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Welcome to the 9Newscomau live blog on Sunday, October 18 Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has announced « significant » measures to exit Melbourne lockdown with 5km travel limit lifted, retail trade is expected open and relaxed collection limits Victoria has recorded just two new cases of COVID-19 and no deaths There are fears that a cluster in southwest Sydney may spread to the south coast of New South Wales A rally organized by US President Donald Trump in Minnesota has been linked to at least 20 new cases as health officials warn the country’s new wave could be the worst yet

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Of the two cases in Victoria today, one was linked to a known outbreak at Hoppers Crossing and the other was linked to cases in north Melbourne

There is a mystery case attributed to postcode 3081 – which is the Heidelberg area

« This is really just to point out that there is at least one other unidentified person, potentially chains of transmission in these areas, » said Victoria’s director of health Brett Sutton

The Melburnians will not be allowed to receive visitors to attend the AFL Grand Final next Saturday, said M Andrews

« While I know a lot of people normally spend time with family and friends to celebrate this day, whether or not their team makes it to the Grand Final, that’s a big part of who we are. But your household and only the members of your household, this is how Grand Final Day should be, ”he said.

« You can’t have friends in your house You can’t pretend it’s over because we all desperately want it to be It’s not worth risking everything we’ve done, everything that we have built, all we can do in just a few days organizing dangerous gatherings « 

M Andrews said if the state can keep the number of infections low, the second round of easing restrictions slated for November 1 could be brought forward

« I ask the Victorians to keep working very hard, every day this week so that we can get up here next Sunday and make other announcements than what is scheduled for November 1st can be brought forward », a- he declared

« If we value these freedoms but do it in a COVIDSafe way, the things I announced today, then chances are we will be able to move the November 1 deadline forward and take the next big step towards normal COVID a few days before November 1 « 

The PM said he understood that the restrictions eased from midnight tonight were « not everything everyone wanted »

But he praised the Victorians for reducing the 700s infections to a single case yesterday and two today

« I know it’s frustrating I know there is a lot of pain in the community But we have to, as a community, as a state, focus on the fact that yes, we have stayed separate but at the same time we stayed together We looked out for each other We achieved some pretty amazing things This is something to be optimistic about We will be able to take these steps because they are safe steps You cannot run, you cannot sprint towards normal COVID You must do it in a measured, regular and safe manner « 

Melburnians with properties in the Victoria area will be able to travel there to undertake fire and flood preparation work

M Andrews said there would be a consultation process with local councils starting Wednesday next week, during which councils will issue a fire prevention notice that legally allows Melburnians to enter the Victoria area in the purpose of preparing their properties for the summer season

« This is not an invitation to go spend a few days in the Victoria area and basically move to the Victoria area for no good reason, » he said

« This is where you have a fire prevention notice, that letter of support from your council »

The steel ring surrounding the Victoria region will remain as Melburnians are not allowed to enter the region without a legal reason

Residents of the Victoria area will be allowed to receive two visitors to their home plus dependents starting at 1159h tonight

Reception venues can increase their capacity to 70 people outdoors and 40 people indoors – with four groups of 10 people allowed, instead of two groups of 10

Outdoor religious gatherings will increase to 20 people Indoor pools are open for 18 and under with a maximum of 20 swimmers, and individual hydrotherapy with medical professionals will also be permitted

Libraries will reopen with a maximum of 20 people Households can visit one care facility rather than one person at a time

Then, from 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 1, non-contact indoor physical recreation for those under 18, including dance lessons, will again be authorized with a maximum of 20 people

Contactless indoor community sport for under 18s with spectator limits will also be allowed again

The restrictions will be even easier for the Melbourne metropolis from 11 Sunday, November 1 at 5:00 p.m., the four reasons to leave home rule will be removed

A maximum of two people and dependents once per day will be able to visit the houses

« Not a bubble, not an exclusive arrangement, but basically a family, two adults and children, at your place once a day, » said M Andrews

The business will also reopen on this date, including the hospitality sector which will see a maximum of 20 people allowed inside and 50 people seated outside

Contact sport for under 18s and non-contact sport for adults will restart A maximum of 20 people will be allowed for outdoor religious gatherings A maximum of 10 people will be allowed at weddings and a maximum of 20 people mourning at the funeral

Outdoor seated entertainment will accommodate a maximum of 50 people or 25% of the fixed room capacity

Melburnians will be given more freedoms on Monday as restrictions ease after more than 100 days of hard lockdown

The 5 km radius movement restriction has been extended to 25 km, with the city’s two-hour time limits for assembling and exercising outdoors being removed

The new rules mean people will be able to reunite with family and friends from two households outside for as long as they want, provided they are socially distanced and wear masks

Hairdressers will also reopen Real estate auctions can take place with a maximum of 10 people and commercial real estate inspections can also start again

The outdoor pools can accommodate 30 swimmers The indoor pools can be opened for individual hydrotherapy with a health professional

Non-essential home exterior maintenance, home repairs, renovations and painting can be done with a maximum of five workers

Solo or automated car washing and poor cleaning will be allowed. Grooming of mobile or home pets will also be allowed

Daniel Andrews press conference, Daniel Andrews press conference today

World news – UA – Victoria’s exit from lockdown revealed


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