World news – The runners race for the endurance test


One of the most important endurance events in the region is selling out quickly as hundreds battle for their place on the start line.

There are only 60 places left at the Blackall 100 Ultra Marathon event in October. About 850 runners have already registered for the race.

The Blackall 100, which takes place on October 16 over the Blackall Range in the hinterland of the coast, has distances of 21 km, 50 km and 100 km.

While it’s already a favorite among runners, it has seen a surge in popularity this year as the event was almost completely sold out just two weeks after it opened.

« I think there are 60 or 70 seats left in our 100km and the rest is completely gone.

Standring said it was a record for the event, with numbers that usually come in all year round.

« We didn’t hit the full 300 ( last year) but I suspect that if you look at the numbers now, if you look at the numbers, we will do so this year.

Standring loved the sold out rush and said the waiting lists were for the shorter routes « Pretty busy too ».

During the Blackall 100 held last year found, he believed many were starved of competition due to COVID-19 restrictions and didn’t want to miss this.

« We’ve been gradually increasing in number every year because it’s eighth year, » said he.

« I think now there are obviously people who missed the last year, so it’s more of a feeling that I have to get into it. »

« People know they are with With good security we will come to a well-marked course and we always have a lot of fun. « 

 » All our events have been sold out since August last year, every race, « said Standring.

 » It doesn’t matter whether it is Like Rainbow Beach or our Beerwah events, they’re all sold out and it looks like they’ll all be doing it again this year. « 

The Rainbow Beach Trail Festival, which took place in August, was already two Half-sold days after it opened this week.

Apart from the big numbers, Stand said ring that the Blackall 100 would also welcome an ultra-marathon star this year as Lucy Bartholomew prepared for the race.

Bartholomew is a heavyweight in the sport, with a third place finish in the oldest 100-mile trail Race the world, the Western States, among their accomplishments.

Council news

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Council news

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Council news

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Do you remember how you raised the roof at Rainbow Room and Secrets?

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