World News – UA – The first charter operator of giant Airbus A380 to abandon its Doubledeck aircraft after only three years


The charter operator Portuguese Hi Fly prepares to jettison his one superjumbo A380 after having operated the aircraft on two levels for only three years, blaming the 19-Covid pandemic for the disappearance of aircraft Announcing the decision on Tuesday, Hi Fly said it had decided not to extend an initial three-year lease because the Corona crisis had « dramatically reduced demand for very large aircraft. »

Hi Fly is a so-called « wet lease » carrier whereby other airlines can hire both the aircraft and the crew to perform flights during times of increased demand. also operates a charter service and the A380 Hi Fly was put into action at the start of the pandemic to repatriate thousands of stranded tourists as borders suddenly closed and other airlines blocked their fleets

While there was some demand for the A380 Hi Fly in the early days of the pandemic, in recent weeks, the airline based in Lisbon has been touting a freighter configured version of the aircraft with the most seats torn out to make room for cargo to be transported in the cabin

Hi Fly has taken delivery of the old aircraft from Singapore Airlines in July 2018, with old fixtures and equipment, including first-class suites with sliding doors and Singapore business class seats

At first, the Hu Fly quickly found business for its A380, notably helping low-cost carrier Norwegian after problems with its Boeing 787 Dreamliners blocked planes for months

« Hi Fly belongs to the very exclusive club of just 15 airlines to have ever operated the A380, the largest and most advanced aircraft of all time. This aircraft was a testament to the extent to which human beings humans can go into developing something so extraordinary, ”the airline said in a statement on Tuesday.

« The Airbus A380 will be replaced in the Hi Fly fleet with additional Airbus A330 aircraft smaller and more suited to current market conditions, » the statement said

After taking delivery of the aircraft to Singapore Airlines, the aircraft has been repainted in a distinctive livery « Save the Coral Reefs » Powered by four Rolls Royce Trent 900 models, the aircraft was capable of carrying 471 passengers, including 12 in first class suites and 60 business class

A high-density version of the A380 can carry up to 853 passengers – far more capacity than any airline is likely to need in the years to come

Air France has already withdrawn its entire A380 fleet this year, accusing the coronavirus pandemic of having ended their lives earlier than initially expected Lufthansa has also stored its A380s in long-term storage and could completely put planes disposed within an « unexpected » recovery and « fast » market

Elsewhere, Qatar Airways does not provide control its A380s for at least several years, while Etihad Airways has yet to take a decision on the long-term future of its A380 fleet Meanwhile, aircraft on two levels are nailed

Emirates, however, is still confident in the future of the A380 and hopes it will be an important part of its fleet for years to come.

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World News – AU – First Charter operator of the giant Airbus A380 Aircraft retired Doubledeck After just three years


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