World News – UA – Robert Eggers’ « The Northman » Is Something The World Has Never Seen Teases Anya Taylor-Joy


Today Anya Taylor-Joy is known as one of the most promising stars of the new generation of Hollywood actors, with critically acclaimed performances in Split, Emma and the Queen’s gambit But before all that, Taylor-Joy made her breakthrough with Robert Eggers’ debut film, The Witch, in 2015.In an interview with Collider, the actress revealed why she couldn’t wait to reunite with Eggers for The Northman.

The Northman is an epic viking drama set in the 10th century The film has already racked up an impressive cast Besides Anya Taylor-Joy, the film also features Claes Bang, Nicole Kidman, Bjork, Willem Dafoe, Kate Dickie, Alexander Skarsgård and Ethan Hawke Skarsgård would play the lead role of Amleth, a Viking at the center of a twisted tale of revenge

Although Robert Eggers has only directed two independent films to date, it’s no surprise that he has managed to muster such a large cast of top-tier actors in the filmmaker’s two previous films, The Witch and The Lighthouse, were both festival hits that went on to make healthy box office profits.

Based on the success of his two films, Eggers has been ranked as the next great actor in the horror film genre, focusing on high-profile projects like a Nosferatu remake and a life-based series. by Rasputin

For her part, Taylor-Joy had a big part to play in Eggers’ early successes with The Witch The actress played the role of the protagonist Thomasin, suspected of being a witch by her family, and blamed for their increasingly horrible misfortunes Taylor-Joy’s performance was seen as a highlight of the film, and critics praised Thomasin’s character for introducing a new kind of horror film heroine.

It will be interesting to see if Eggers and Taylor-Joy can capture Lightning in a Bottle a second time with The Northman Either way, the actress’s expectations will be different this time around than the making of The Witch

In the five years since her first movie with Eggers, Taylor-Joy has grown into a bona fide star, the biggest proof being her upcoming role where she will play a younger version of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa in a Mad Max standalone spinoff film will be interesting to see the direction in which the actress can take her career through the strength of the projects she chooses to participate in in the years to come. This story was born in Collider

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World News – AU – Robert Eggers’ Northman is something the world has never seen teases Anya Taylor-Joy


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