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In 1980 Lindy and her husband Michael took their three children camping in Uluru

While their nine week old baby Azaria slept in a tent alongside her older brother Reagan, a dingo entered the tent and took her away

While Lindy was adamant that a dingo had taken her baby girl, she was sentenced to life in 1982 and wrongly convicted of murdering Azaria, when she was eight months pregnant with her baby. fourth child

New evidence finally emerged in 1986 which led to his release from prison and in 1987 Over the next several decades there were four inquiries and one government inquiry into Azaria Chamberlain’s death. ‘in 2012 that Lindy was finally exonerated
of crime

Now, four decades later, her story is now being told in Channel 10’s new documentary Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story

After Azaria disappeared, Lindy and Michael divorced in 1991 before her death in 2017 Their three children, Aidan, Reagan and Kahlia, have mostly stayed out of the spotlight

That night he spoke with one of the witnesses, Judy West, Lindy recalls in Lindy Chamberlain: The True Story

« For years we didn’t know he blamed himself for not closing the tent. He didn’t realize the zipper was broken, » Lindy says in the documentary, « But it wouldn’t made no difference, they were smart enough to enter ”

40 years later, Aidan is now married to Amber Martin whom he married in 2006 At their wedding in the backcountry of the Sunshine Coast, Amber arrived at the ceremony in the same yellow Holden Torana as the Chamberlains had driven to Uluru when Azaria disappeared

The car allegedly contained ‘fetal blood’ around the base of the dashboard, but it was later discovered that the blood was really a ‘sound absorber’ which had been sprayed during manufacture of the car

Aidan’s late father Michael said he was proud the couple chose to use the car

« I’m proud that they drove him to their wedding, because it not only put someone in jail, but it saved them and got them out of jail, » he said. at New Idea

Reagan was four years old when a dingo entered the tent he was sleeping in and took Azaria At the time, Michael and Aidan were cooking dinner at a nearby barbecue

For a while Lindy and Michael didn’t think Reagan remembered what happened that night, but when the family got a new dog, they realized how haunted their son was by the incident

« The first time we knew [Reagan] was awake and remembered something was when we had a new dog, » Lindy explained on Brosse with Anh’s fame. last year

« He was lying on the ground and the puppy ran on his back and he sort of sat down and said, ‘Ahhh’ I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ And he said, « Ahh, it was like when the dingo walked on me » And it was like « Do you remember that? The dingo walked
you? « And he said » Yes « 

« I said, » But I thought you were sleeping when I walked in? He said, ‘No, when you first came in I thought it came back looking for me, so I played dead until you kicked me and you talk, then i realized you were there and everything was fine  » « 

She explained that when the dingo walked on Reagan, there was blood on it, which is why he thought he would come back for him

In the documentary, the 44-year-old explained that he and Aiden would be bullied at school and fight

« There were a few fights that I got into thanks to various things being said, like ‘baby killer’ or ‘murderer’ – that kind of nonsense Or ‘goofy has my baby’ comments or even people who spit ”, he says

« Aidan and I used to express a lot of frustration, » he added

« We would fight to pin ourselves, hit to bruise There are a lot of somewhat destructive things that we have done »

According to the Daily Telegraph, Reagan was next to his father in Gosford Hospital, along with his half-sister Zahra, when he entered a coma in 2017 Michael later died of complications from leukemia

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Lindy was eight months pregnant with Kahlia when she was sentenced to life imprisonment She was later born in Darwin hospital while her mother was in custody in Berrimah prison

« I knew the minute she was born they were going to take her away from me, » Lindy told Anh Do last year

« So every moment of the birth I fought her It was like, ‘You keep her inside and she’s yours, the minute she’s out she’s not. not « 

After birth, Kahlia was raised in foster care until her mother was released from prison at the age of three

Although Kahlia says being raised by her foster family was a « really, really positive » experience for her, there were still times when she would still be upset as a child

« Once when I was little, I was very upset that she [Lindy] wouldn’t have had me if Azaria hadn’t died because I was the replacement baby because she had. lost her daughter, « she said in the documentary

« It was one of those times when she was really upset because she had always wanted four children She always wanted four children, she was just upset that she only had three »

In 2007, Kahlia married software developer Adam Mills During their marriage, Kahlia walked down the aisle with her four dads Michael walked her halfway, followed by her two previous foster fathers Wayne Miller and Owen Hughes and later Lindy’s
second husband Rick Creighton

« My four fathers walking me down the aisle were an emotional part of an extremely moving day, » Kahlia told New Idea at the time

« They all mean a lot to me and have been there for me all my life »

« She was born in an abyss and to come out of there and rise above it all is her truly brilliant achievement »

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