World News – UA – Parents, teachers and principals oppose new behavioral strategy


Parents, teachers and principals gathered to express strong objection to the mismanagement by the Ministry of Education of changes to the suspension and expulsion policy

A joint statement opposing the changes has been issued by the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations, the NSW Secondary Principals ‘Council, the NSW Primary Principals’ Association and the NSW Teachers Federation

The President of the Teachers’ Federation, Angelo Gavrielatos, said the Ministry of Education had developed its student behavior strategy without prior consultation with the Federation and well before the start of the public consultation in August 2020

« The rewrite of the policy aims to transfer responsibility from the department to schools without the additional support, funding and staff needed, » said Mr. Gavrielatos

« Our schools need early intervention programs, the provision of additional qualified specialist teachers, including more school counselors, and support for parents and guardians »

« The refusal of the Department of Education to provide the funding, staff and infrastructure necessary to manage student behavior well in advance of suspension remains a significant obstacle to meeting social, learning, health needs and behavior of our most vulnerable students »

M Gavrielatos said the so-called public consultation was nothing more than coverage of an already predetermined outcome

The changes to the suspension and expulsion policy will have a negative impact on the workload of teachers and principals and on the safety of staff and students

« At a time when schools are under immense pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic and face growing mental health issues among their students, the least the Department could have done before rewriting the policy was to seek the opinion of the profession »

M Gavrielatos said parents, teachers and principals have called on the NSW Department of Education to commit additional funds, resources and support to schools to manage behavior and engage in meaningful consultation with stakeholders before any modification

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