World News – UA – Jason Wright, president of Washington football team: New team name likely not ready for 2021 season


While the team is working on a new name, the Washington football team is unlikely to have a new name in place for the 2021 season

Team president Jason Wright told the WJLA on Tuesday there was a « good chance » that the placeholder name would be used again next fall. They just have too much to do

« I think next year will be quick because of how the brand has to come together through uniforms, through approval processes across the league, » he told WJLA. Next year is fast There’s a good chance we’ll still be Washington’s football team next season

« We could get there faster It’s actually quite difficult to get there so quickly because of all the steps involved »

While Wright’s statement on Tuesday may surprise some, its timeline actually makes a lot of sense

Washington officially ditched its long-held racist nickname in July, which team owner Dan Snyder had vowed never to do.He announced he would go by the Washington football team this season for that the organization is working on a new name

Handling everything that goes into a name change – deciding on the name, getting trademarks, creating new logos and jerseys, replacing stadium signage and more – typically takes 18-24 months as the team Washington football club began the process in July, this timeline would allow it to officially change its name around January 2022

« We want this new name, this new nickname, to last the rest of the time, to last for 100 years, » he said in July. « We’re going to be very busy with this. We’ve hired a company that wants to be very diligent in her job, she wants to be inclusive in her job We’re going to do it right « 

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News from the world – UA – President of the Washington football team, Jason Wright: The new name of the team will probably not be ready for the 2021 season


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