World news – The number of unemployment benefits claims continues to rise as the new business cycle comes into effect


A notice on a locked door at the New Hampshire Employee Security Center that processes unemployment claims gives instructions to those in need in Manchester, NH on Thursday, April 16, 2020. Due to the virus outbreak, a notice was requested on the office door that all claims would be processed remotely, either by phone or online. (AP Photo / Charles Krupa) Charles Krupa

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Jobless claims in New Hampshire seemed to have spiked in the last week of 2020 – a fitting way to end a terrible year or a poor way to start the new one.

During the week As of January 2, around 4,106 initial unemployment claims were made, an increase of 1,174 or 40% compared to the figures published in the previous week.

However, as of the reporting date, it was not clear how many of the week included some people who were already receiving benefits and re-applied for changes in unemployment following the new stimulus bill passed by the outgoing Congress.

In any case, the number of claims has increased since mid-December, indicating that some companies may be in started laying off employees during the holidays.

Persistent entitlements – those already receiving unemployment benefits – indicated that the Woc He rose to 24,203 as of December 26, 15% more than the previous week.

These numbers only reflect government-administered claims. In the week ended December 26th, 39,387 Granite Staters actually accumulated benefits as the 15,000+ people who received expanded benefits nationwide, entrepreneurs and others received exceptional unemployment benefits related to Covid.

But that was last week where they could get benefits under the old law, and they may have to wait a while for their first review under the new stimulus law as the State Department of Labor is waiting for guidance.

Nationally, unemployment claims have remained stable. There were 787,000 new claims and 5.1 million continued claims, slightly fewer than the previous week.

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