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Mason Cox delivers on the big stage, plus other lessons from Saturday night’s playoff final

In the Five Things We Learned Saturday Night, featured by Haier, the world’s No. 1 home appliance maker, we find out that there wasn’t another Eagle miracle, Coxzilla enjoys a grand finale and Grundy is Nic Nat’s bunny

Mason Cox is Carlton’s draft fisher of the game after his exploits against the West…

The Pies extend their lead with a brilliant goal from Jordan De Goey

The Eagles work from the center rebounding into the hands of Jamie Cripps who kicks…

There must have been some heart palpitations at Collingwood when Jeremy McGovern won possession in defense in the last minute on Saturday night, with the Magpies just one more point.This, of course, is the same Eagle that took kicked off the game which ended with Dom Sheed hitting the game-winning goal at Collingwood’s expense in the 2018 Grand Final The fact that the next three kicks – McGovern, Jake Waterman, then Andrew Gaff – found West Coast teammates only added to deja vu Alas, it did not, as Tim Kelly opted for handball to Tom Cole rather than driving the ball to 50, a decision that resulted in a roll It was just the latest in a series of moments throughout the night that added to the best final since that 2018 epic between the same clubs

Richmond fans won’t forget how Mason Cox almost single-handedly ended their back-to-back flag team’s hopes in the 2018 preliminary final That night, Collingwood’s’ American Pie ‘threw the first three goals of the second term to put the game out of the Tigers’ reach – and ended it with eight contested scores, a season high Cox hasn’t reached those highs since, in part due to a serious eye injury last year that required three surgeries He has even lost his place, in form, for a period this season.However, injuries to Brody Mihocek and Ben Reid opened the door again for Round 13 – and he stayed on the squad Then, against the West Coast on Saturday night, ‘Finals Cox’ returned with a vengeance He didn’t wait until the second quarter this time, catching three contested marks and scoring three goals in an extraordinary five-minute push in the first quarter. Cox is not a violet shrinking and pushing her way through the period After the second of the goals, tongue already wagging, he even saluted with two fingers to recognize the impact of his scoreboard

If Brodie Grundy owns Western Bulldogs big man Tim English, then West Coast two-time All-Australian Nic Naitanui argues for the same against star Pie Naitanui was comfortably the best ruckman in the game of 2020, especially in towering over Grundy in a massive West Coast triumph over Collingwood in the eighth round The Magpies selected a second ruckman, Darcy Cameron, to help Grundy on Saturday night, but all of his thoughts of revenge on Nic Nat were quickly chided Naitanui recorded six assignments, seven strikes and three clearances per quarter – numbers that rose to nine, 11 and five at halftime, then 17, 24 and seven by the end of the night Whether by strategy or in response to what had transpired, Grundy started the third term off the bench Yet little changed once the 26-year-old arrived on the pitch with Naitanui setting off two clear goals in the middle early on of the second half to make four for the match Collingwood had only one A fifth arrived at the start of the last quarter – but with Grundy again watching from the bench Then, at the last key central rebound with barely a minute left, Nathan Buckley preferred once again Cameron

The Eagles work off the central rebound in the hands of Jamie Cripps who hits the goal

We don’t often get the chance to enjoy extended one-on-one confrontations, but that’s exactly what we had between All-Australian Eagle Liam Ryan and Gun Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard They fought tooth and nail for every contest, took each other’s face and even gave a little cheek (looking at you, Liam) Ryan grabbed a mark in front of his training partner in the second term, then taunted Maynard briefly holding the ball in front of him It’s not something we see a lot, but it was light and fun and added some extra flavor to what was a sensational finale with twists and turns. The fact that Maynard didn’t flinch and Ryan’s long inside-50 kick created a goal on the West Coast made the moment even better

Liam Ryan shows Brayden Maynard the ball before Brayden Ainsworth kicks the goal

In a comedic turn of events, Taylor Adams conceded a free kick in the first half for holding the ball … while not even in possession of Sherrin La Pie was in a three-way fight for the ball with Eagles Nic Naitanui and Dom Sheed, Sheed snatching it from Adams’ grip at ground level Adams then tackled Sheed to the ground, only for the referee to somehow give West Coast a free kick that seemed like a mistake, but advance for the third quarter and it was the Eagles’ turn to be made hard by Jackson Nelson landed a brilliant tackle on Jamie Elliott with the ball slipping out of the hands of the pie with no real elimination There was no appeal, as Collingwood rushed for a goal from Will Hoskin-Elliott which gave his team the advantage One possible explanation was that Elliott, perhaps, did not have not enough prior opportunity

Mason Cox is Carlton’s draft fisher of the game after his exploits against the West…

Starting in 2019, fans will no longer be able to subscribe to AFL Live Pass through the AFL website.However, you can still subscribe through the Apple App Store or Google Play

Starting in 2019, fans will no longer be able to subscribe to AFL Live Pass through the AFL website.However, you can still subscribe through the Apple App Store or Google Play

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