World News – UA – Peters to change name of racist Eskimo Pie ice cream


Peters’ iconic Ekimo Pie is the latest confection to drop its name due to racist overtones

A spokesperson for Peters confirmed to 9Honey that he will change his name from Eskimo Pie to Polar Pie, saying the brand is « determined to be part of the racial equality solution and we recognize that now is the time to change »

As the American maker of the Nestlé brand will change the name to Edy’s Pie, in tribute to one of the company’s founders, Joseph Edy, Peters has decided to stick with a name that has more connections. strong with the original brand

« Eskimo Pie is a brand that has been in our portfolio for many decades and has a loyal consumer base who love the product. We have chosen to rename the product » Polar Pie « as it retains a strong association with the original brand and product idea – a frozen treat that you eat much like a pie – with your hands and hence the name Polar Pie « 

According to the Alaska Native Language Center, the term ‘Eskimo’ was’ considered derogatory in many places because it was donated by non-Inuit and meant ‘raw meat eater’. collective label attributed by non-Indigenous groups to Inuit and Yupiks, and has long been viewed as offensive

They are not the only confection to change their name following the Black Lives Matter movement

Nestlé announced at the end of June that it would rename its iconic Allen’s Redskins and Allen’s Chicos lollipops, claiming that the harmonics of the names were not in line with the brand’s values

A month later, Coon Cheese also announced that it would change its name – which bears the name of its founder Edward William Coon, but which is also a racial insult against dark-skinned people.

The company behind the syrup and pancake mix in the United States, Aunt Jemima, has announced the retirement of the brand’s mascot, who they say was « based on a racial stereotype « 

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News from around the world – UA – Peters to change the name of the racist Eskimo Pie ice cream


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