World news – SES criticizes the behavior of the NSW driver in floods as « completely unacceptable ».


Published: 10:18 GMT, March 20, 2021 | Updated: 11:09 GMT, March 20, 2021

More than 2,000 rescue operations could be required in just a few days unless drivers in New South Wales ruthlessly stop driving through floods during the state’s historic storm event, have warned authorities.

NSW Emergency Services Secretary David Elliott said SES crews received « 4,000 emergency calls » and carried out 500 rescue operations by 3pm on Saturday since the storm began.

He said he expected the rescues to continue, largely due to people going into deep water.

Hundreds of NSW drivers trying to deal with floods have been rescued by the SES, and that number is expected to be 2,000 to reach. Shown here is a driver stuck in dangerous floods at Audley Weir, Royal National Park

Four-wheel drive drives through a flooded road on Sydney’s northern beaches – a familiar sight in Sydney this weekend

If the current one Continuing NSW driver behavior, Elliott warned, SES was on track to have extraordinary rescue operations in 2000 by Wednesday.

« So far, there are 500 specialized SES crews who have put their lives in danger because people ignored the warnings, « said Elliott.

 » If the trajectory is correct … we will look at 2,000 flood rescues by Wednesday. « 

‘The SES are volunteers. So please don’t give them grief if they can’t show up right away. They put their lives at risk with no thought of reward or recognition to save your life. ‘

A car that got stuck in the floods of the Taree CBD on the central north coast of New South Wales after prolonged flooding

Heavy rain and flooding have triggered evacuations on the central coast of New South Wales. Over 120mm of rain is expected for Sydney and residents are urged to stay home.

He said drivers should not drive through flood if they cannot see the road below.

The service that is for Responsible for issuing updates to the driving public, Live Traffic NSW, gave ongoing advice to drivers on Saturday.

On Saturday evening, SES continued to ask road users on its Facebook page: “Never walk, drive or drive due to flooding. If it’s flooded, forget about it. « 

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