World news – Teenagers charged with Brisbane CBD murder


Two teenagers will spend the night behind bars after homicide detectors arrested and charged the duo for the stabbing death of 16-year-old Yannis Leulusoo.

Queensland Police on Sunday charged a 16-year-old Mango Hill boy with the murder of Mr Leulusoo, while a 17-year-old boy from Wooloowin was accused of being a murder bomber after the fact.

Police will claim Mr Leulusoo was stabbed in the stomach around 8 p.m. on Thursday at Emma Miller Place on Roma Street.

He tripped about 200 yards – just before King George Square in Brisbane, where he fell to the ground, leaving a pool of blood on the now stained concrete.

A triple-zero call from a stranger alerted police and paramedics desperately trying to rescue the teen, who later died in the hospital.

A picture from The Courier-Mail posted to the alleged murderer’s social media account on the evening of Mr Leulusoo’s death shows one hand with a bloody knife while the other hand is what appears to be a gang symbol.

The teenager, who is charged with the death of Mr Leulusoo and cannot be legally identified, claims to be part of the « T.M.P » gang in Zillmere, according to his social media profiles.

The day after his murder, Mr Leulusoo’s friends said he was part of a rival gang, which may have sparked the altercation between the two.

A picture, believed to have been posted online by a friend of Mr Leulusoo’s, shows the scene of the crime the night he was murdered.

The picture is headlined: « Somebody will have to pay our lives there. It will never stop. »

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming, regional crime and intelligence coordinator for the Brisbane area, was unable to confirm at the time whether police were aware of any proposals that owned the couple, but he urged anyone with growing tensions to « cool it down. »

« Retaliation won’t do anyone any good; everyone loses from it, » said Supt Fleming.

« Detectives and specialty police have worked tirelessly since the alleged murder, and their efforts have put the two teenagers on trial. »

The couple were denied bail on Sunday and are due to appear in Brisbane Children’s Court tomorrow.


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