World News – UA – Registration for Territory Tourism Vouchers begins at 8 p.m. tonight


Territorians are encouraged to plan their next territorial adventures before the second round of the coveted Territory Tourism Voucher registrations at 8 p.m.

The first round, which went live at midnight earlier this year, was fully subscribed within hours, and entries for the second round are expected to be just as popular

The registration process is the same as that of the first round, with eligible Territorians having to register on the territory’s wwwbonNTgovau for a $ 200 voucher, redeemable on a $ 1 for $ 1 basis

There are additional perks to be claimed in the second round, with an additional $ 200 redeemable after travel for qualifying trips over 400 km from home address, with the focus on this second round of COVID-19 stimulus measures on regional dispersion

To guarantee as many Territorians as possible the chance to obtain a voucher, once a voucher is issued it must be used within 14 days (compared to 30 in the first round) Unused vouchers will be returned at the pool and reissued to the next person on the waiting list

The first round saw more than $ 9.6 million injected into the economy and into a sector hard hit by COVID-19


« Our Never Have I Ever campaign encourages Territorians to do something here at home in the NT that they have never done before, and the voucher system makes it a little more appealing to do so. It also benefits those in our tourism industry, helping to create jobs for many of those who did during COVID-19

« Plan your next adventure before the vouchers go live tonight When you receive your confirmation email, you’ll be good to go! « 

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World News – UA – Territory tourism voucher registrations begin at 8 p.m. tonight
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Second $ 200 Territory Tourism Cycle Vouchers Should Go Fast Tonight
Popular Tourist Vouchers again up for grabs starting tonight
Registrations for territory vouchers start at 8 p.m. tonight


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