World news – Stephen Curry takes the lead when Clippers are 22 points clear in the second half


The Golden State Warriors could only be a playoff team if this Stephen Curry guy continues like this.

In yet another out-of-world performance, the former MVP led the Warriors to a 115: 110- on Friday Beat the Los Angeles Clippers and improved the team’s record to 5-4.

Curry almost single-handedly wiped out an 85-63 deficit three minutes to the end of the third quarter, scoring or assisting on 16 of the next 18 points of the Warriors. Then he started doing things like this in the fourth quarter:

He ended up finishing with 38 points and 11 assists, and he saved the best for the end with this dagger over Paul George:

For the warriors is Currys Breakout more than a welcome sight. That’s the only way they could win this year:

The Clippers finished a run of 52-20 after a 22-point lead, and you can hear the Snickers from NBA Twitter pretty well from here.

Lots of NBA Fans will watch this blown lead and of course jump at the end of « Same ol ‘Clippers » with memories of a blown 3-1 lead with several Denver Nuggets comebacks that are still on everyone’s lips.

After the Clippers had a lead of 22 points at the end of the 3rd quarter: – 10 sales committed – Shot 7 out of 19 – 14-7 exceeded – 20 points scored as a team (3 3 points) – Steph Curry allowed to score 18 points (4 3 Pointer)

Of course, the same Clippers (with a new head coach and a few new players) have scored double-digit clearances this season against the same Nuggets as well as the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Portland Trail Blazers. In fact, it was the four Clippers’ first loss this season where they were more than two points ahead at any point.

But that’s exactly what happens when you have the kind of playoffs the Clippers have just made, especially regarding the history of the Clippers, and the Choker label won’t go away unless the Clippers do something dramatic, which at least doesn’t happen until the postseason.

Many teams are 20 points ahead this year (a especially chaotic lead thanks to the shortened off-season), but the Clippers only have to grapple with this familiar narrative when it happens to them.

ESPN’s most recent mock draft from 2021, Washington is lucky enough to have a potential franchise QB on To become 19th place in the NFL Draft.

Stephen Curry scored 38 points and the Golden State Warriors were able to make up a large deficit in the second half on Friday night for Los Angel it beat Clippers 115-105. The Warriors were down 21 at the end of the third quarter, but Curry scored 19 points during that period and moved Golden State into fourth within six minutes. Golden State (5-4) beat Los Angeles 34:18 in the last 12 minutes and lost four games against the Clippers, who they defeated two nights earlier at the Chase Center.

This week we’re supporting Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns to cover the spread.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times predicts the winners of the six NFL wildcard playoff games this weekend, three on Saturday and three on Sunday. </ The Celtics Tacko Fall phenomenon quickly made itself felt against the Wizards on Friday night by blocking an attempt at dunking by Russell Westbrook.

Let’s look at three possible trading packages the Jets could put together and the Caserio and could tempt the Texans to send Deshaun Watson to New York:

These are the warriors at the moment. Terrible and fabulous, wicked and nice. Buckle up, at least for the next few weeks, when they discover what they have.

Two nights after Stephen Curry was limited to one win, the Clippers blew a 22-point pillow and were through the Warrior’s 38-point -Stars killed in loss.

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