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Private letters and personal videos of Lindy Chamberlain have been revealed, showing what she faced behind bars after the death of her daughter, Azaria

The new looks for the miniseries take a critical look at the investigation into Azaria’s death, detailing what led to Lindy’s prosecution, conviction, jail time for murder, and his possible exoneration

Lindy Chamberlain has revealed the heartbreaking letter she smuggled out of prison, after being thrown behind bars for four years after the death of her baby daughter, Azaria

On the night of August 17, 1980, on a family camping trip to Uluru, Mrs. Chamberlain’s world fell apart when a dingo took her baby Azaria from the family tent, and the child nine weeks old has never been seen again

The disappearance led to a series of court cases and inquiries which saw Ms Chamberlain, now 72, jailed for life in 1982 – before finally being cleared in 1986

Now, in a two-part miniseries, titled Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story, Sam Neill takes a hard look at the investigation into Azaria’s death, detailing what led to Lindy’s prosecution, the conviction, prison sentence for murder and its possible exoneration

While the documentary is a tale of history that is cemented into Australian history, the series also airs the family’s personal films, private letters and a recently unearthed recording of Azaria as ‘she was four weeks old baby|

In May 1984 – four years after Azaria’s death – the Governor General received a petition calling for a judicial inquiry into the Chamberlain case It was signed by 131,000 people, the National Council of Liberty categorically stating that the campaign would not end until Lindy was free

In 1986 Ms Chamberlain was exonerated after Azaria’s garment was found near a dingo den As a result, she was released from jail and received $ 1.3 million in compensation for her false imprisonment

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But in the weeks leading up to her release, Ms Chamberlain was plagued by a cruel game of waiting on when she might be allowed to walk freely

The date was based on a man – Northern Territory Attorney General Marshall Perron It was Perron himself who sparked speculation Lindy’s release was imminent by saying he would make a decision before Christmas

But former Attorney General Gareth Evans, who had met Mr. Perron and advised Ms Chamberlain to be released on license, said Mr Perron had the eyes of the country on his decision and that « he did not want to be seen succumbing to the pressure »

« But as he told me very directly, he didn’t want to be seen as succumbing to the pressure »

Seeking to spend her third Christmas in jail with no release date set, Ms Chamberlain smuggled a heartbreaking letter out of her cell detailing how unfair her treatment had been

« For almost three years, I worked as an inmate in this prison for 30 cents a day, trying to do everything pleasantly asked of me

« I demanded an investigation whereby the NT government was given the opportunity to buy back its own name. In return they ignored decency and justice and still don’t care

« As of 1pm Darwin time today, I refuse to work in any way for this prison

« I did not kill my pretty daughter and I refuse to be treated like a criminal anymore »

Prior to his release, Michael Chamberlain and their three children Aiden, Reagan and Kahlia – who were born while Lindy was behind bars – could only visit Lindy three times a year, with the media being « desperate » to have a glimpse of Australia’s most infamous family entering prison

Ita Buttrose, who went to Mulawa Women’s Prison to interview Ms Chamberlain, said her time behind bars had been « very, very isolating » and that these visits – including her visit to interview – were considered a « treat »

Kahlia was born while Lindy Chamberlain was in prison and was considered the other baby Mrs Chamberlain never knewSource: Supplied

It was not until after his third Christmas behind bars on February 2, 1986 that the body of a British tourist was found at the Uluru base.The discovery of the man, David Brett, was unleashed an unstoppable chain of events that ultimately led to Ms Chamberlain’s release

M’s body Brett was found right next to the ravine where Azaria’s suit, swimsuit and diaper were found.And just 70 yards from his body, which had been mutilated by dingoes, researchers made a startling discovery of the Azaria morning jacket

« She was wearing it the night she disappeared, » said M Chamberlain on the discovery

Lindy’s confirmation that it was Azaria’s morning jacket became important new evidence, given that the Crown attorney insisted that the jacket Azaria was wearing was not had never existed

« All along I had said there was a matinee jacket and the Crown said it was a fancy lie, » Ms. Chamberlain explained, proving that she had told the truth forcing the government of the Northern Territory to act

Five and a half years after the death of her daughter Azaria, Ms Chamberlain was free, with the Attorney General of the Northern Territory insisting that she will remain free regardless of the outcome of the new investigation

Michael and Lindy Chamberlain pictured immediately after the coroner’s discovery on February 20, 1981Source: News Corp Australia

Speaking of her release, Ms Chamberlain said she was « gray and couldn’t eat » – but was particularly overwhelmed by the onslaught of praise – and poisonous words – received at her doorstep by foreigners

« I have enormous respect and admiration for you and the way you survived such a monumental trauma You inspire me, » read a letter

« You evil, cunning serpent in the pagan grass May you suffer eternal torment all your days, » wrote another

« Azaria will not rest in peace because her mother was too weak to tell the truth You made a lot of money with the death of your baby »

In 2012, 32 years after Azaria’s death, the Chamberlains version of events was officially supported by a coroner

« I can stop the fighting, it’s like I’m dead weight, » Ms Chamberlain said of the coroner’s decision in 2012

« It’s like a weight on my shoulders I leave nothing for my children to deal with I do not leave an inheritance for my grandchildren by saying: » This is not true … My grandmother does did not

The complete two-part series of Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story can be viewed on 10 pieces

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World News – UA – Lindy’s smuggled prison letters revealed


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