World News – UA – Scottish Labor Market Statistics for three months to August 2020


Today’s unemployment figures continue to be a matter of concern, and we know there will be other challenges ahead

UK government doing all it can to protect jobs and livelihoods in the face of the global pandemic

We are supporting nearly half a million jobs in Scotland through our leave and freelance programs and have committed an additional £ 9bn to help employers keep workers

We are also investing billions in those looking for work, including our £ 2 billion Kickstart program for young people and doubling the number of work coaches

In addition to the UK government’s extensive direct support to individuals and businesses across Scotland, we are also providing decentralized government in Scotland with an additional £ 7 2bn to help them weather the pandemic

Scotland’s key indicators appear to be in a stable position, but the enumeration rate for applicants is now 80% (seven) That’s from 40% pre-foreclosure A 12,000 increase in unemployment over the past twelve months From last month’s holiday figures we found that over 366,700 jobs are on hold and around 126 000 self-employed people in Scotland have received UK government support

Overall, the UK has experienced a somewhat accelerated decline in employment (-153,000 and its rate has fallen by 03pp) over the past three months and over the same period, unemployment has also increased at a faster rate, with an increase of 138,000 (04pp) Over the year, employment in the UK is now down (-102,000)

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World news – UA – Scottish labor market statistics for three months until August 2020


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