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Severed Steel by Greylock Studio has been announced, bringing intense looking bullet time action to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Severed Steel is a first person shooter who has a pretty unique problem, hers Prevents main character from shooting like most FPS heroes – she only has one arm. She can’t reload and instead has to steal weapons from her enemies by outmaneuvering them with slides, strokes, wall runs and dives to get the drop on her enemies.

The interesting first person shooter looks like a mixture Superhot and a John Woo joint and focuses on stylish traversal and bullet time. Much of the trailer focuses on the player fending off enemies in style with slowed headshots and acrobatic heroism.

You play as the eponymous Steel, and you pick up on their story after being in an accident caused by mega-corporation EdenSys lost his arm. Steel is left by her employer after the accident and feels a bit depressed by the turnaround. She sets out to rescue others trapped in the wreckage of the accident … and get revenge on herself.

If you keep moving and use cool, parkour-inspired techniques, you are virtually invincible, since enemies cannot hit you with bullet fire while you are moving. Better still, the whole world is totally destructible – remember when your powers get more destructive.

The game kicks off this summer and if you want to play the newly announced title on the PS5, don’t fret: it will be on of the new hardware via backward compatibility.

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