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A reader (name not provided) asks: Did the LNP just admit that the new Bradfield scheme will not be built for years?

When shadow treasurer Tim Mander released the LNP costs yesterday, he revealed the LNP signing project was 10 to 15 years away

Deputy LNP Leader and Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander presents LNP election costs to Queensland Parliament Credit: Toby Crockford

« We never apologized for having a vision for this state It wasn’t just about creating jobs for the next three to four years, but for the next 10 to 15 years, » he said. he declared

« What this has in our costs is an investment to make sure we are doing the right planning to get it right We are talking about major investments by state and federal taxpayers »

The new Bradfield project has the same general principle as the original, designed by engineer John Bradfield of Sydney Harbor Bridge and (far more importantly) the fame of Story Bridge

The Land Irrigation Project proposed dams, tunnels, pipes and pumps to divert water from the lush north of the state to more arid areas of Queensland

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she will be « disappointed » if her Queensland counterpart does not announce its reopening to all of New South Wales when takes stock of his state’s border controls this morning

Ms Berejiklian said she understood the news from Queensland Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk « could be an announcement [only] regarding regional NSW »

« I’m disappointed there is no reason that residents of NSW should not be allowed in all parts of Australia, » she said

The Prime Minister repeated her statements earlier this week and, indeed, throughout the pandemic, that the stringent border closures are « extremely unfair » and « lack logic and common sense »

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« If I had like me you wouldn’t have borders in Australia, but for Victoria, » she said, adding that she was confident her team would know when the Victorian border could be reopened. in two weeks

Ms Berejiklian reconsidered comments she made earlier in the week when she said PNL chief Deb Frecklington opened the borders « months ago »

The comments threw a brick on Ms Frecklington’s attempts to thread the needle with strong border measures, which are popular in Queensland, while maintaining that she would open the borders as soon as medical advice would allow it

Ms Berejiklian doubled the number of complaints the day she made them, but after strong opposition from Ms Frecklington, she amended them yesterday, saying maybe the TNL chief hadn’t said this she had said

With the start of the blackout period, voters in Queensland will be spared the Clive Palmer ads

Clive Palmer changed the wording of his attack ads slightly to prevent them from being removed by social media companiesCredit: Stuart Layt

Despite their widespread coverage of this election, from TV and radio to online and even unsolicited text messages to people not even in Queensland, experts say the ads have done little to distract from labor

« I don’t think it will be as effective, » UQ political historian Chris Salisbury said of the campaign, compared to a similar campaign led by Mr. Palmer in the federal election last year

Queensland’s hospitality industry has been ordered not to expect another reprieve on restrictions ahead of a long-awaited border decision today

A decision to fully reopen NSW was signaled in an updated roadmap in early October, provided the state has been free of so-called mystery COVID-19 cases for 28 days , after closing the border for the second time two months earlier

When asked whether today could also see a further easing of internal restrictions, especially for licensed venues, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Steven Miles said they had already been « considerably relaxed »

« There is a trade-off between border restrictions and national and local restrictions, » said Mr. Miles « At this point there is no intention to lighten them any further »

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to reopen to all of New South Wales when she makes a state border statement today

Prime Minister Scott Morrison hopes Queensland announces it will open its borders todayCredit: Alex Ellinghausen

Queensland has previously said it will wait 28 days without community transmission of coronavirus before allowing residents of NSW outside its « border area » to enter the state

However, the Premier of Queensland has announced that she will make a border announcement today

Asked what he wanted to see from the ad, the PM told Ben Fordham on 2 GB that he wanted Ms Palaszczuk « to make decisions based on health advice and be transparent about it « 

« It is very often difficult to get an idea of ​​what lies behind these decisions, » he said of states which had kept hard borders

With the announcement from Queensland and a meeting of the Western Australian State Council on disasters set to discuss closing his own border today, Mr. Morrison said he « welcomed » the reopening of state borders

« The testing and tracing systems – that’s what keeps Australia moving forward, we’ve looked at the Queensland systems and the Queensland systems are good, » he said. he said, adding: « We cannot get stuck in neutral »

Annastacia Palaszczuk took a quick look at Caloundra before heading back down to Brisbane to announce the border decision

Lots of smiles, waves and « good mornings » for the chief, and his candidate Jason Hunt, during their short walk along the foreshore

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Annastacia Palaszczuk and Deb Frecklington face off in the second debate today after Ms Palaszczuk was declared the winner of the first WednesdayCredit: Pool Image

Today is campaign day 25 and the last day before election day tomorrow, and it promises to be one of the campaign’s biggest days

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk will make an announcement on the border situation with NSW this morning, after receiving a final briefing from state health official Jeannette Young earlier this morning

Ms Palaszczuk said she would rely on the medical opinion, and if that opinion is favorable, she could announce that the border will open after months of hard closure, despite the border free movement bubble in some areas on both sides of the border which has been operating quietly for a few months

There are signs the Labor government is still nervous on the border issue, with Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Steven Miles yesterday saying there would be a ‘compromise’ between a more border open and internal restrictions in Queensland

That said, it would be a pretty good announcement, on the eve of the elections, that the borders will finally be open. We’ll see soon

Once the Prime Minister makes a public statement at the border, she will start preparing for her debate with LNP challenger Deb Frecklington

The campaign’s second and final debate, hosted by the Queensland Media Club, comes just two days after Wednesday’s first debate, where Ms Palaszczuk was deemed the winner of what felt more like a showdown than at a price fight

The latest figures from the Queensland Election Commission show on Wednesday that nearly one million eligible voters in the state – 973,901 to be exact – had already voted, and more than 900,000 others have requested ballots. postal votes that may have already been submitted

This means that leaders could make their final presentations today to only about half of the state’s eligible voters

But as they say, every vote counts, so they will fight until the polls close tomorrow

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World News – UA – Poll: Border announcement looms as leaders prepare to face


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