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World news – Steph Curry sees « Splash Brothers » similarities from the Celtics duo

The Golden State Warriors play Steph Curry dishes as part of the Boston Celtics duo.


Stephen Curry # 30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after the Warriors basked the Indiana Pacers in the fourth quarter.

You will have a hard time finding a better one-two in today’s NBA than the dynamic duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown of Boston Celtics. The former may have missed some time due to the COVID-19 protocol but still managed to improve on his 3-point shooting (43.5% from a distance) and averaged a career high of 26.8 ppg. As for Brown, all he’s done is catapult himself from All-Star Snub a season ago to find a legitimate MVP candidate in 2020-21.

Steph Curry, the Guardian of the Golden State Warriors, accompanies Brown on many preseason MVP votes. A two-time award winner, Curry has reminded people of his elite status this year, averaging 27.7 ppg (fifth most common in the NBA).

Of course, Curry knows a thing or two about dynamic duos as it would be difficult to find a more electric duo than the one he and his run-mate Klay Thompson make. Albeit healthy.

On Monday, the 32-year-old six-time all-star announced he saw parallels between the « Splash Brothers and Boston’s Js ».

« Sure, you have two talented people figuring out have to know how to play against each other, « Curry told reporters. » One has, the other has to stay engaged and vice versa. You two get up in the same process like this. You were both thrown into the fire with me, Klay and Draymond.  »

Curry added, « You were playing in the finals of the Eastern Conference in your freshman year when Jayson came on stage. You were thrown onto big stages early and experienced that. »

« I’m sure that they benefited from it. So you just have to understand how to develop and get the most out of their individual talent, « he said. » But put it together and balance it with the rest of the guys – definitely lots of similarities there. « 

That’s what Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes the Celtics have in both Tatum and Brown. While Curry drew parallels between the duo and one of the best pairings in the league, Kerr went on to praise the tandem in Boston. </ P "Jayson and Jaylen in particular are part of that rare breed we are all looking for in the NBA – people who can do anything," Kerr told reporters on Monday. "They have the size, the speed, and the quickness to take on any position They have the ability to score from any part of the floor. They can do 3s, step out in transition and hammer dunks, they can score with their footwork on half the pitch. "

Kerr, who is both Tatum , Brown as well as his Celtics teammate Marcus Smart trained as assistant coach for Team USA at the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2019, not only highlighted the duo’s game on the court, but also their character traits.

« Both types are the one for me modern archetype we are looking for. What makes them even better are their human qualities – their work ethic, the chemistry they create on a team, ”he said. « They’re fun to train with, to play with. When you have that combination of a really good person and such God-given ability, it’s a good combination. »

Kerr and Curry are going to try their fourth Earning victory in the last five games on Tuesday night when they face the modern archetypes of Boston at 10:00 PM in San Francisco. ET. As for the Celtics, they will be looking to recover from a severe one-point loss to the Lakers over the weekend.

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