World News – UA – Thunderstorms loom in South East Queensland


Severe storms are expected to hit southeast Queensland with the possibility of damaging winds, heavy hail and heavy rain on Tuesday, Bureau of Meteorology predicts

« Brisbane has the potential to receive six to 20 millimeters of rain with likely a risk of a late morning, afternoon and evening thunderstorm, » she said. / p>

« Places that will be directly under the thunderstorm will normally experience the most precipitation, but in general the northern Sunshine Coast and the Wide Bay area have a good chance of receiving higher totals

/ p>

« With any thunderstorm development and severe storms are very isolated, so it is very possible for a township to see storm activity, but their neighbors down the road might be missing »

« This is a low pressure surface trough that trails over the east coast, combined with a trough in the upper atmosphere that creates a dynamic environment for storm development, » she said.

Ms Hoff said more severe storms are expected to follow with showers on Wednesday, while Brisbane is expected to see between 10 and 35 millimeters

« But the storms are really going to subside on Thursday with drier conditions coming from other states, » she said

« Saturday will have a bit of luck with a thunderstorm but light but it is not very convincing and Sunday will bring partly cloudy conditions at the end of the week »

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World News – UA – Thunderstorms looming in South East Queensland


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