World news – Somerset Dam delivers an Easter present to thirsty Wivenhoe


Heavy rains in the Somerset Dam catchment area were a godsend on Easter weekend for the entire water supply. The dam operators began clearing the Wivenhoe Dam Tuesday morning.

Neil Brennan, CEO of Seqwater, said the operational releases began around 10 a.m. at Somerset Dam and would continue for several days after the Easter weekend in various locations Somerset Dam catchment area between 50 and 200 mm of rainfall.

« Seqwater releases water from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dam through sluice gates to control the inflows and balance the reservoirs on both dams, » he said.

The releases are not expected to bring the Wivenhoe Dam a huge surge at this point.

Seqwater will keep the Somerset Dam level at or below 80% as it continues with the modernization work at the facility begins.

There will be no downstream impact from the spills flowing into and stored in Wivenhoe Dam.

While Wivenhoe remains in dire need of a drink, 13 of the area’s smaller dams are spilling as a result of the heavy rain in this rainy season.

The Baroon Pocket Dam, the Cedar Pocket Dam, the Enoggera Dam, the Gold Creek Dam, the Hinze Dam, the Lake Macdonald, the Lake Manchester, the Leslie Harrison Dam, the Little Nerang Dam, Nindooinbah Dam, Wyaralong Dam, Wappa Dam and Sideling Creek Dam will be spilled.

Mr Brennan said Seqwater will monitor the forecasts and let them know if the precipitation forecast changes significantly. The Seqwater Flood Operations Center will be activated on alert in response to current weather conditions.

Visitors to the Seqwater Dam recreation areas are also urged to remain vigilant and play it safe in the coming days.

The heavy rain may have changed conditions at the dams and recreation areas, and Seqwater urges all visitors to be extra careful.

Signs have been put up in the recreation areas to indicate closures. Plan ahead and play it safe by checking Seqwater’s recreation and safety guidelines online before visiting and observing the on-site signage.

For information on Seqwater dam levels, visit or call the Seqwater dam clearance hotline on 1800 613 122 (free call).


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