World News – UA – Geagea says LF won’t name Hariri despite ‘friendship’


Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea announced on Wednesday that the LF-led strong Republic bloc would not vote for ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri during the parliamentary consultations that will take place on Thursday to appoint a new prime minister

« Despite our friendship with Saad Hariri, we will not appoint him for the post of prime minister, and we will not appoint anyone, because no one has the necessary characteristics, » Geagea said at a press conference that followed a meeting for his OR

« We proposed a government of salvation and therefore there should be a government of independent technocrats, and that was at the heart of the French initiative, » added the head of the FL

« We fully support the initiative, because we urgently need a government of salvation and a government with a specific mission It can only have one form and we will only accept one genuine government of salvation ”, continued Geagea

While the reasoning is correct, under the circumstances this is another strategic error of LF Saad should be seen as providing a balance to Aoun and Berri that neither are independent Moreover, the delays dailies swell deficit by hundreds of millions LF should have appointed Saad but refused vote of confidence if cabinet weren’t truly independent and technocrats If the economy deteriorates LF will now be seen as part of the problem De more, it is fermenting enmity with the vast Sunni community which should be the best allies of the FL to uphold the principles of independence, sovereignty, liberty and justice of the Cedar Revolution.

La2 wallah, we Sunnis don’t care about Hariri his expiration date was a long time ago

God bless Saad Hariri, the Shiite candidate for prime minister for his unconditional support for the resistance and for Shiite rights in the finance ministry

Saad Hariri no longer represents us, the Lebanese Sunnis That does not mean that he is independent, he is just undesirable

Little John, you cannot be a rabbi, a rabbi must have some form of formal education Sorry but you fail

the problem is not which person is suitable to become prime minister, but the problems are political parties, they are only interested in the continuity of their party, they do not care about Lebanon nor Lebanese

Why does Ja3ja3 still speak as if he hears the Lebanese? A person who still talks about the war he lost has learned nothing from it and is ready to let thousands of mothers do without their children because of his whim? what a dweeb no wonder Clown ran around him

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World news – AU – Geagea says FL will not appoint Hariri despite ‘ Friendship’


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