World News – UK – Black Mirror creator Charlie Booker is making a 2020 mockumentary for Netflix


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2020 was such an odd year that most people are sure they got stuck on a Black Mirror episode. While that may not be the case just yet, Netflix wants us to look back on this year from the perspective of someone who has made many an annual wipe over the years: Charlie Brooker, creator of the Black Mirror himself. Brooker will be doing a mockumentary around 2020, not that it should be difficult given all that has happened in the past twelve months.

According to Deadline, the project will be heavily based on Brooker’s trademark satire so that we can laugh at what happened instead of just being overwhelmed by further bouts of depression that Black Mirror episodes were known to trigger. To convey that comedic feel, the mockumentary will apparently feature Hugh Grant playing a historian with a cruel wig. Grant’s role will be that of an imprecise narrator, although details say little about what else we can expect from the film.

2020 may not be a laughing matter, but with all the madness we’ve endured, there is probably no better way to look back on it than through the lens of laughter.

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World News – GB – The creator of the Black Mirror, Charlie Booker, is making a 2020 mockumentary for Netflix



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