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Coffs Harbor MP Gurmesh Singh didn’t crush a word after an anti-COVID vaccination rally drew more than 150 people to Brelsford Park over the weekend.

When asked if he was concerned about the vaccine rejection, Mr. Singh noted that he had never been shy about speaking out against « anti-Vaxxers ». and true to his word, the Nationals deputy did not hold back.

« I think they are some of the most ill-informed people we have in our society. » he said.

« The government is not going to force anyone to get vaccinated. I just think that, given the advances we’ve made in modern medicine, one of the most important ones has been the discovery of vaccinations. »

« It is very important to get our society open and normal again, and this vaccine will be the most important step in that. « 

The introduction of the vaccine is underway in various parts of the state, with health care workers on the front lines and those who work in quarantine environments will be the first to get the sting.

There is no word yet on when it will officially start in Coffs Harbor, and although there is a designated vaccination center here, Barilaro said there would be logistical difficulties in getting the Pfizer vaccine into the NSW area, as storage conditions are strict.

« If you have to store it at -78 degrees it means it is not the vaccine we will be using down the line and we will be waiting for the AstraZeneca vaccine.  » he said.

Mr Barilaro was similarly untouched by the protesters in Coffs Harbor and did not believe that people in regional NSW were less likely to be vaccinated than their metropolitan counterparts.

« I am confident that if you look at the numbers of previous vaccines that regional communities are growing and in most cases they are above 94-95 percent. »

« I have no problem with people who who demonstrate on their privacy rights, but the truth will be that the only way to get herd immunity is to vaccinate the majority of the population.  »

One of the main problems for protesters at the anti-vaccination rally last weekend was that claims by politicians that the vaccine was not compulsory were hollow because, in the past, incentives made it difficult to refuse vaccinations / p> Incentives like No Jab, No Pay, which withhold some government payments from parents who don’t vaccinate their children, have often been criticized.

« The whole point is we have a public health system that the taxpayer pays for, and we need to protect the integrity of that health system by making sure it doesn’t get overwhelmed by COVID cases. » he said.

« It’s the reason we had to have these lockdowns and the reason we had this quarantine system. All over the world we’ve seen COVID overwhelm health systems, and we don’t want that. »


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