World News – UA – Biden Passes 270 Electoral College Votes Here Are Five Quick Questions About What Happens Next


Joe Biden will become the next US president, defeating Donald Trump, according to projections from several electoral colleges in the network

After several long days of counting in the United States, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has reached the coveted milestone of 270 electoral college votes

« With the campaign over, it is time to end the anger and harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation, » Mr. Biden in a statement

To capture the White House, a candidate must garner at least 270 votes in the electoral college

Winning Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would place M Biden over 270 he needs to run for presidency

She is the first woman, the first African American and the first Asian American to be elected vice-president

« We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to pose as the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: They don’t want the truth to come out, » he said

Then on Thursday he stepped onto the podium at the White House and claimed the counting process was unfair and corrupt

Republican Senator Pat Toomey said he saw no evidence to support M’s baseless claim Trump says Democrats were trying to ‘steal’ the election and called the president’s comments ‘very disturbing’

A razor thin margin and the on-going vote count is what makes the Georgia contest between Mr. Trump and M Biden too close to be called

Votes are still counted statewide, although many are from counties where Mr. Biden was in the lead

Legal experts say wave of lawsuits launched by Trump campaign is unlikely to change outcome, but could cast doubt on process

« The current legal maneuvers are primarily a way for the Trump campaign to try to expand the ball game in the hope from afar that a serious anomaly will emerge, » said University professor Robert Yablon of Wisconsin-Madison School of Law

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Trump campaign attorney General Matt Morgan said in a statement that elections in Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania were all flawed and Mr. Trump would end up winning in Arizona

« The lawsuits are without merit, » said Bob Bauer, who is part of M’s legal team. Biden

« They aim to give the Trump campaign the opportunity to argue that the vote count should stop It’s not going to stop »

Ultimately, for lawsuits to have an impact, the race would have to hang on to the outcome of one or two states separated by a few thousand votes, experts say

Georgian Secretary of State said he expected a recount due to narrow margin in Battlefield State

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World News – AU – Biden a past 270 constituencies votes Here are five quick questions about what happens next


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