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The Sanremo Music Festival is almost unmatched in the Italian music industry – it is the first music competition to be won. The winner will be showered with a special kind of fame on the spot – he will join an elite who won the competition. A really unique cultural phenomenon. This year we had 26 songs, countless interval acts and five nights of festivities. The all-important last night starts tomorrow morning at 6:45 a.m. AEDT.

The voting takes place as follows: All 26 artists carry out their contributions. At the end of the voting, a final ranking is created using the average of all votes from the previous evenings and last night. This includes the demoscopic jury, the orchestra vote, the vote in the press room and the televote. The 26th to 4th place will be announced.

A new vote follows to determine the top 3, with all previous votes set to zero. The new vote will include the polling jury (33%), voting in the press room (33%) and televoting the public (34%) – the highest percentile will decide the Sanremo 2021 winning song. Got it? Not the easiest method, but it seems to turn out to be a great winner every year when in Rome!

Allora, these are the five contestants we think will have the best chance of winning the converted Golden Lion turn off tomorrow night:

Absolutely the man of the festival to beat. Ermal leads the polling and orchestral jury with an equally strong fifth place in the press – Ermal is very strong at eliminating the entire competition. The question is how strong the televote will be. Or it doesn’t matter – as in the case of Mahmood, where the jury’s score essentially got him over the finish line. Worryingly, it didn’t make the Italian charts.

Translate to « A million things to tell » – the entry is full of passion. One of the better visual concepts for staging this year. Throughout the evenings he was vocally consistent and was well supported online.

Måneskin is getting stronger every evening. Her preliminary results are improving as the festival continues with a strong fifth place until the final evening. They are currently at number 14 on the Italian music charts and number 5 on Spotify.

It’s special to see frontman Damiano David walking around on stage and seeing the band in their element. Every performance is full of theater and drama – just perfect * mwah *. Translate to « Shut Up And Be Quiet » – the song certainly lives up to the title, your jaw hits the ground so hard that you can’t help but sit up, shut up and pay attention. Their preliminary results are a little inconsistent to take the crown, but they are sure to do well overall.

I would be surprised to see Arisa in the top 3 tomorrow night. She was one of the festival’s most consistent placements with a tentative third place last night. Arisa also managed to crack both the Italian radio and Spotify charts at # 63 and # 13, respectively. No small thing with a « less radio friendly » entry.

Translate to « You could have done more » – Arisa has proven that she can deliver consistent, strong vocal performance. The song is about love dissolved and the pain it caused. Magical and powerful.

Annalisa plays second fiddle after Ermal Meta for the first few nights – she also garnered a number of placements during the festival, which gives her a good place to get into the top 3. She goes into the last night with a provisional fourth place. Another artist to be heavily chartered – ‘Dieci’ is currently # 12 on the Italian music charts and # 7 on Spotify.

‘Dieci’ has a beautiful melodic ark that gives Annalisa plenty of time to complete her Demonstrate range, voice control and excellent intonation. The last minute she walks from the climax back to a simmering voice is absolutely tingling. The song itself means « ten » and refers to a lost love and counts down to the last time she had special moments with them before they split up.

The streaming champions of 2021. Their performance video Youtube has the most views with 2.4 million (second best Måneskin – 1.6 million) AND is number 1 in the Spotify charts and number 2 in the general Italian charts. The best chart results of the festival.

The juries were a bit more, because they were both high and low on different evenings – Francesca & Fedez moved into the last evening with a provisional 17th place. You still have a good chance of placing pretty high with the Televote behind you, as the charts show. The popular Francesca Michielin (Italian Eurovision Entrant 2016) & Fedez offers a nice change between the sweetness of Francesca’s voice and the timbre of Fedez’s rap. A bit clunky at times, but overall it gets better every night.

I’m going to get on my feet here tonight and tip Annalisa to win Sanremo 2021. She has proven herself to be consistently popular with the juries, and she has the cards and views behind her to whistle Ermal Meta for the crown on televote.

We don’t currently have any insight into the Televote and I bet the Televote tells a completely different story. Italy hasn’t had a winner since 2016 – maybe this is the year! In addition, my predictions for the top 3 are: Annalisa, Ermal Meta and Arisa.

It should be noted that tomorrow’s final evening winner will not necessarily represent Italy at Eurovision 2021. Sometimes a decision is made shortly after the show or days later on stage. It’s up to the winning artist.

Italy has been knocking on the door since returning to win at Eurovision – could 2021 be the year they make it? Let us know what you think on @aussievisionnet on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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