World news – Playing time thread: Juventus vs. Benevento


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When Juventus played Benevento for the first time this season, they were one of the real feel-good stories in Serie A. They weren’t hanging just hard, they were right in the middle of the table, hitting well beyond their weight club, which had been in Serie B just a few months earlier. Pippo Inzaghi was the talk of the league with his work and how well Benevento played as one of the newcomers to Serie A despite his limited resources.

Weeks have passed since Super Pippo and Benevento last felt that winning feeling. Months in fact if you want to be more specific. Benevento has not only slowed down after its impressive start to the season, but has also come to a complete standstill. Benevento, Juventus’ opponents this afternoon, haven’t won a game since January 6th. That was 74 days ago – a stretch of 2 1⁄2 months in which we saw how many good and bad things happen to the Italian champions.

Now they are meeting again – a team is trying to make some lasting one Holding onto Scudetto’s aspirations, the other is just trying to hold onto her place in Serie A for another season.

But come to the Allianz Stadium this afternoon and avoid what happened when these two teams first met have played against each other – you know, all the points against teams that it shouldn’t be against – will be the most important thing.

With Milan struggling at the club due to a COVID-19 outbreak and Inter out at the weekend, Juventus have the chance of both finishing second and reducing the deficit in Serie A back to a single-digit figure. Who knows what will happen when the teams return from international break in two weeks? Juventus have a cheap matchup against an extremely out of shape team for the time being, and the two teams in front of them currently have very big problems to solve.

That would be a good way to take an international break in the most players do not have much time to rest, regardless of whether it is a « break ».

Official kick-off time: 3:00 pm local time in Italy and across Europe; 2 p.m. in the UK; 10 a.m. Eastern Time; 7 a.m. Pacific Time (Remember, if you are in the US, this is the second Sunday of Daylight Saving Time that has not yet occurred in Italy.)

Juventus from XI (4-4-2 / ​​3 -5-2): Szczesny; Danilo, de Ligt, Bonucci, Bernardeschi; Kulusevski, Arthur, Rabiot, Chiesa; Morata, Ronaldo

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