World news – Steph Curry to Trump after the Capitol uprising: « Cat got your tongue today, right? »


Hours after a mob broke into the U.S. Capitol to delay confirming Joe Biden’s election victory, President Donald Trump has still not condemned the unrest.

Trump has been quick to condemn both civil unrest and peaceful protests in the past, especially in cases where the demonstration was targeted at police violence and racism.

Warrior star Steph Curry, who has never spoken about Trump, found an example from the President that shows he is capable of condemning riots – when the terms are right.

“There is literally one tweet for everything. Cat got your tongue today, right? « Curry wrote and tweeted a message from Trump this summer suggesting a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison for all protesters who damage federal buildings.

Some rioters in the Capitol have smashed windows to get into the building. There are reports of further damage inside after the mob entered the hallways and both chambers of Congress, forcing elected officials and staff to evacuate.

Richard Sherman, cornerback of the 49ers, wondered aloud how the police would have treated a crowd of rioters who would have entered the Capitol if the rioters had been black.

“There are certain things that my brain can never imagine…. and one of them is a black man who storms a government building and takes things with no fatal consequences. But that’s just my brain, ”he tweeted.

In a separate post, Sherman referred to the mob as « terrorists » and reiterated those who labeled the Capitol as a domestic terrorism storm.

Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr let others talk, tweeted posts criticizing the president and questioned the rioters’ intelligence. Kerr shared a post from sports commentator Jemele Hill who, like Sherman, cited the rioters’ race as the reason for the lack of an instant significant police backlash.

« Let’s just get one thing straight: the reason the Capitol Police were slow to react was because they gave these whites the benefit of the doubt and treated it like a joke, » Hill wrote. « Their reaction is not the same because they see black people as a threat that needs to be removed. »
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Kerr also shared a statement from Atlantic’s David Frum calling for Trump to be removed via the Insurrection Act of 1807 on Wednesday night.

Trump tweeted several times throughout the afternoon but never condemned the riot, telling his supporters who performed it that « we love you ». He also continued to falsely claim that the election was stolen from him, and Twitter eventually suspended his account for the next 12 hours.

Incidentally, the Warriors have a game on national television that starts at 7pm. You will face the Los Angeles Clippers.

Two weeks after Wednesday, Joe Biden, who Curry has confirmed as a speaker at the 2020 Democratic National Conference, will be inaugurated to remove Trump from the Oval Office.



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