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Another day – another evening from Sanremo! If you missed yesterday’s gadgets, you’ve come to the right place. This morning seemed to go faster than yesterday, with generally less time between gigs, which was greatly appreciated. The hosts Amadeus and Fiorello are to be commended for their first-class presentation and bring so much life to an empty Ariston theater.

The very popular Ermal Meta (Italian Eurovision representative 2018 next to Fabrizio Moro) with “Un milione di cose da dirtyi” was an immediate highlight. A paired back and a wonderful performance with a lot of soul – the song is about love, strength and asking for help when needed. It would be surprising if this was high on the list at the end of the festival. It should be noted that he did best tonight with the preliminary polling jury.

With a big fan following Irama, he didn’t disappoint with this bullish number. His sample material was used because he had to quarantine with one of his employees who tested positive for COVID-19. I really loved that – the anthemic drop and vocals really cross with it. This is one that will really rise without the orchestra.

‘Combat Pop’ definitely showed up on stage !! These guys don’t take themselves too seriously and with a bit of tongue and cheek gave back gadgets. More than a little messy, but it kind of works in its favor. Have fun – although it looks like someone has robbed a closet of high school drama props at times.

Something more contemporary in the cast this year. A nice little Mediterranean pop song with hypnotic singing. It doesn’t really come out of second gear, but doesn’t have to – it just works.

One of the best beats of the evening – a real toe tapper. Italian rap is a hit and miss with Sanremo, but this one is definitely a hit. Bucket atmosphere and has a difference from the others.

A very low key figure, but in the best possible way. Not the best on your face at Sanremo this year, but very nice in its delivery. She looks like she has a ball on stage.

A bit of a breeder – fun, carefree and very pretty with the orchestra. It takes a while to get started, but there are some anthemic elements to hook into.

Doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of the other entries this year, but is a strong man-and-his-guitar- Entry.

• Fiorello sure knows how to perform – complete with the new latex audience.

This morning was the second night of the five day festival – the rest of the week will be as follows (Australian dates – 6:30 AEDT):

Night 3 (Friday): All 26 artists will perform a cover of a piece of their choice. The artists can decide whether to perform alone or to be accompanied by Italian or foreign guests.

Night 5 (Sunday): All 26 artists will perform their contribution again. At the end of the voting, the final ranking will be created, which is the average between the percentages of the last evening and those of the previous evenings, establishing the final ranking from the twenty-sixth to the fourth position. This is followed by a new vote with the zeroing of the previous for the first three classified votes, which are voted by the jury of the opinion poll (33%), the press room (33%) and the public via televoting (34%) the winning song of the festival

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