World news – The global failure of Facebook and Instagram


The world’s largest social media platforms were down this morning. Millions of Facebook and Instagram users asked what went wrong.

Down Detector, a website that tracks when technology fails, reported mass outages on both platforms this morning.

The Instagram app prompted users to « Please try again » when loading the news feed.

WhatsApp also briefly had issues with a spinning wheel and a « connect » message displayed to users.

The company has not yet publicly commented on the issue, but appeared to restore access at 8:00 a.m. AEDT.

Without Facebook or Instagram questioning what was going on, millions of users flooded Twitter to confirm their theory that their favorite platforms were down.


Given the housing crisis in Mackay, he said the council should flood the market with housing.


When police searched the 45-year-old father of five for the objects trapped by Bunnings, they uncovered another crime.


The prehistoric find uncovered the remains of what is believed to be the largest marsupial that ever lived.


From an executive investigation into multimillion dollar drug busts to a husband and wife surgery, this officer loves every minute.


A worker injured in the Grosvenor mine explosion last year conducted an investigation into how contractors were treated differently from permanent employees.

Council news

The main development, including library and water facilities, will envisage a population that is expected to grow to 30,000 by 2030.


Magistrate: « If Parliament says it is serious enough to impose a maximum fine of $ 1.4 million, the courts must take that into account. »


He claims he only loaned cash to one partner, but the money is tied to the …

Council news

The council detailed its comprehensive transport strategy until 2036, including …


Here is a list of the matters listed in Mackay Magistrates Court

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