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The leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Archbishop Eamon Martin, apologized to the survivors of the mother and baby homes (Niall Carson, PA).

By Michael McHugh, PA

The head of the Catholic Church in Ireland has apologized to maternity and baby home survivors.

Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin said the church is clearly part of a culture where people have often been stigmatized, judged and rejected.

He added, « For this, and for the prolonged injuries and emotional distress that has resulted, I apologize wholeheartedly to the survivors and all those personally affected by the realities they uncover. »

Ireland’s senior minister said the church should recognize that it is upholding what the commission’s investigation report identified as a harsh, cold and indifferent atmosphere.

He said, “The Ber The Commission is not helping to bring to light what has been a hidden part of our shared history for many years, and exposing the culture of isolation, secrecy and social exclusion that ‘unmarried mothers’ and their children have in this Land faced. « 

 » We need to identify, accept and respond to the broader questions that the account of our past, present and future raises.

You have shown determination to uncover this dark chapter in the life of the Church and society bring to. Eamon Martin

« Most importantly, we must continue to find ways to reach those whose personal testimonies are central to this report.

 » You have shown determination to deal with this dark chapter in the life of the Church and society to light.

« We owe it to them to take the time to study and reflect on the findings and recommendations of the report, and to undertake to do all we can to help them and help them support. « 

He said that the right of all survivors to access personal information about themselves should be fully respected, and again called on the state to ensure that any remaining barriers to information and traceability are overcome .

“The Commission believes that there may be people with more information about burial sites who have not come forward. I appeal to everyone who can help, « he said.

 » All grave sites should be identified and appropriately marked so that the deceased and their families are recognized and never forgotten. « 

He said this report will arouse a lot of emotion as it reveals more disturbing and painful truths about the past.

« I commend those who fought to have this story told, and I thank those who have already supported survivors through various organizations and provide a platform where their voices can be heard, « he said.

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