World news – Mailbag: Should the warriors show James Wiseman more?


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You already have. Wiseman plays a central role in the burgeoning pick-and-roll attack by the Warriors, and we’ve seen Steve Kerr use Wiseman’s outer sweater early on in the games. In eight games, he has the second highest usage rate on the team (a number that measures the percentage of a team’s possessions that a player has used on the floor) behind only Stephen Curry.

But Wiseman, who averaged 11.3 points in 21.3 minutes per game with 46.8% shooting (41.7% from 3-point range), 6.0 rebounds and 1.6 blocks , isn’t a playmaker like Curry and Draymond Green – he’s a finisher. It is telling that 28 of his 36 field goals scored were supported and 61% of his shots were after zero dribbles, according to tracking data from

That doesn’t mean he didn’t flash the ability to create. There have been moments when he dribbled the ball to postpone the break or took a trample from dribbling, but those moments are rare. The biggest thing for Wiseman is staying on the pitch. After playing more than 20 minutes in each of his first four NBA games, Wiseman has only passed that mark once in the last four games as he dealt with early fouls and rookie mistakes.

Against the Clippers on Wednesday, the Warriors tried to pass Wiseman at the top of the key, but when development took too long, LA’s Serge Ibaka stripped Wiseman of the ball and the Clippers dropped out for a quick break from the result. When Wiseman didn’t go back on the defensive, Kerr removed him from the game.

« There was a lot of confusion on the offensive, » said Wiseman. « I tried to wait for Steph to come off the screen, but he didn’t come. I thought should I move or wait for Steph? That’s how I kept making those sales.

On the nights that Wiseman plays well, I would expect them to see him more often. However, it is also important to note that the team feeds the 19-year-old slowly with a spoon and is patient with his development.

How bad do you think the Warriors would have to be by the deadline for the front office to be able to outsource the salary (most likely Kelly Oubre Jr.) just for savings (since the luxury tax is based on the year-end list) you’re not on the current one yet Monster tax bill anchored. – @MidLvlException.

The end-of-season acquisition of Oubre after Klay Thompson’s Achilles tear increased Golden State’s luxury tax bill by nearly $ 70 million. With this current list, the Warriors are facing a check for $ 137 million at the end of the season – though they could find some relief as NBA revenues plummet.

The trading exception for Oubre, however, was a move aimed at the playoffs. You would have to be clearly out of the playoff competition to take drastic action on payroll.

Even if they wanted to leave Oubre or Andrew Wiggins, it is unclear how to do it. Not many teams will want to pay Oubre with his jump shot in the final year of his contract. Wiggins has three years and nearly $ 95 million to spare. Not only is he still seen as a negative asset across the league, but it is unlikely (or impossible) for any other team to accept this contract and offer the Warriors much relief ahead of the season.

If Joe Lacob now decides to cut spending next season and avoid another $ 100 million tax burden, he could try to overturn Wiggins for an expiring contract (like Otto Porter Jr., LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMar DeRozan). That would save them a $ 31.6 million cap hit the next season and a lot more luxury taxes. But it would also mean losing two of the team’s top wings in one summer and creating a hole in a small striker.

Yes, but don’t get too excited. Lin is attempting an NBA comeback, but if he succeeds it probably won’t be with the Warriors, who already have Brad Wanamaker, Jordan Poole and Nico Mannion backing Curry. The only way the Warriors could make room for Lin would be to forego Mychal Mulder’s unguaranteed deal (which doesn’t happen) or lure Alen Smailagic (which would keep the Warriors in the tax). All of this for a man who hasn’t played in the NBA in almost two years? Unlikely.
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That narrative could turn around this season as more than 21% of Golden State’s holdings were acquired in a pick and roll process. Yes, Kerr has traditionally been reluctant to do a ton of pick and roll, but that’s because he prefers a more unpredictable crime. This roster calls for an easier pick and roll game, but it won’t run as much as the Rockets teams, which partially collapsed in the postseason because their offense was too predictable.

The Warriors own Minnesota’s top 3 first-round picks in a 2021 draft that is widely considered to be one of the strongest in a long time. Here’s a question: are the 2-6 Timberwolves too bad?

How sure can we be that Golden State will use the DPE this season? – @SnipaCurry.

I’m not at all sure. There is currently no one available that would significantly improve the Warriors’ playoff chances and as I pointed out with regards to Lin, the Warriors do not have an open roster seat. They will monitor the buyout market after the close of trading in March, but will view the disabled player exemption as an « emergency glass break » option.

For the luxury tax reasons outlined earlier and because Thompson was supposed to be returning, probably not. Both teams use each other this season: The Warriors need Oubre to replace Thompson in the line-up for a few months. and Oubre hopes to trample on this experience into his next lucrative contract.

The Warriors have a very tough playing path ahead of MLK day against the Lakers. What record do you think they should have pulled from this to say it was successful? – @allthehypepod.

After that two-game series against the Clippers, the upcoming schedule offers no relief: Toronto, Indiana, Denver, Phoenix and Lakers. A total of seven games against teams that were in the playoffs last season and against the Suns, who achieved the best record in the Western Conference with 6-2. Going 3-4 the distance would be a huge achievement, but it’s even more important to show growth and the ability to compete against these top teams.



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