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The Bristol Zoological Society – the oldest provincial zoo in the world – is moving the attraction to their Wild Place Project site

The charity has announced plans to move the attraction to its location in the Wild Place project in South Gloucestershire to « create a world-class zoo and secure the future of the organization ». .

The new Bristol Zoo will offer spacious, modern facilities, significant growth in conservation and education, and a groundbreaking, innovative visitor experience, said a spokesman for the Bristol Zoological Society.

In order to implement this project and secure the future of Bristol Zoo, the Clifton site is being sold.

This follows years of declining visitor numbers at Bristol Zoo Gardens and the organization’s loss of operations for four of the past six years.

The plans were announced after the second lockdown forced the closure of Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place project after months of closure during the prime spring and summer months.

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Richard Clarke, Ambassador for the Bristol Zoological Society, said the move could allow millions more visitors to enjoy the zoo.

In a video released this afternoon, he said, « We know that Bristol Zoo Gardens has a very special place in everyone’s hearts.

« My family was involved in the zoo and was actually original shareholders from 1835 onwards.

« Many of the animals that are part of our fond memories are no longer here for very valid reasons.

« This gives millions of people the chance to enjoy the magic of the new Bristol Zoo. « 

The move means Bristol Zoo is technically no longer in Bristol – it will be within the boundaries of South Gloucestershire.

Toby Savage, Chair of South Gloucestershire Council, said: « I am delighted with the Bristol Zoo relocation plans to South Gloucestershire which will help the Bristol Zoological Society ensure the organization continues to offer one of the top attractions in the area.

« The zoo’s move will build on the fantastic Wild Place project in South Gloucestershire, which is already a very popular destination for families and schools.

« The new location offers much more space that is more suitable for a modern zoo and will help society develop its conservation and educational projects. « 

However, its popularity and international recognition soared when BBC presenter Johnny Morris filmed his hit TV show Animal Magic there.

The program ran for 21 years between 1962 and 1983, with the lovable zoo keeper showing off many animals at the attraction.

It made Dotty the ring-tailed lemur a household name – read more about the program here.

Bristol City Council cabinet member Helen Godwin said she had « goosebumps » after hearing the news and shared a childhood photo of her family there.

The plans to move the Clifton site to the Wild Place project were strongly supported by the charity’s trustees.

The Bristol Zoological Society has 178 active shareholders who elect a board of 12 independent trustees to run the company.

The Wild Place project will remain open during this time until it becomes the new Bristol Zoo in early 2024.

People in droves have shared happy memories of visiting Bristol Zoo as children and adults.

Bristol Live reporter Heather Pickstock has written about how she “envied the seals and penguins that splashed around in the water all day in the sun” whenever she went there.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has spoken about closing the Clifton site and moving to the Wild Place project, calling it the « best decision ». .

He said, “Given the financial challenges, the zoo has made the best decision not only for animal welfare and its employees, but also for future generations who will have the opportunity to visit and learn from a world class zoo that offers spacious , modern and accessible facilities. ”

He announced that the Zoological Society has agreed to preserve the gardens and ensure that any post-closure development is accountable.

Shock news! Bristol Zoo moves to South Gloucestershire! This is now the South Gloucestershire Zoo, Arena and Wave. Not Bristol.

Some people on social media are pointing out that the new Bristol Zoo is not in Bristol.

The new attraction is the Wild Place Project in Easter Compton, South Gloucestershire – the same village as inland surfing destination The Wave.

The Bristol Zoological Society unveils a new plan to secure its future and is moving Bristol Zoo to the Wild Place Project to create a world-class zoo. Read more: https: // t. co / dASgucJjdH pic. Twitter. com / X752WbnJfS

The Bristol Zoological Society shared a video revealing their plans for the new location in the Wild Place Project.

Very sad to hear that Bristol Zoo has closed its Clifton site – spending many hours there as a child and parent, a real loss to the city https: // t. co / 00WTBnEUiu

Food critic Mark Taylor described the shutdown on Twitter as a « real loss to the city ».

Charlotte Moar, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Bristol Zoological Society, said everyone in society recognizes the importance of the decision.

She said, “This decision was not taken lightly and follows a rigorous process of evaluating strategic options over several months, as well as independent advice from a number of sources, to ensure we are doing the best we can for the future of society.

“Even if we sold all of our Clifton property, except Bristol Zoo Gardens, over the next five years and raised £ 7 million through philanthropic fundraising, we would still have a £ 8 million capital shortfall.

« Over 20 years that shortfall increases to £ 44 million. As a result, we would not be able to sustain our two zoos, our education program and our UK and international conservation programs.

“This new plan ensures that Bristol Zoo will last for generations, and will give millions of people the opportunity to experience the magic of a new Bristol Zoo. ”

In June, alarm bells rang when Bristol Zoo issued a sharp warning that its future « was seriously at stake » after a change in law meant it had to remain closed.

At the time, a spokesman for the Bristol Zoological Society warned that the charity may not be able to recover from the effects of the forced closure.

While this news will understandably generate widespread shock and sadness, early plans for the new attraction sound promising.

« This new strategy offers the opportunity to create a world-class zoo that will set the standard for a modern, future-oriented zoo in the 21st century. Century sets, « he said.

“The focus will be on an inspiring, fascinating animal experience with nature conservation and sustainability, in which the animals have the space and facilities to thrive.

“New exhibits connect visitors to our nature conservation projects around the world and offer visitors the opportunity to become conservationists themselves.

“The new Bristol Zoo will also be a beacon of environmental sustainability, demonstrating and promoting how we can work together to save wildlife in our way of life. ”

Dr. Justin Morris, executive director of the Bristol Zoological Society, said this year has been difficult for the attraction.

She said: “This year was by far the most challenging year that society has faced in its 185-year history.

“But Bristol Zoo Gardens has faced fundamental and ongoing challenges for many years. An inability to meet the animals’ changing needs within the space and infrastructure available, and declining visitor numbers.

« These challenges have had a tremendous impact on our finances and the impact of Covid-19 has led us to radically rethink our plans for the future and how we address the fundamental and ongoing challenges we face at Bristol Zoological save society.

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World News – GB – BREAKING: Bristol Zoo in Clifton will be closed – latest updates
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