World news – The eels have the weapons to upset the storm? especially at Bankwest


This match is going to be a lot closer than people think. Parramatta are another team at Bankwest Stadium. Just remember, they kept Melbourne goalless there last year.

It’s supposed to be wet in Sydney so it’s going to be a tricky game, and that’s what makes the forward fight and kick game so important.

My insight from the first round according to the new rules it was that the teams with less structure performed the best.

The storm and the roosters stood up on the tree and showed the intelligence of their coaches and players to familiarize themselves with the new rules To develop further.

When Cooper Cronk was the halfback of this team, they were super structured. Now they are among the most creative of the competition.

Against Souths at the season opener, Melbourne showed its hand from the first duel when support Nelson Asofa-Solomona dumped the ball.

It was just the beginning: There were discharges, more movement came from trouble. It was very un-Melbourne, but so effective.

It helps when you have two creative geniuses in defenseman Ryan Papenhuyzen and five-eighths Cameron Munster.

He’s getting better with every season and while he’s still behind James With Tedesco and Tom Trbojevic standing as the game’s leading defenders, I expect he will own the No. 14 jersey for NSW later in the year.

He’s had a shortened off-season and by all accounts he’s enjoyed it. Good luck to him. He’s just a football player without fear and his combination with his full-back is deadly.

I am most impressed with the balance of the storm’s striker: the power of Asofa-Solomona, the hard work of Christian Welch and the aggression and Enthusiasm from Brandon Smith.

Do you all work so hard in the small work areas that no one sees? but Craig Bellamy does. He measures those effort areas and it’s a big part of why the storms are so successful.

The Eels tried their way to victory in the first half against the Broncos.

It doesn’t work that way . No matter who you play, you have to build and earn that right.

Junior Paulo is the best prop in the game. He showed his class against Brisbane and I expect the same against Melbourne.

He weighs 118 kg, which is the lightest he has been since he was 18 years old. Yes, that’s a great teenager.

He’s got footwork, he’s smart, has soft hands with a late dump, and is intimidating. He’s also incredibly fit and just getting better.

The fascinating thing about Junior is that his teammates are still learning how to play with him: when to support him, when to shadow him in anticipation of the late discharge. < Also, due to the wet weather in Sydney, I think they have a real advantage with big wingers like Maika Sivo and Blake Ferguson coming out of the dummy half.

They can’t find their way to beating the storm happen. You need 16 players to show up in BHP kettle suits ready to play like back rowers with their halfback steering them around.

The grind. That’s the only thing I taught Mitchell Moses over and over when we caught up in Eels practice this week: He has to get the win.

And that’s what he did against the Broncos. His final 15 minutes are the template: he chased his kicks, made crucial tackles and competed in all aspects of the game.

By doing that, he earns the respect of his forward pack. If they see their halfback doing that, the strikers will run into Death Valley for him all night.

He canceled a vacation and returned to practice early. He seems calmer than in previous years.

He has to be against Melbourne because he’s under constant pressure from the front. The arm wrestling could take 60 to 70 minutes.

Whenever one of the strikers of the storm quickly plays the ball and there is only one eel marker, watch Smith run the ball.

He will Drag the marker in his direction, but then turn the ball inward to Papenhuyzen, who will get in behind the jerk. With his speed and footwork he will be too fast for the opposing strikers.

The match between Clint Gutherson and Papenhuyzen will be a beauty, but the most critical one will be that between the three starting strikers: Paulo von Parramatta, Regan Campbell-Gillard and Nathan Brown against the storm? Asofa-Solomona, Welch and Jesse Bromwich.

I’m upset. Parra will learn from their first half last week, they won’t be storm hit like the southern states, and their dumps can really make the storm unsettling.

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