in a world of deception.

According to the lifelong press release, All That is picking up glitters when Ruby is evicted from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved bayou childhood home, where she intends to create a new life for her little girl Pearl.

Ruby’s high school sweetheart Paul is back to support her, and when he moves her into his impressive home, she has new hope for the future.

However, Ruby cannot escape the eyes of Paul’s mother Gladys (Alfonso), who knows Ruby and Paul’s dark secret.

Additionally, Giselle continues to torment Ruby when she reveals news about Beau (Wood), Perle’s real father, and Ruby’s real love. Ruby longs for a different life. The web of deception continues when Giselle falls into a coma. Ruby soon gets into a twisted plan to be with Beau.

Don’t miss the All That Glitters premiere on Saturday March 27th at 8pm. East.

Lifetime’s Landry franchise ends with V.C. Andrews’ hidden gem. According to Lifetime’s press release, Ruby is trying to find a new life for her children and is desperate to protect her beloved daughter from the dark secrets she holds.

Pearl (Laporte) is in the midst of privileges in New Orleans grew up aspiring to become a doctor. However, if an unfortunate accident happens to one of her twin brothers, Perle’s dreams are threatened and Ruby runs back to the bayou.

And if one of Pearl’s younger brothers becomes terminally ill, she has to travel to the backwaters to find her mother and the Uncover the mysterious secrets of their past.

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of Hidden Jewel on Sunday March 28th at 8pm. East.

Start from the beginning. Ruby premiered Saturday, March 20 at 8 p.m. Eastern, for life. This is the first film in the Landry franchise.

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