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World news – Pyra / Mythra arrive in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today

Later today, Pyra / Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will officially be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's list.

Later today, Pyra / Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be officially added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate list.

The fighter is part of the Challenger Pack 9 DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is also a Contains new stage and a selection of songs from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

In a video released this morning and hosted by Masahiro Sakurai, the Super Smash Bros. series director walked through the fighter’s newly added combat set, including a detailed look at the Cloud Sea of’s new stage Alrest.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Pyra is a legendary blade and living weapon for the main character Rex. After a series of events, Mythra is introduced as another personality sealed in Pyra. The two characters are linked on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battlefield.

Pyra and Mythra are technically a fighter on the select screen, but players can switch between them at any time during the battle. Pyra specializes in power, while Mythra’s power resides in speed.

The new tier players will get in Challenger Pack 9 is called Cloud Sea of ​​Alrest and is based on one of the settings in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The tier is on the back of Azurda, the creature that passed through the sea of ​​clouds swims.

As Azurda travels the world, players will see well-known characters and landmarks from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, including flying ships, titans and kingdoms. Characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will also appear.

Currently, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate contains three songs from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but after downloading Challenger Pack 9 that number increases to 19.

Next to launch Pyra / Mythra new paid Mii Fighter costumes, including Arthur’s armor and helmet from the Ghosts’ N Goblins series, the Rathalos armor and helmet, and the Hunter armor and helmet from the Monster Hunter series.

Challenger Pack 9 can be purchased for $ 29.99 and also includes Min Min from the ARMS game, Steve & Alex from Minecraft, Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy series, and two other not-yet-announced fighters.

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