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Aniston gained a million subscribers in just five hours and 16 minutes when she joined the social media platform last October

Attenborough hit the million mark in just four hours and 44 minutes A week later, he has nearly five million subscribers

Five million people – from all over the world and from all walks of life – rushed to hear what the 94-year-old had to say

WATCH: Netflix’s David Attenborough Trailer: A Life on Our Planet Message continues after video

He is now set to deliver a message to us through his new Netflix documentary, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, which will be released on the streaming service this Sunday, October 7

Attenborough says 90-minute documentary is his ‘witness statement’ and the story of how humanity made its biggest mistake

« I’m David Attenborough and 93 years old This is my witness statement, » he says in the trailer, his voice usually calm, emotional and a sense of urgency.

« The living world is a unique and spectacular wonder, but the way we humans live on earth is causing it to decline

« Our planet is heading for disaster We must learn to work with nature rather than against it And I will tell you how »

During the first 60 minutes of the documentary, Attenborough looks back on his 70-year career and the changes he has witnessed He shows us how different the world is from the one he was born in in 1926

« I would definitely feel very guilty if I saw what the problems are and decided to ignore them, » he said as he moved through the debris of Chernobyl « We are facing nothing less than the collapse of the world alive – what gave birth to our civilization The thing we rely on for every element of the life we ​​lead « 

« Forests and seas were already emptying, » he said later as footage shows a younger version of him playing with baby gorillas in Rwanda

« We didn’t just ruin it… we destroyed it This world is gone, » he laments, as more clips of his incredible career as a naturalist and documentary maker are released on the screen

He says that if we do not make drastic changes the Amazon rainforest will be completely destroyed There will be no ice in the art There will be a global food crisis We will experience a decrease in fish populations and a catastrophic loss of species across our globe The planet will be almost habitable

We need to stop having so many children Stop eating so much meat Introduce sustainable fishing Clean up the oceans Replace all fossil fuels with solar Stop all deforestation immediately Stop buying so much stuff and throwing our old people away tips Investing in education for all women and children

At the end of the documentary, Attenborough delivers his final punch; he says when we talk about saving our planet what we are really talking about is saving humanity

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