World News – UA – NRL 2020 Finals as it turned out: Cleary propels Penrith to preliminary final


They held on to beat reigning prime ministers 29-28 in what was a sensational football game

Penrith hung in the final 90 seconds to stop the Roosters’ final set and Luke Keary missed a field goal attempt that would have tied the score at 29

Angus Crichton just jumped directly over Jarome Luai and Dylan Edwards to score and give the Roosters a silver lining

Nathan Cleary just scored a basket straight ahead and the Panthers have a two-point lead

This should seal it for Penrith, who hung on for her dear life in the second half

Let’s see if the prime ministers can conjure some magic and pinch the most unlikely victory

The Panthers were on the ropes as Luke Keary went to put another high ball, but he threw it into James Fisher-Harris as he attempted a tackle on the star playmaker

The play was not considered a charge and the Roosters then had to hand the ball back just 30 yards from their own line

Josh Morris scored a scrappy try after a Luke Keary kick deflected Brian To’o into Boyd Cordner’s head and fell to the Roosters cross

Boyd Cordner just won a huge captain’s challenge after the Roosters were penalized for obstruction

He’s still 28-16 with 22 minutes of play but the way the last few minutes went, don’t be surprised to see the score of the three colors and set up a grandstand

Sitili Tupouniua stepped on what appeared to be an ankle injury, but he just cut a Dylan Edwards boot to the head

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World News – UA – NRL 2020 Finals as it happened: Cleary kicks Penrith in the preliminary final


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