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World news – The teachers made this essential as the classrooms on the coast reopened

The school for coastal students is open again this week. Education explains that classrooms will be open again for the last two days of the semester.

The Queensland Health Council, updated on Tuesday, confirmed that all state schools outside the greater Brisbane area will reopen to students starting Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the education ministry said that all employees are now considered essential workers « and as such can go to their school for work ».

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« This includes employees who live in Brisbane or have visited Brisbane since March 20, 2021, provided they are fine and have not been to any of the venues listed at the times posted on the Queensland Health website, » the said Spokeswoman.

It came after several coastal schools advised parents and students on Monday evening to close for the remainder of the school year, and several schools sent out a similarly worded letter about the number of employees who had been or lived in trouble spots since March 20.

On Tuesday morning, questions were asked of the Education Department about how many coastal teachers lived in Brisbane and what part they had in teaching the area before the spokeswoman gave updated advice to reopen schools.

Brisbane Catholic Education, which operates several coastal schools among its 144 schools in southeast Queensland, said it has been in close contact with its schools to ensure adequate staffing levels are available to provide continued education and training for students Allow safe and effective supervision and outside of the greater Brisbane area during lockdown.

« Many of our teaching and support staff regularly travel significant distances in and out of the greater Brisbane area to work in our schools, » the statement said.

Schools in the greater Brisbane area were believed to be closed and only supervising vulnerable students or children of key workers.

Outside the Greater Brisbane area, schools were expected to remain open and function as usual, except in cases where Queensland Health’s instructions were insufficiently staffed to teach and those schools instead provided supervision.


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